February 18th, 2013

Latest Ipsos poll shows Fidesz retaining solid lead against Socialists

Ruling Fidesz kept its solid lead against the main opposition Socialist Party in February while radical nationalist party Jobbik boosted its following, according to pollster Ipsos.

In the voting population, Fidesz led the Socialists 18 percent to 13 — down 1 point and three points respectively — while Jobbik crept up two points to 8 percent. Green party LMP stayed level at 3 percent while the Democratic Coalition rustled up a single percent of the Ipsos sample.

The camp of undecided or disaffected voters grew to 55 percent in February from 52 percent in the last reading in December, according to the poll released on Monday.

In the category of decided voters, Fidesz stood at 43 percent, the Socialists at 28 percent, while Jobbik, LMP and DK had 16, 6 and 2 percent, respectively.

If electoral movement Together 2014 were a party it would receive 3 percent of the entire vote, down from 6 percent in December. Among decided voters, it would have the support of 6 percent as against 10 percent at the end of last year, Ipsos found.

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  • A

    No matter what party, 78% of the country doesn’t like the direction that the country is going in. Despair, resignation and indifference constitute the national consciousness these days.

  • Pete H.

    MSZP (13) + LMP (3) + DC (1) + Together (6) = 23%

    Those undecideds that do vote tend to lean away from governing parties.
    If the democratic parties can stop in-fighting it will be a real horse race.

    • Leto مؤدّب

      Have you heard of secondary party preferences (rejections)? 😉 You can never add these numbers up … 😀

      BTW, the parliamentary threshold is 5%. For an alliance of four parties, the threshold is 20%. 😉

      • Pete H.

        1) Alliance – That is the hope.
        2) Fidesz popularity has plummeted since the last election. From above 50% to below 20%. The opposition has 31% combined.
        3) Those undecided that vote will overwhelmingly vote for the opposition.
        4) Fidesz being unseated is a real possibility.

        • Leto مؤدّب

          It seems you’ve got problems with numbers. 🙂

          Once again, according to Szonda Ipsos, which is a left-leaning polling company, this is the situation now in the category of decided voters (what really matters):

          Fidesz: 43

          MSZP: 28
          LMP: 6
          Together 2014: 6
          DK: 2

          Jobbik: 16

          If you simply sum the results of the postcommies then you get 42 percents. However DK would be eliminated right away because of the parliamentary threshold. Then both LMP and Together 2014 are just slightly on the border line. Besides, like I said, it’s rather meaningless to add these numbers up.

          The bottom line is that, according to this data, Fidesz being unseated is a quite unlikely possibility . This data means a nice Fidesz majority alone. 🙂

          PS: Those undecided will vote like this: About half of them will not vote at all (that is the participation rate will be around 60% as usual!) and the remaining half will be divided among Fidesz, Jobbik and the postcommies roughly as follows: 20%, 40%, 40%
          Do your math. 🙂

          The conclusion is that you postcommie bastards either team up with Jobbik or Fidesz will stay in power.

  • Paul


    “Having regard to the fact that no member of a society is entitled to infringe the
    human dignity or the physical integrity of another person without a
    lawful reason, the Government intends to mitigate prejudice against
    LGBT people, to assist them in exercising their rights, to promote
    their social inclusion and to protect their person and human dignity.

    “However, it is to be noted that the social acceptance of LGBT individuals is still very

    ….maybe it would be wise for the opposition parties to promote this Fidesz
    website….just like this.
    The “ Fidesz faithfull” will run away like never before.

  • Leto مؤدّب

    Lovely news. 🙂 I must note that Szonda Ipsos is a polling company known to be well-connected to MSZP. 😀

    • Paul

      “Lovely news”….so lovely that you still get paid and
      the rest of the Hungarians…apart from the “Fidesz
      faithful…will go to hell.

      Lunatic fascist.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        You’d better not speak about “Hungarians” in general like that. You’ve got nothing to do with my country and my nation. You’re just a pathetic Dutch libturd who married a Hungarian woman, that’s all.

        • Aloof

          It’s not YOUR country asshole.

          • Paul

            Thanks Aloof……Leto….. .the retarded asshole really thinks he does.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Yes, it is MY country and it is NOT the country of this Dutch libturd, you hamburger guzzling Yankee cockroach.

          • Freedom

            Leto don’t even bother with the creeps. All they do is insult. I stopped commenting to this site for a long time just because of people like Aloof and Paul who appear to be angry and mad because the most of Hungarian society doesn’t agree with their views.

            Whats more is that I’ve seen some of these flies attack Hungary in their comments, and my only thought was that these people want to destroy Hungary and the Hungarian people, they want to displace Hungarians. If Hungarians aren’t second class citizens then to their liberal mind Hungary remains fascist, intolerable, far-right.

            Such people should never have power in Hungary, why should far-left people who are inherently intolerable of the Nation of Hungary, Hungarians have any power in society if they’re only going to use such power to promote their genocide. I’ve come to the conclusion that people like Aloof wouldn’t mind if Hungary disappeared from the map, Hungarian culture and people were genocided, all he cares about is selfish individualism and as long as he can live and make money then F the people who gave him birth, his ethnic family.

            Anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a fascist.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            “who appear to be angry and mad because the most of Hungarian society doesn’t agree with their views”

            Well, yes, I think you made a good point here. For example, in Hungary, even the majority of MSZP voters (!) reject nonsense like “gay marriage”.

          • Aloof

            Hey asshole, what part of 78% of the country thinks Hungary is going in the wrong direction don’t you understand? You’re a miniscule political Fidesz hack who doesn’t give a flying fuck about Hungary or Hungarians. Your snobbish, dismissive and elitist attitude towards other Hungarians is demonstrated every day. Fuck you twirp, your day will come when you show your true stripes and bolt Hungary when Fidesz brings the country to ruin.

          • Aloof

            “Leto don’t even bother with the creeps. All they do is insult.”
            LMAO! See you’re still in top hypocritical form! Hungary is circling the drain bud…

        • Paul

          “a poor Hungarian woman”

          any integrity or talent going so low as to insult my very much
          talented Hungarian wife…( part of the brain drain) …Go to
          hell…fascist moron!!


          • Leto مؤدّب

            I didn’t insult her. I feel sorry for her.

  • pantanifan

    Does anyone know if the new/old Hungarian citizens from outside the borders of the country (recently estimated at 400,000 by KDNP leader) will have the right to vote and what impact this is likely to have on election results?

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