February 21st, 2013

Media Council reprimands TV station for calling Jobbik “far right”

The Media Council has reprimanded ATV television station for referring to Jobbik in a November newscast as “a far-right party”.

The Council said this violates the ban on news readers’ opinions.

Jobbik objected to the term and reported the station to the media authority.

If the station commits a similar violation of law, it can expect a fine.

ATV said it will not allow Jobbik to intimidate it and that the party’s ideology continues to be undesirable in the ATV building.

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  • pantanifan

    what would be a good descriptive term: “not especially liberal”, “right of centre”, “revisionist”?

    • wolfi

      Why not just: Racist, Totalitarian, Undemocratic, Fascist, Nazi ?

      • Aloof

        I’m good with that except I’d add “Totally ignorant” at the beginning. Media Council going to “reprimand” the thousands of other media outlets that describe them the same way? I just call ’em what they are, Horthy Hayseeds.

    • Vidra

      Fidesz is right wing, Jobbik is not extreme-right (there are worse nut-jobs out there) so what’s in between?

    • Paul

      Why not let ATV decide what they want to call them.

      Human Rights Watch, 31 January 2013:
      “The main media regulator, the Media Council, lacks political independence, potential fines for journalists are excessive, and requirements for content
      regulation are unclear.
      Journalists and media outlets reported self-censorship and editorial interference”.

      The Media Council has no real legitimacy at all.

      • wolfi

        In Germany too …

      • nimh

        Hm. I don’t like Fidesz, but as a Dutch expat in Hungary (who does read some of the Dutch media coverage online), that’s news to me. You mean they compare Fidesz with the PVV? So what do they compare Jobbik with, then?

  • Paul

    Specially designed to counter the Fidesz Authoritarian Inclinations…Thanks mrs.Kroes….will be EU law….no place for the Hungarian Media Council anymore…smile!


    • nimh

      did you read the report? it’s pretty weak tea actually, i was disappointed.

  • Sun

    Because of course left wingers don’t revise history. And don’t try to alter public opinion through propaganda (like the have for the last century). Oh wait…

  • Freedom

    ATV said it will not allow Jobbik to intimidate it and that the
    party’s ideology continues to be undesirable in the ATV building. – quoted

    And Jobbik should not allow themselves to be intimidated by ATV.

    ATV is a hotbed of anti-Jobbik bigotry apparently. Why aren’t they being investigated just for their “undesirable” comment?

  • Freedom

    When the media tries to intimidate the voting population by using scare and defamation tactics such as using propaganda terms “far-right” and “undesirable” are we to think that freedom of thought, opinion, non-bias is flowing from the ATV building?

    It would sound to me that ATV station is a dictatorship where dissenting opinion that could get you fired, and where having an opinion about Jobbik at all must be wrapped in oppressive terms such as “far-right”.

    I mean the “undesirable” statement really sounds Communist/Nazi like and that statement should be probed further. Does ATV have purges in its offices if they might find that an “undersirable” Jobbik support works there?

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