February 25th, 2013

Parliament to debate further constitutional amendments, media law in two-day session this week

Parliament will meet on Monday and Tuesday this week and lawmakers are to debate a prospective fourth amendment to the constitution, the amendment of the media law and reports on the privatisation of national airline Malev and the Budapest Airport company under the previous governments.

The assembly on Monday will first commemorate the Memorial Day for the Victims of Communism. Laszlo Kover, the Speaker of Parliament, will submit proposals on filling the seat of parliament’s notary and the seats for committee members that have become vacant after the split of the small opposition LMP party.

The session on Monday will continue with a debate on a Fidesz bill to amend the constitution a fourth time. Some temporary resolutions annulled by the Constitutional Court will be incorporated into the constitution, as well as student contracts, which oblige non-fee-paying students in higher education to work in Hungary after they graduate. A debate will follow on proposals submitted to amend the media law in line with the recommendations of the European Union and the Council of Europe.

The assembly on Tuesday will discuss a report about tasks related to Hungarian communities abroad and a report about the privatisation of national airline Malev and the Budapest Airport company during the previous Socialist-liberal governments.

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  • Democrat

    A document which is changed 4 times in a year does not deserve to be called a constitution.

    • Aloof

      Couldn’t agree more. Typical Fidesz solution to everything. Throw it up against the wall and see what sticks and if we don’t get our way then just change it. Please stop abusing the word debate; that went out the door the day they won the last election.

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