February 28th, 2013

Hungary declares zero tolerance for racism, Fellegi tells US Congress

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared zero tolerance against racist political views, Tamas Fellegi, Hungary’s former development minister, said in Washington D.C. on Wednesday.

Fellegi has been asked to speak as a witness at a US Congress subcommittee on European anti-Semitism.

There is a clear demarcation line between Hungary’s mainstream politics including its ruling centre-right party and the radical nationalist Jobbik, Fellegi said.

Jobbik has rejected being branded as anti-Semitic, and insisted the party did not discriminate against people based on their origins.

In his address, Fellegi conceded there was growing anti-Semitism in Hungary, and said this sentiment was feeding from a general disillusionment over the imperfections of Hungary’s democratic transition as well as the political, moral and economic crisis prevalent in the country since 2006.

He said that the 1989-1990 transition into democracy had allowed “previously suppressed frustrations and open debates we never had before about our troubled past” to surface, and “the same democratization itself made ever-present latent anti-Semitism manifest.”

However he said it was Jobbik which was an openly anti-Semitic party, that has “also cultivated an aggressive paramilitary arm”, while the centre-right government and all mainstream parties welcomed and encouraged what he called a renaissance in Jewish life currently thriving in Hungary.

“Several openly anti-Semitic poitical and civic organizations have surfaced, but they have never – and let me emphasize this point – never ended up in government”, he said.

Fellegi said that in Hungary, a new democracy, political parties and civil groups were both quick to recognise that anti-Semitism can be used to gain political support and sympathies at home and abroad.

“Anti-Semitism has become a political card to be used,” he said.

He said there was no doubt that the writings of some centre-right authors, such as “the infamous commentaries of Zsolt Bayer” are to be seen as racist. It is also a fact that “there are people associated with the center-right political community who support the rehabilitation of the historic period of Admiral Horthy. I am personally against his rehabilitation, and that applies to a wide range of political and literary figures of that era,” he said.

Fellegi outlined 16 steps Hungary had taken in seeking reconciliation with its Jewish communities, including observing a Holocaust memorial day and teaching the Holocaust at schools, setting up museums and the Tom Lantos Institute, of the late US Congressman, as well as regulating to curb hate speech and to ban paramilitary organisations.

Speaking as a witness Andrew Srulevich, director of the Anti-Defamation League, suggested that Jobbik was seriously jeopardising Hungary’s democracy. He also welcomed the Hungarian government’s joining a protest against a Jobbik lawmaker’s call for compiling lists of Jewish deputies, who, in the proponent’s view, pose a national risk to the country.

Katrina Lantos Swett, head of the United States Commission on Religious Freedom and Tom Lantos’s daughter, also welcomed the Hungarian government, parliament and leading opposition parties’ condemning the contested remarks.

Rabbi Andrew Baker, representative of OSCE’s office to fight anti-Semitism, said that though the Hungarian prime minister raised his voice against anti-Semitism in general, he had not objected to including writers representing extremist views in the national curriculum.

Jobbik’s spokesman Adam Mirkoczki told MTI on Wednesday that there were essential differences between their party and all other parties, but this was not discrimination based on ethnicity, but rather, “the difference between constructive and destructive parts of society”.

“It is not our fault that most of the Roma fall into the latter category” and that “Israel is a leader in hurting Hungarian interests,” he said.

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  • Vidra

    Fellegi is an increasingly marginal figure within Fidesz and he was just toeing the party line. The only person who can prove that the Hungarian government treats Jewish people and culture as of equal value to Magyar culture is Orbán. Maybe he’ll purge his lovely party of nationalistic and revisionist sentiments after he’s won the next elections but I wouldn’t hold my breath for a second.

    • patriot

      Once the ” cigany zene”is the National music for Huns, how they just can;t stand cigany?

  • Aloof

    I mean come on the USA knows that was 90% BS. Especially love them pinging the USA about kuruc.info when they were busted BIG TIME by ATV, ads are paid in forints baby and I’ve got the phone number you can call in Hungary to place one.
    Just some other OBVIOUS straight out blatant LIES:
    * Restitution claims of Holocaust survivors have been settled
    * Doubling the pension payments of Holocaust survivors
    * “Holocaust Memorial and Documentation Center and the House of Terror Memorial
    Museum have been established”The director of the Center was removed because he did not show Horthy in good light. The Terror Museum is 90% about the Communists and 10% about the 100 times more victims of Horthy & Szalasi era.

    I can go on but what’s the use? It’s modus operandi Fidesz style but the western world already knows what’s going on in Hungary and respect for their government and country as a whole is in the toilet. The USA is more than willing to let “Hungarian nature” take it’s course which in the case of Fidesz and Jobbik slime means that utter failure is assured.

    • Ricsi

      Just how much arse (okay ass to you in the USofIsrahell) licking must the people of Hungary do to satisfy your kind??
      The chosen ones will NEVER be satisfied,this is their very nature unfortunately.

      • Aloof

        Hey it’s the great debater! Leave the EU, forget the USA, deport all gypsies, jews and foreigners then go do whatever the hell you please hayseed.

        WTF is stopping you?

        • Ricsi

          I dont want to leave anything or deport anyone,just want those who call themselves Hungarian to put this country first and foremost Something your beloved ones will never do,they are jew and only jew not Hungarian,that is not anti-semetic,just plain obvious facts,the Gypsies do not enter the equation,they are simply unable to integrate and easily exploited but not the real threat to the nation (apart from demographically 🙂 )

          • Aloof

            You actually think that Fidesz is concerned with the Hungarian people first and foremost? LMAO! They’re only interested in absolute power and control and they use Jobbik dumb as a box of rocks tools like you to get there. Viktor Orban is a psychotic messiah who I for one firmly believe takes “medications” and actually believes his own BS.

            You assholes constitute 93% of the country and you can’t figure out how to deal with 6%? Sounds like you’re a bunch of inept underachievers which of course you are.

          • szebbjovot

            Dont worry, we have figured out already what to do with those 6%

          • Daniel

            I actually happen to like Gypsies, even though I was assaulted by them on more than one occassion. But still, I respect them for at least being men and honest about their bs. The jews… let’s deport them. Lol that would be so hilarious!!

          • szebbjovot

            “I respect them for at least being men and honest about their bs”
            honest gypsy criminals? Really? Come on now Daniel. If a Gypsy hasn’t lied at least once in a day, then the gypsy is ill.

    • Daniel

      Exactly, Hungary is only pretending to be non anti-semetic when we all know Hungarians have always been righteous, and not sellouts. Jews are never going to feel welcome in Hungary you and I know that. Now the only thing left is to figure out a way to get the rest of these judens out of our homeland.
      Maybe we should adopt Israeli policies, and throw all the jews into a ghetto of some sort… just brainstorming here.

      • szebbjovot

        “Now the only thing left is to figure out a way to get the rest of these judens out of our homeland. ”

        I heard about this paradise, it is meant to be created by Jews, for Jews, a Jewish homeland where every (non ethiopian) Jew feels safe and secure. If I was a Jew who experienced raging antisemitism in Hungary, I would pack my bags and get on the first train to this Jewish wonderland…

      • Aloof

        Hungarians have always been Righteous and not sellouts? LMFAO!

        Hungary’s entire HISTORY is loaded with SELLOUTS and traitors! Release the fucking commie lists so we can find out about the ones that are still alive and still fucking Hungary over. WHY won’t Fidesz do it? We all know why right? Hungary, hands down, possesses the most hypocrites per capita on earth. I don’t trust ANY Hungarian except our family and friends as far as I could throw one. Lying mother fuckers too.

  • Democrat

    “….they have never – and let me emphasize this point – never ended up in government”, Fellegi lied when speaking as a witness to the US Congress. Have they no shame.

  • Freedom

    Fidesz is such a joke. Fellegi is scared of American congress, that is funny considering I live in America and the vast majority of Americans have no respect for congress, which has an approval rating of just 18%. The congress in America is pratically a dictatorship, the same two pro-Jewish parties and same politicians get elected every single election.

    We know why this congressional hearing in DC was held. It is because American politics is ensnared by Jewish lobbies like the ADL. Instead of Hungary playing scared it should be investing money in lobbies just like the Jews to promote it’s own values so your ambassador doesn’t have to be going in front of bought and paid for pro-Israeli lobbied politicians.

    America has it’s own racist problems, it fails to address its own anti-white crime problem.

    • Aloof

      Dead on Freedom. Couldn’t agree more.

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