February 28th, 2013

Quotable: László Kövér on Zsolt Bayer

“Good and bad, hard times and joy, we experienced it together. We never once denied each other and we never will.”

Speaker of Parliament László Kövér, paying tribute to Zsolt Bayer at a 50th birthday celebration for the Fidesz founder and right-wing columnist/activist. Bayer recently made international headlines – and was rebuked by other leading member of the ruling party - for an article he wrote in which he called members of Roma/Gypsy “animals.” [index.hu]
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  • Bowen

    Well, I’m very glad that Kover and Bayer never denied each other, and had lots of joy together.
    But to be honest, I’d rather they kept their sex lives private.

  • Aloof

    Mr. Moustache and the grunting beached whale, what a duo! LMAO…

  • Ricsi

    Bayer is an half chosen one,they believe everyone else is an animal,so he only showed his true face. An honest half jew ???

  • ViktorOrban

    For our next government campaign we should ask IMG/Simicska to come up with a billboard tribute to Bayer, singing praise to this real patriot. The bigger, the better!

    PS: I don’t understand why subversive media as HVG question the budgets the government is giving to IMG.
    The IMG crew is the king of Photoshop, build websites like true masters and is the champions of copywriting.
    Every billion we spend for their work is a billion well spent!!

  • Paul

    “Good and bad, hard times and joy, we experienced it together. We never once denied each other and we never will.”

    Good!!!!…so the hypocrisy is official….it is governments policy……and proved, beyond reasonable doubt.


    Ferenc Kumin!!!….please everyone, read this pathetic effort towards
    the international community to whitewash racism…( ”.implored the
    members of Congress to do something about the openly anti-Semitic
    websites that are hosted in the United States but are targeting their
    own countries with vile material”.)
    But, of course, not to protest to the biggest racist of all times, called Zsolt Bayer.

    Mind you….Ferenc Kumin is even more a hypocrite than our local Fidesz
    looney….(called Leto)!


    • szebbjovot

      Bayer is half Jewish, so he is allowed to say what he wants. Just like black people are allowed to call each other the N word.

  • Vidra

    We know that Fidesz isn’t a meritocracy, otherwise more jobs would have gone to independents and sure as hell Matolcsy wouldn’t be head of the MNB. We know that Fidesz isn’t ideologically-driven, otherwise either Bayer would have been disowned or Rogan and others would have resigned in protest at the anti-Semitism within the party. So what is left is simple tribal loyalties. It’s the only way that Orbán can hold his party together.

    Kövér’s tribute reminds me of a reunion of old soldiers, where conscripts fought and died in the trenches together with people they might have crossed the street to avoid in civilian life. To me the message is clear – you don’t fink on a friend and anyone who does will be gone forever.

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