March 4th, 2013

Hungarian nationalists cancel Budapest protest against Ponta; claim fears of provoking Romanian secret services

Peace March organisers have cancelled a demonstration planned for March 9 against a visit by Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta, for fear of a provocation from the Romanian secret services, one of the organisers Zsolt Bayer announced on Echo TV Friday evening.

Magyar Nemzet reported on Friday that Hungary’s secret services had warned the organisers that “certain groups” want to disrupt the protest.

Ponta will be in Budapest to attend the assessment of the past year by Socialist Party president Attila Mesterházy

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  • Aloof

    See that “freedom of movement” stuff works both ways eh? Hungarians afraid of Romanians on their own turf? I’ll bet Fidesz is more afraid of what the Jobbos would do here. Hey that grunting fat beached whale Bayer opened is big fat mouth and the Romanians apparently shut it for him. Pussies…

    • patriot

      Ponta goes to Budapest to put the Romanian flag on the Bozgor Parliament for the fourth time!

      A reminder

      • Leto مؤدّب

        FYI, büdös szőröstalpú oláh, Ponta will visit only his postcommie comrades at MSZP, he won’t meet any Hungarian officials. So the Rumanian flag won’t be flown anywhere because of this visit.

        • patriot

          I am not sure, just step on his toes and again we will change the stamps:) saying ” occupied zone”

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Oh, please do tell me again how you were born Hungarian and how you became a so-called Rumanian “patriot”, büdös szőröstalpú oláh (stinking hairy-footed Vlach)

            I really loved that bit from you. 🙂

          • patriot

            Unfortunately I was born Bozgor and now I suffer the consequence.
            People is calling me in many ways and not even let me to put my flag where I wan it! More than that they want to sent me in Asia where I belong!
            I got the Hungarian citizenship just to run away from my Transylvania and don’t suffer anymore!

            Leto try to be nice, because of our arrogance people are calling us losers!

          • Leto مؤدّب

            I’m afraid that broken Hungarian you speak isn’t enough to obtain Hungarian citizenship, büdös szőröstalpú oláh (stinking hairy-footed Vlach) …

          • patriot

            you idiot, Romanian friends got Bozgor citizenship and pass and now they are in Canada.

            you are giving the passes like is the world end!

            Do you think that anybody give a shit of being Bozgor.???, they want the pass and that;s it.

            On other stupid thing done by the losers!

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Well, I perfectly understand you’d love to have Hungarian citizenship, büdös szőröstalpú oláh (stinking hairy-footed Vlach) , but I’m afraid first you’ll really need to learn our beautiful language much better. While you’re at it, your English needs a bit of improving, too.

          • patriot

            The paradox is that my native language is Bozgor but I struggle
            with it B/c is impossible to be learned so I switch to Romanian!

            I go everywhere in Europe and I don’t get lost B/C many European
            languages are build on the Latin language!

            I can’t do nothing with the Bozgor language there, maybe in Asia but is not the case!:)

          • Valach

            You both are stupid. Go out to the street an bite off each other’s dick!

          • Bozgor

            You both are stupid. Go out to the street an bite off each other’s dick!

          • seriously

            I thought even you knew that knowledge of Hungarian is not necessary to receive Hungarian citizenship, as long as you can prove that your ancestors lived in Transylvania before 1920. I recently met a Romanian woman who is now a Hungarian citizen, even though she knows virtually no Hungarian and has no Hungarian ancestry, just because her grandparents lived in Transylvania. Great idea Orbán had, giving her the vote.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            “Every non-Hungarian citizen is eligible for preferential naturalisation if
            – he or any of his ancestors was a Hungarian citizen or if he serves reason to believe his or her origin is from Hungary,
            – he proves his knowledge of the Hungarian language,
            – he has no criminal record and is not under prosecution,
            – his naturalisation does not violate the public and national security of Hungary.
            Simplified naturalisation does not mean that a citizen automatically becomes an elector”


          • patriot

            the good news is that these double standard pieces of shit are monitored by the secret service so everything is in control!
            The next Constitution will throw these mother fuckers out of the country for ever so maybe they will end up in Asia!

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Dear “patriot” (or “get real”), aka nagyon büdös szőröstalpú oláh (“very stinking hairy-footed Vlach”),

            Having read this post, I’d really like to ask you yet again that you should tell the world (ok, only interested readers on this blog) that you were born Hungarian and please tell more details about that how you managed to turn into such a stinking hairy-footed Vlach “patriot”. Thank you very much indeed.

          • patriot

            I never liked the double standard that my Bozgor relatives live with.

            There is no character so I am not interested in my origin.

            I don’t giver a shit on my Bozgor heritage so I choose to get integrated with the Romanians!

            They are tolerant and have backbone for me and now I am part of the majority!

            Ra se baszok a maghyarokra!!

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Kedves nagyon ocsmány szőröstalpú oláh (Dear very hideous hairy-footed Vlach),

            May I call your attention, please, to the spelling of this very common and very basic Hungarian word “magyar”? For your information this word is also used in the English language as “Magyar” in specific contexts. So if you were able to learn it somehow then that would improve your English as well.

          • patriot

            oops,!!! now you know how difficult is for me the Bozgor language.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Seeing your posts, I perfectly understand, büdös szőröstalpú oláh. that you’re unable to learn the spelling of this word. Luckily you spelled absolutely correctly the f-word and that’s telling, too.

          • patriot

            well I try my best but still Bozgor language is not for me.


  • ViktorOrban

    There is no doubt in my mind we would beat these bulangii, but János told us it’s better to stay low key for a while as the world is watching.

    • Aloof

      Oh like that’s why you won’t put the Csurka plays on at the szinhaz? Fidesz; fake, phonies, sellouts and apparently big time pussies.

  • Ricsi

    Now why would half-jew Bayer be organising a protest-provocation? This guy spells big trouble long term for Hungary and Orbán lets him get away with it,see the real picture yet folks???

    • ViktorOrban

      Bayer is the smartest man alive in East-Central Europe . He’s Godlike and not to be messed with!

      • wolfi

        OMG, Viktor! I thought you were the smartest animal in the galaxy!
        I’m so disappointed …

  • Your Romanian neighboor

    This is bullshit and it’s only your “secret services” propaganda. If you, citizens of Hungary, have something to say, say it loud! Is there any freedom of speech left in Hungary? There suppose to be only a football match between Hungary and Romania this spring. That’s the only confrontation between our countries, not politics! We are on the same side, in EU! Don’t let yourself dragged into extremist subjects like Szekelyfold. There are 2 stupid parties in Romania that are instigating to hate between Hungarians and Romanians. We, common people, live in peace no matter what ethnicity we might have.

    • szebbjovot

      “We are on the same side, in EU! Don’t let yourself dragged into extremist subjects like Szekelyfold. ”

      Sure, keep telling yourself that. We were also on the same side in WW2 and look how that ended up.

      • patriot

        The Romanians victorious, the Bozgors losers!

        You entered the war from a revisionist prospective and you got a part of Transylvania just kissing Hitler’s ass!

        I don’t know why we enter the war b/c from the beginning we lost parts of Romania that the Germans gave to the Bozgors.

        The big difference between you and us was King Michael of Romania who anticipate the consequences of going to war with the Germany.

        His decision to overturn Antonescu Nazy politics was rewarded by getting back what the Bozgors stole from us without to fire a bullet!The North of Transylvania!

        Allays the smartest is victorious and not the arrogant aka Bozgors!

        You were always on the wrong side of the History so this why you are big time losers!

        • meh

          Romania Goooood. Hungary Baaaaaadddd. Romania sucks too.

          • patriot

            It is not about good or bad it’s about smart and stupid.
            You got it?
            The paradox is that the Bozgors still be stupid!

          • meh

            Still be? Work on your English. Last I remember Romania was on the wrong side too. Your justifications for Romania’s fascism are pathetic. I don’t defend Hungary siding with Hitler. Both countries were and are backward ass losers. Yo got it?

          • patriot

            I know one thing Romania lost over 200,000 heroes for nothing.

            Antonescu was counted for!

            I guess same with our bozgors neighbors, but we were 5 minutes earlier smarter than they were!

            you got it?

        • Nepszabi
    • Lacz

      In Hungary there are also two stupid parties instigating hate – one of them does in covertly, however. The difference is that in Hungary all other parties are against these two. And I hope they will succeed in ousting these two in the next elections.
      There is another difference, however: there are ethnic Hungarians in Romania who are worse off than the ethnic Romanians in Hungary (despite the significantly different proportion). It is easy to abuse this situation.
      By the way, in both countries, the question of minorities is abused for reasons and aims of internal politics.

  • Kean2000

    Take PONTA in Hungary and keep him…we don`t want him in Romania

    • Leto مؤدّب

      I don’t think he’s worth so much… 😀

    • patriot

      Come on, anyone fighting the Bozgors is good! what you are talking about?

    • Lacz

      Only if you take Orbán for exchange.

  • Dan

    As a Romanian living and working in Budapest, I never had any problem with the jobbik/garda radicals that they keep showing on tv as “dangerous people”. Most Hungarians I met were nice and I have to admit that the way they’re portrayed in our society (like “nomads”, “savages”, “mongols”) has nothing to do with reality. On the other hand, Romania does not allow ethnic enclaves on its territory and I’m sure it won’t anytime in the near future. So, if Hungarians become so angry about this, what is the solution that would please both sides and lower down the tensions?

    • patriot

      Cut from the Bozgor arrogance and revisionist agenda but if so, what will remain from their identity? Nothing!.

      • Dan

        I’m not sure only that identifies them, but if so, then that’s just sad…

        • patriot

          I told you, they are incurable from arrogance and revisionism no matter what!

          We should intregrate Harghita and Covasna in Moldova to make these imbeciles to learn Romania. aka an European language!

    • Leto مؤدّب

      Then the tensions will remain, or actually they will intensify, until that “the near future” is over and territorial, and cultural where appropriate, will be established in Erdély.

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