March 6th, 2013

European Commission eying Hungary’s constitutional amendment, student contracts

The European Commission is aware of the tabled amendment to Hungary’s constitution and will follow developments closely, spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen said on Wednesday.

She said the Commission would not comment on the amendment until it had seen the text of its final approved version.

The Commission trusts that the Hungarian authorities will continue to deliver on their commitments and that Hungarian laws will concord with EU law “both in letter and spirit”, she said, adding that the commission, as always, would consider the use of any tools provided by its treaties to enforce EU law.

Student contracts in spotlight

The European Commission is evaluating Hungary’s response to concerns raised over student contracts requiring graduates to stay in the country to work if they receive a state grant, Laszlo Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, said in Budapest on Tuesday.

Commission representatives are in an “intensive exchange with representatives of Hungary’s Human Resources Ministry regarding the student contracts,” he said at a conference.

In November last year, the commission asked Hungary to clarify whether its regulation requiring students to work double the amount of time they received a state tuition grant was in line with EU law.

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  • szebbjovot

    The EU should mind its own business and not meddle in Hungary’s.

    • Aloof

      Hungary IS the EU’s business you dumb jackass especially since they give Hungary 5 times as much funding as they receive from them. For the 10th millionth get the fuck out of the EU or STFU.

      • szebbjovot

        Jobbik called for a referendum, but gutless Orbán refused. Take it up with Leto who will defend Orbán’s refusal , instead of me.

        • Aloof

          You take it up with him, isn’t Jobbik trying win the 2014 election or are you satisfied and content to be the dog they kick every day?

  • Abácsi

    It is stupid to think that we can take so much money from the EU (to fund friends of Fidesz) and ask them not to comment on our North Korean/Belarus style of ‘democracy’.

    • szebbjovot

      It is stupid that this “anti EU nationalist goverment” uses EU money to fund anti-EU and anti IMF propaganda. And also a “Gypsy center” in the finest part of Miskolc, nice uniforms for the new parliamentary guard and construction vanity projects given to the hands of Fidesz friends, in a similar way their predecessors did with bridges and motorways and many other totally unnecessary crap.

      • Aloof

        I don’t know, I’m pretty fond of bridges.

  • Paul

    For those people who are interested in seeing the VO regime’s panic….and
    collapsing in front of their eyes.

  • Democrat

    Indeed poor old Ferenc K is panicking. He has to make the point that the FT article is unsigned – Ha, ha, no messenger to shoot this time, Feri. Then he goes on to belittle the 15 page amendment claiming that it is just a bunch of legalese. Indeed it is, but important. Finally he suggests that we should not worry since it is merely a draft. A draft indeed which is scheduled to be voted on next Monday. The usual trick from this bunch. The EU and the Venice Commission have stated that they will comment when they have the final version but we all know that the final version will only be available in hungarian hours before the vote and that the ‘official’ (managed) translation will follow weeks later.

    Ferenc, we have heard all this before. The constitution was not properly debated. You have changed it 4 times in a year and now the fifth and most substantial change is not being properly debated. That’s what we mean by the erosion of democratic norms. Your government has lost the moral majority required to mess with the future of this country.

    BTW, have you orchestrated another racist outburst in parliament (or similar) on Monday to create a diversion?

    • Aloof

      Here here!

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