March 7th, 2013

320,000 granted Hungarian citizenship under government drive

The government has granted Hungarian citizenship to over 320,000 residents of other countries under its simplified nationalisation procedures in the past two years, Népszabadság reports, citing an official summary.

Over 360,000 applications for citizenship were submitted.

Deputy prime minister Zsolt Semjén said recently that only 1.5% of applications are rejected.

The vast majority of those turned down do not speak Hungarian and a small number are rejected for public or national security considerations, according to the summary.

“It is our responsibility to see that agents or extremely crazy people are not granted Hungarian citizenship,” Semjén said.

By far the largest number of applications, 125,000, came from Romania. Another 39,000 applications were submitted in Serbia, 8,000 in Ukraine, 1,300 in the US, and over 800 in each of Canada and Israel.

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  • Democrat

    “…agents or extremely crazy people are not granted Hungarian citizenship”..but otherwise pretty much anyone else is welcome. No need to come up with Euro250,000, just borrow a few copied documents and get the full monty for a few thousand HUF. BTW the numbers quoted account for about half the total. Where did the rest come from?

    • wolfi

      Slovakia ?
      Of course they don’t say this too loud – those people lose their Slovak Citizenship if I’m not mistaken …

  • Race

    why Israel??? Piss off out of here!!

  • stanlee98

    So this is how you use taxpayer money to buy votes for your party.
    The Orbanista regime wioll stop at nothing to stay in power. The sad news is that many Hungarians still support them, the rest may get fooled by the other “old school” gangsters, Gyurcsany, Mesterhazi, Bajnai, Bokros, etc. Time to throw the whole bunch of freeloaders out, and try something completely different.

    • Curious George

      I wonder, just how many of these 320 000 people will contribute anything to Hungary? Hungary needs real people to work and contribute here, and not just an increased number of citizens. These absentee citizens are just an added administrative cost, and unlike otherwise diaspora (Philippines, Indians, Mexicans, & Chinese in Africa) wont probably not even repatriate money to their families in Hungary.

      If you think these new Hungarians are easily “fooled”, why don’t you show your smarts, and take a page out of the “jewish mafia’s” handbook. Learn to organize yourselves, enlighten these new Hungarians as to what is happening, and convince them vote in Hungary’s “overall interests” in the next election. Each of the countries mentioned have Hungarian organizations, and it shouldn’t take much to convince a few smart and committed ones to encourage them to organize and act in Hungary’s greater interests.

    • Aloof

      So besides whining like a jewish princess WTF is Jobbik doing about Fidesz? Jobbik comes off more as a coalition partner to Fidesz rather than an opponent always more than happy to play the fool at their expense and to the benefit of Fidesz. Fidesz makes you dumb shallow hicks look like the unsophisticated morons that you are on virtually a daily basis.

  • stanlee98

    “Officials of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, at the end of their 3–day mission to Budapest are urging the Hungarian government and the European Parliament to investigate reports of a growing relationship between Iran and the anti-Semitic and anti-Roma Jobbik Hungarian political party.”
    The international Jewish Mafia is at it again. They are getting better at generating anti-semitism, it serves their evil purposes. Once it becomes a crime to be an anti-semite, and ok to be anti-Hungarian in this country, something’s gotta give.
    I’ve got nothing against decent Hungarian Jews, but these multinational pressure groups should go to hell. We have enough problems without them.
    Take their “mission” to Palestine. Instead of bugging us for Csatary, they should go after their own war criminals, no shortage of those in Israel.

    • laughing at you

      “generating anti-semitism”

      So you’re saying that, except for the intentional actions of these groups, there would be no anti-Semites? What about you? Did they trick you into becoming an anti-Semite, even though you are aware of their goals? Defy them; stop being an anti-Semite!

  • PeacefulLife

    I waited a year for simplified naturalization and was rejected 12 months after submitting documents that were filled in flawlessly and no reason for rejection and no chance for appeal. Aside from that they lost my birth certificate and docs 5 months ago as they sent them to the wrong embassy. What a let down.

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