March 7th, 2013

Bokros prepares to launch new party; UK’s Conservatives seen as model

MEP Lajos Bokros will found a new liberal-conservative party in late April, ATV reported on Wednesday.
The former finance minister will be joined by former public administration state secretary József Kajdi, former Democratic Forum MP Erzsébet Pusztai and László Török, head of CIB Bank Hungary in 2005-09.

Kajdi told reporters that they intend to pursue capitalism-friendly policies and that their international role model will be the UK’s Conservative Party.

No final decision has been made on the party’s name.

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  • Ricsi

    The UK conservatives? LOL they are getting soundly defeated at every by-election,the pathetic tie up with the Lib-Dems is costing them dearly and opening up the way for another Labour Gov.sadly.

    • szebbjovot

      This party may not be such a bad thing, will probably target Fidesz voters who are feeling so-so about Fidesz these days.

      • Vidra

        He could steal votes from those supporting Jobbik at the moment too, if he promises an end to sleaze and cronyism without the racism and blaming outsiders for everything that’s wrong with Hungary

        • szebbjovot

          Haha, I wish this postcommie slug Bokros good luck..

  • John

    Conservatives? I’d go with UKIP.

  • stanlee98

    The money changers just found a new puppet.

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