March 7th, 2013

Fidesz blames former PM as protesters storm, break into ruling party’s headquarters compound

Several dozen protesters turned up at the Budapest headquarters of the ruling Fidesz party on Thursday to demonstrate against the planned amendment to the constitution.

The civil protesters climbed over the front gate and into the garden of the building but they did not manage to get into the building itself.

The demonstrators then started a sit-in with the banners: “the constitution is not a game”, “fair campaign, free elections!” displayed, as well as others critical of legislation against the homeless and ones calling for an independent judiciary, freeing churches from state control and free university studies.

MTI’s correspondent said the demo was “spontaneous” and not organised by any single organisation.

About half a dozen police cars arrived at the scene, and one of them crashed with another vehicle in front of the building.

One demonstrator was removed from the site in handcuffs for ignoring police requests to refrain from entering the building.

One of the participants said the peaceful demonstration would continue as they believed “the rights of every Hungarian will be curtailed if the fourth amendment passes”. He said they would remain at the building until the bill is withdrawn.

Earlier in the week civil organisations asked for the Venice Commission to review the planned changes, which they said would “undermine the rule of law and constitutionalism in Hungary by further weakening the constitutional court’s control over parliament and by repeatedly, and in bulk, inserting regulations into the Basic Law which the constitutional court had found unconstitutional or in breach of European human rights treaties.” The European Commission said it was closely following the developments on the amendment.

In a blog post, Ferenc Kumin, the deputy state secretary for international communications, rejected criticism of the amendment. Concerning the fourth constitutional amendment court, he wrote, “…we have some that will be left untouched, some that will be rephrased following the Court guidelines and some that will truly be implemented into the Fundamental Law.”

A parliamentary vote is scheduled on the tabled amendment next week.

Fidesz blames Bajnai

In a statement reacting to the protest, Fidesz’s press office said “aggression is an unacceptable tool”.

“If [former prime minister and head of the Together 2014 electoral movement] Gordon Bajnai let us know in advance, then we would have allowed his people into the Fidesz headquarters without hesitation. We regard everyone’s opinion as important and listen. But freedom of speech does not equal freedom of violence,” the statement added.

“Hungary has not asked for an intensive and anti-democratic campaign of hate which the left wing is pursuing,” it said. “In 2010, after eight years of chaos and division, it voted for calm, togetherness and safety.”

Fidesz told MTI in another statement that “Bajnai’s people caused damages worth half a million forints when they broke into the headquarters, broke windows and damaged a door.”

“They used physical violence against the women and men working at the headquarters,” the statement added.

The electoral movement 2014 issued a statement saying that Bajnai had nothing to do with the events unfolding at the Fidesz headquarters.

“Those occupying the headquarters have nothing to do with Bajnai or the organisations he represents, and Fidesz knows this,” the statement said. “We are issuing this statement so that the electorate should know this too.”

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  • Aloof

    The natives are getting restless… about time.

  • Leto مؤدّب

    The spontaneous protesters should be spontaneously taken to the nearest police station if they climb over the gates into private areas.

    • Vidra

      And there were no TV vans waiting outside for the “spontaneous” demonstrations to begin to record any police brutality if they had done so.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        There are TV vans on the spot. Hir TV has asked some “spontaneous protestors” what they are protesting against and they said “against the curbing of democratic rights and against that the relationship of fags cannot be recognized as “family”. 😀

        The “spontaneous civil demonstrators” consist of ex-LMP activists, members of HaHa and speakers of the Milla demonstrations.

        • Aloof

          Oh, so they’re not Hungarians? I remember Fidesz being very good at protesting and private or public property was hardly a concern.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Who said anything about their nationality? Maybe they are Hungarians, maybe they are not.

            Once again, I wrote that these “spontaneous civil demonstrators” are actually ex-LMP activists, members of the HaHa political group and speakers of the Milla demonstrations. That is they belong to the Goose Thief’s ilk.

        • Paul

          “When kids call each other “fag” in school, they are indeed using a homophobic slur to demean somebody else. By definition,
          they are associating bad feelings toward entire cultural identities — and that belonging to one of these identities makes you less of a person”.

          “belonging to one of these identities makes you less of a person”…and this is what Leto wants. Leto is a morally bankrupt bully.

  • Paul

    The news is just published in the Wall street journal.

    Ferenc Kumin….WORK TO DO!

    • Bowen

      Oh come on, Paul. Ferenc Kumin has the easiest job in the world. All he has to do is tell the truth, and nothing but the truth!

      • Paul

        “tell the truth, and nothing but the truth!”…so help him God.

        God is probably not paying attention though.

  • Flyover099

    Typical violent manuever perpetrated by Far-Left.

    • What are the other examples that make it “typical”?

      • Paul

        Why ask? Flyover just crashed!

    • Vidra

      And the “freedom fighters” who invaded and trashed the MTV building and injured over 100 policemen in September 2006 were “Far Left” were they?

      • szebbjovot

        No, but they had a rightful cause.

  • Democrat

    How typical. All FIDESZ want to do is point fingers. Why on earth can they not pause for a moment to wonder what is happening that people are protesting. The voices are loud and clear, internally and externally.FIDESZ have overstepped the mark. Their bone headedness means that they cannot possible yield. No need to wait for 2014, people. Get rid of them now.

    • Aloof

      The charade is just about up for Fidesz, actually no one else left to blame after Simor left but you are correct that their first historical impulse is to finger point and blame everyone and anyone else but them. A good look at their record since 2010 has only produced a more dire outlook for the future. With assholes like this old communist Fidesz fuck constituting their ranks what could one expect? I would have broken this old farts finger off and handed it to him if he stuck it in my face…

    • Leto مؤدّب

      People protesting? 😀

      Altogether 70 ex-LMP, Milla group, etc. activists climbed over the gates into a private property and, as usual, this made international and domestic news. This is the only reason why those voices might be considered loud in a ten million country.

      • Aloof

        So what are you doing there puppet, threatening violence? Pretty certain that will be the norm soon enough in Orbanarus. Pretty funny and fun to watch Fidesz deal with the restless natives while they’re in the “captain’s chair.” Make sure the police and TEK wear their nametags… LMAO

        • Leto مؤدّب

          Yup, hamburger guzzling cockroach. Violence breeds violence. And your rotten postcommie bastard comrades are going to draw the short straw.

          • Aloof

            Oooohhhh! Guess everybody has been warned now! And who was that old fart commie Fidesz comrade then? You guys sure are doing a great job! You can’t even purge communists much less post-commies you hypocritical asshole.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            This fag activist* complained in ATV that he was kicked up yesterday:

            LMBT = Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Association

            Unfortunately he wasn’t but he will be sooner or later.

          • Aloof

            Cut the diverting crap you pussy, stand up like a man once in your incredibly underachieving life. Who is the old commie arrogant aggressive Fidesz fart in the video? Let’s not forget that Fidesz also called in their soccer goon squad. You’re just like the people you support; vindictive, paranoid and pathetic.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            No, the soccer fans were not there. The event wouldn’t have ended peacefully if they had been there.

          • Vidra

            You didn’t trot out “violence begets violence” in relation to September 2006, because that would have made the innocent bystanders beaten up by the police the responsibility of your inbred “freedom fighters”. Nice that you look forward to Hungarian Freikorps appearing on the street too – does the thought of a new white terror make you shiver your timbers?

          • Leto مؤدّب

            A 70-member Freikorps climbed over the gates into a private property and they tried to break into the building yesterday. This time they got away with it unharmed, unfortunately. Next time they really shouldn’t.

          • Vidra

            Seventy people! Wait till Orbán decides that any gathering of three or more people can be broken up with water cannon and teargas. Hardly a popular insurrection, just a bunch of revolting students.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Just a bunch of political activists, some of them are also students.
            Seventy won’t be enough to “to get rid of (Orbán) before 2014” like your rotten postcommie bastard comrade put it above.

          • Vidra

            Political protest flashmobs – what a great idea! Impossible to predict where and when they’ll next strike and they create as big an international spark as a couple of thousand anoraks occupying a bridge. Orbán helps Hungary demonstrate it hasn’t lost its genius for innovation!

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Spontaneously fence-climbing, bridge-occupying, chain-tieing political Freikorps! – what a great idea!

          • Vidra

            No, the Freikorps are more up your Allee – kicking the crap out of those they disagreed with rather than having ideas of their own. Brownshirts, orange shirts, tomahto, tomayto…

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Nobody has been kicked the crap out of – yet, rotten postcommie bastard. So far only your Freikorps have made news by blocking bridges and intruding into buildings.

          • Vidra

            True, but you’ve been warning of your kind of guys taking matters into their own hands since yesterday, and you should know that the Freikorps went around intimdating socialists, liberals and anyone else they didn’t like in post-WW1 Germany.
            And I don’t think the protester’s idea is to defeat Orbán in the 2014 election, just to embarass him and draw international attention to the opposition to his misrule.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            I warned that these provocations will not go unanswered for long. Your Freikorp was already quite violent, e.g. they smashed a door and a window, when they tried to break into the building and violence will follow from violence.

  • Leto مؤدّب

    An article from Origó, a newportal close to MSZP:

    “Several organizers of the protest told Origó that their original plan was they’d put their posters and then they’d have themselves arrested by the police. A young man said the organizers wanted him to break into the building, too, so that “not the very same persons would be arrested all the time”.

    However the original plan failed, the police and the security guards protecting the Fidesz HQ meekly watched the events…”


  • Aloof

    So who will OV blame for this?
    “The countries of central and eastern Europe should make their own policies
    without looking to the EU. We do not have to listen to everything the
    bureaucrats in Brussels say,” Orban said. (As if any of these countries actually had any respect for this twirp).

    Don’t know what else the EU needs to step on this little lying fat bastard’s throat. Time to pop this little weasel’s balloon.

    BTW… why did MTI leave this part of OV’s speech out in their reporting?

  • traktor
    This is an image of the demonstration. The guy on the right had been sentenced to 14 years in prison for homicide (released after 10 years). He “unofficially” protects the Fidesz HQ, a fact that was unknown until these images came to light. Quite shocking.

  • Americanian

    It was Snowball! Snowball is to blame for this insanity!

  • I hope Hungarians are not that stupid to fall for this puny leftist propaganda… They do remember 2006 and know how REAL abuse of power looks like… GOOD LUCK TO HUNGARY. GOOD LUCK TO ORBAN. PS. LETO – I do admire Your perseverance in presenting the other side of the story on this very biased website, but I think that You should relax a bit, do not go to the level of “name calling” and just restrain Yourself to presenting facts – it is more than enough to prove weakness of post-commie propaganda.

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