March 7th, 2013

Fidesz youth group stages protest at Amnesty International HQ over attacks on ethnic Hungarians

Fidelitas, the youth arm of ruling Fidesz, staged a demonstration in front of the Budapest office of Amnesty International on Wednesday, to protest against ethnic-based attacks on Serbia’s Hungarian minority.

In a petition to Amnesty International, Fidelitas criticised the international human rights organisation for its silence over the anti-Hungarian assaults.

Fidesz lawmaker Gergely Gulyas told participants that AI’s country reports on Serbia had recorded progress in terms of enforcing human rights, but argued that it was “no progress” if citizens of a country could not use their mother tongue without fear or concern.

Gulyas said that human rights organisations should not “pick one or the other minority as if from a buffet” and “do all for one while turn a deaf ear on the grievances of another”.

Fidelitas head Peter Agh said people should stand up in protest when ethnics are attacked just because they are heard speaking Hungarian. He called on AI to assist in stopping anti-Hungarian violence in Serbia.

AI Hungary director Orsolya Jeney, who received the petition, said that her organisation condenmned discrimination of any minority and considered hate-motivated acts as a serious crime.

The demonstration was attended by some 50 young people, who carried signs “Amnesia International” and “We need you now”.

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  • Aloof

    There’s merit to some of the ethnic physical violence going on down there but I love how Fidesz portrays that this is as all Serbia’s fault. Sure didn’t help relations when OV was hanging this threat over Serbia’s head:
    Serbia has an “Act on National Minorities” but there has always been a disconnect between Belgrade and the Vojvodina central/regional government. AI has NO control over that. So if the Hungarian Serbian minority (and not Fidesz) wants to protest, they need to get their ass down to Belgrade.
    When they do get to Belgrade the minimum that should be accepted by them is to fix this:
    “The lack of a functioning autonomy is proven by the fact that there are no ethnic Hungarian judges and police personnel in the Hungarian-populated areas of Vojvodina.”

    • patriot

      you guys you are sick of Autonomy!Why not just take all the Bozgors in Bozgor borrowed Hun- garry land and keep them there.

      • Daco-gypsy

        Why dont you daco-gypsies go back to Wallachia.

        • patriot

          Because that daco’s homeland is what you occupied when you migrated from Asia!

          Conquering you twice give us the right to claim Transylvania forever!
          Get used to it! Losers!

          • Norbert Lukacsi

            Hey Patriot,

            Read this: .

            I can see you guys are continuing your Gypsy ways in Hungary as well. UK, Spain, Italy, Germany etc. isn’t enough?

            I rather be a an Asia, at least they have money i.e. Chinese, than be a dirt poor criminal Romanian.

            Hey, at least these Mongol Asians were the first to start proceedings to join the EU in 1995. Also, how is Schengen? LOL
            Maybe you ought to concentrate on your backward country, before you come and bark at our tree.

          • patriot

            Norby , I hope you are not make the mistake to call all the Romanians gypsies !

            Having a Romanian passport it doesn’t mean that the gypsies are Romanians!

            I got news for you! At least 50% of the gipsies bagging outside, are gypsies that don’t speak a word in Romanian, but Hungarian!

            Only the arrogance,which is a sign of weakness, make you to be

            a stupid ignorant aka a loser!

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