March 7th, 2013

Number of would-be college students plummets as new polices bite

The number of students applying for places in Hungary’s higher education has plummeted by 20 percent this year, Nepszabadsag daily said on Thursday.

This year some 95,000 applications were made compared with 141,000 two years ago and 110,000 in 2012, the paper said, citing its own unnamed sources.

The government has introduced a new system for financing state-funded places which has reduced the number of full tuition subsidies and requires graduates to stay in the country to work in return for a grant.

The Ministry for Education said earlier preliminary data on applications would be released on March 13.

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  • Aloof

    Down 47,000 in 2 years on top of the 25% who are already pretty much illiterate and ignorant. Orbanarus is already scary.

  • Ricsi

    Police do not bite yet,but policies do LOL.

  • Democrat

    Couple of years ago VO said that Hungary’s future lay in becoming a knowledge based economy. Surely he was not lying.

    • wolfi

      The only knowledge a real Hungarian needs in Orbán’s mind is how to raise a pig – and maybe a lot of children too …

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