March 7th, 2013

Orbán plays up Hungary’s prospects in Warsaw speech

Hungary has a good chance of elevating to the ranks of Europe’s successful states which are able to reduce their public debt, boost competitiveness and preserve political stability, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Warsaw on Wednesday.

Orban told a summit that critics regard Hungary as the black sheep and a danger to Europe, while others see it as a success story.

He said in 2010 Hungary in the past had been in a worse position than Greece with high public debt and low employment and competitiveness indicators. The ruling Fidesz alliance has since pushed through major transformations such as introducing a tax on bank and multinational companies in order to share the burdens of the economic crisis, strengthening the middle classes as well as adopting a new constitution and civil and labour codes.

The results have proven the government right, he said. The public debt is lower, the budget deficit is below 3 percent of economic output and the employment rate is improving.

“Our only problem among key economic indicators is growth,” he said.

He said criticism targeting Hungary is due to a clash of interests in connection with the sectoral taxes, as well as the opinion that the concepts of religion, nation and family are “things of the past”, while the Hungarian government thinks they belong to the future.

Asked about the independence of the central bank in view of the appointment of Gyorgy Matolcsy as it governor, Orban said the bank’s independence is guaranteed by law.

On Hungarian-Polish relations, he said strong cooperation in central Europe should be built on security policy and trade.

Orban and his delegation, including Peter Szijjarto, state secretary for foreign trade and investment, are in Warsaw to attend a meeting of prime ministers of Visegrad countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Rep, Poland) as well as German chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande.

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  • Democrat

    “…..while others see it as a success story” Name one country, Viktor.

    Lowest investment in the region, highest interest rate in the region, highest unemployment level in the region, worst GDP performance in the region, mass emigration, falling university enrollment. It is getting boring going through the facts but we must do so to counter the lies being peddled by the FIDESZ propaganda machine.

    • Aloof

      Don’t forget the highest VAT, Fidesz leaves nobody out including all visitors.
      I wonder if OV noticed just about everyone in the audience were pointing their fingers at him and laughing like hyenas.

  • ViktorOrban

    You can tell these Polacks whatever you want, and they will never disagree.

    If they start to get on your nerves with questions about the Hungarian economy, Matolcsy or the Fidesz oligarchs, you just can tell them: “Democracy’s main benefit is its protection, guaranteed by the Hungarian Constitution” – works every time!!

    My life would be much easier if Hungarians were equally stupid and ignorant.

    • wolfi

      Hail Viktor! The Forint reached a new height today: 300 against the €! Fantastic work, Viktor – or should we thank Matolcsy?

    • voytek

      Quote: “these Polacks”; “my life would be much easier if Hungarians were equally stupid and ignorant.”

      Why are you being offensive to my countrymen, Mr Orban?

      • just saying

        He’s just pretending to be Viktor Orbán, the prime minister, and imagining what that public figure would say if he said what he really thinks. Please don’t be offended, it’s just satire.

  • Paul

    “The fear is that, under Mr Matolcsy, the central bank will be subordinated to the government. He is one of “Orban’s most loyal soldiers” who has “completely destroyed the government’s fiscal-policy credibility,” says Mujtaba Rahman of Eurasia, a think-tank”.
    oi, oi, How to survive now Viktor?

  • Paul

    “HUNGARY’S prime minister has said the EU’s former communist
    countries must make their own way “without looking to the EU” and
    not listen to “bureaucrats in Brussels”, in a speech indicative of a
    growing divide between many old and new EU members”.

    A collision course, also known as a kamikaze run, for sure. The
    situation is escalating more and more each day.

    The financial times:

    “Brussels should not hesitate to threaten a withdrawal of structural subsidies, for example, if Mr Orbán does not call on his party to drop any amendments that
    violate EU membership”.
    Faster than I thought we are really getting somewhere!

    Why throw away EU money to Viktors BS anymore?

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