March 11th, 2013

Riots redux: Will there be blood in Budapest?

Hungarian President János Áder may soon discover that his pen is as perilous as the sword.

Critics across Europe are pressuring Áder not to sign the governing Fidesz party’s latest amendments to Hungary’s Constitution, claiming they will etch into stone everything from speech restrictions to the criminalization of homelessness. If Áder signs, everyone to the political left of Attila the Hun will condemn him as an accomplice in the dismantling of democracy. If he withholds his imprimatur, Hungary’s right wing will be so rankled that they may well take a swing at anti-government protesters on the March 15 national holiday.

The time is ripe for riots, albeit not on the scale of the mayhem that engulfed Budapest in October 2006. Fideszers are feeling more threatened than at any time since their party racked up a 68 percent majority in Parliament nearly three years ago. This is clear in the party’s reaction to a group of young folk who clambered into the courtyard of Fidesz’s party headquarters to protest the new amendments on March 7. Soon after the demonstration began, party loyalists arrived and began spewing hate-filled invective. One white-haired gentleman even threatened to throw acid in a protester’s face. Scuffles erupted, but were swiftly broken up.

Football hooligans — including a convicted murderer (that’s him at right in the photo above) — soon arrived to help resolve the situation. Two days later, party manager Gábor Kubatov appealed for volunteers to form a communist-style citizen’s guard to protect Fidesz from further such encroachments. This volunteer force will almost certainly include these very same ne’er-do-wells.

Fidesz spokeswoman Gabriella Selmeczi and her male counterpart Máté Kocsis have been making matters worse by firing up hysteria among the party rank and file. The pair have spent the past few months warning that Fidesz’s opponents are conducting a “hate campaign” and have been installing “hate coordinators” on every street in the country. Fidesz’s paranoia is also evident in the decision to call in the Anti-Terrorism Taskforce (TEK) to close the square in front of Áder’s official residence ahead of a protest planned for the evening of March 11.

President Áder has five days to decide whether he is going to sign the amendments. If he fails to give his blessing, Fidesz’s coalition of pensioners and football hooligans will be baying for blood. Police will have a tough time keeping the streets scuffle-free during the March 15 demonstrations.

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  • Democrat

    Whilst I would be the last to call for blood and violence it is becoming clear that matters will probably not keep until the scheduled elections in 2014. If Orban is determined to push through these amendments let him make it the subject of an election or referendum. And let it be done soon so that violence can be avoided.

  • Aloof

    Well we certainly know that Fidesz and Jobbik are hoping for it; all their threats, actions, words don’t hide that fact including the grunting fat beached whale Bayer.
    I hope any opposition keeps their cool like the kids at Fidesz HQ conducted themselves unlike the foaming at the mouth Fidesz pensioners and “adults” conducted themselves. Fidesz IS getting paranoid and that’s not good for rank and file Hungarians.

    • Paul

      Aloof….great comments lately…absolutely love it…….I absolutely agree all the time!

      Kisssssss (just to irritate the Jobbik/ Fidesz jerks)….hey, and I am not even gay or your…(Leto’s words) ilk at all.


      • Aloof

        Thank you Paul although I do remember something about sisters and incest. Even I come and go sometimes because real life dictates the way. I’m fortunate to be semi-retired so I have time on my hands as I do another sayonara tour. I care what’s happening to Hungary all of which right now is the wrong direction and not good.

        • Paul

          Even I come and go sometimes because real life dictates the way.

          Literature! Great writing…
          …love it…another kiss…now I stop,okay.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        Me “hiding”, pathetic Dutch moron? 😀

        I’ve been away for three days. Cannot you do without me for a single day, you fag?

    • szebbjovot

      Jobbik rejects the use of violence.

      • Procastinator

        unless it is against a minority , then they fully condone it

    • Ricsi

      Dumb yank.why do you even associate Jobbik with Fidesz?? We are so far apart ,perhaps even more so than with MSZP 🙂 Grow up and learn instead of listening to gossip.

      • Aloof

        Then why the hell isn’t Jobbik down at Parliament protesting this BS instead of desecrating jewish graves and ironing Garda uniforms?

        • Leto مؤدّب

          Perhaps because they don’t support “fag marriage” or the “church business” and perhaps (only perhaps) they support condemnation of Communism. 😀

          • Aloof

            So it’s like I always said then that Fidesz and Jobbik are fascist collaborators. Jobbik is just much dumber than Fidesz is.

            “We have created our myth. The myth is a faith, it is passion. It is not necessary that it shall be a reality. It is a reality by the fact that it is a good, a hope, a faith, that it is courage. Our myth is the Nation, our myth is the greatness of the Nation! And to this myth, to this grandeur, that we wish to translate into a complete reality, we subordinate all the rest.”

          • szebbjovot

            Fidesz and Jobbik are both conservative parties, one more than the other, so it is to be expected that there are some overlaps and aggreemenents.

  • Leto مؤدّب

    “The time is ripe for riots”


    The postcommie author had a wet dream…

    That about 100 or so troublemakers, who broke into the Fidesz headquarters or occupied bridges earlier, will be under arrests in no time. They have been identified by now.

    • Pibroch

      “They have been identified and they are being tracked by now.”

      By Leto, Martonyi, Matolcsy, Pinter and their buddies from the old MSZMP. Supported, naturally, by the old AVO, now known as the TEK.

      Leto, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. The only reason you still contribute to this page is because you are too stupid to realize what a goddamned ass you are.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        “by the old AVO, now known as the TEK”

        In fact “what a goddamned ass you are”, you rotten postcommie bastard. 😀

    • Leto مؤدّب

      Some news from the last 1-2 hours:

      “Twenty people sat on the ground in the middle of Lánchíd (Chain Bridge), claiming they “occupied the bridge”. The police have closed the bridge on both sides. Forty more demonstrators sat on the ground at the Pest foot bridge”.

      This more or less makes up the 70 strong mob from last Thursday. 🙂

      And then they got bored at midnight and they went home. Police didn’t intervene.

      • Pete H.

        The crowd was substantially bigger than 20. I watched the live feed and the crowd looked like over 200. This 200 was a smaller group that had been part of a group of over 1000 that gathered in Disz Ter.

        How’s the forint looking Leto?

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