March 11th, 2013

Synchronized demonstrations for autonomy of Székely Land across Europe, America

Demonstrations for Szekler autonomy were held in Hungary as well as in major European and American cities on Sunday.

In Hungary, the demonstrations took place in Budapest, Szolnok, Keszthely and Sarospatak.

More than 1,000 people of all ages protested in front of the Romanian embassy in Budapest on Sunday afternoon. A number of Szekler and Hungarian flags could be seen in the crowd, and many protestors arrived with flags bearing the Arpad stripes, the symbol of a medieval Hungarian dynasty.

Many of the demonstrators came dressed in Szekler folk costumes. Some wore outfits reminiscent of the Ragged Guards, a paramilitary group set up in the early 1920s, while others were dressed in the black of the “Guards of the Carpathian Homeland”.

The demonstration in the capital, organised by the Pro Szeklerland Association, started at 4pm and was scheduled to coincide with others in big cities in Europe and North America.

Mozes Arpad Gyorgy, who heads the association, said that demonstrators took up the cause in Los Angeles, too, even though the event took place at 6 in the morning, local time.

The association secretary Lajos Laszlo read aloud a Szeklerland message in which Szeklers said they want to freely use their mother tongue and symbols and called for Hungarian to be made the official language.

“We want autonomy, because autonomy is the only acceptable solution,” he said, quoting the message.

Laszlo said almost 3,000 people had joined the demonstration in Budapest. He added that more than 30,000 had protested at the main rally in Targu Mures (Marosvasarhely) on the Day of Szekler Freedom (March 10).

The demonstration in Budapest finished, without incident, a little before 6pm.

In Targu Mures, participants read out a petition to the Romanian government, urging territorial autonomy for the country’s central Szeklerland, a historical region, where about half of the 1.4 million ethnic Hungarians live. The petitioners demanded that Szeklerland should become a separate unit in terms of access to EU development funds.

Demonstrations for Szekler autonomy were also organised in front of Romanian embassies and consulates in London, Vienna, Helsinki, the Hague, Munich, Stockholm and Zurich. In the United States, protests were planned for New York, Cleveland and Los Angeles. Demonstrations were also to take place in the Canadian cities of Toronto and Ottawa.

About 150 people demonstrated in Cleveland, at Saint Emeric Church, Lorant Csibi, the organiser and chief editor at the city’s Bocskai Radio, told MTI by phone.

About 70 people participated in a programme at the San Fernando Valley Hungarian Reformed Church that highlighted the matter of Szekler autonomy in a programme of prayer, verse and music.

About 20 people joined a flashmob with Szekler flags near the White House in Washington.

In Vienna, about 500 participated at a demonstration for Szekler autonomy.

In Helsinki, 35 people protested in front of the Romanian embassy.

About 70 demonstrated in front of the country’s embassy in Stockholm.

About 25 people joined the protest in Brussels.

“The goal of the Szekler National Council is to achieve territorial autonomy for Szeklerland, which in the 21st century means the same as legal, free and independent national status meant in the 19th century,” the council says on its website.

March 10 is the anniversary of the execution in Targu Mures in 1854 of three Szeklers who tried to achieve national self-determination.

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  • Aloof

    Exercise in futility. Only international support can help the Szeklers in their cause and there is no appetite for it. As long as Fidessz, Jobbik and Budapest are involved, there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell for Szekler autonomy. For Budapest, Fidesz and Jobbik this issue is just part of their overall quest to reverse Trianon which is NEVER going to happen as long as they’re in charge.

    • patriot

      Now listen to this Paradox:

      The losers gathered at the “Szekely heroes” monument which remember

      3( three) Szekely who died for Authonomy in …..1854

      Autonomy from whom??? from ……..Austro Bozgoria!!!
      Can you understand?

      • szebbjovot

        Austro Hungary formed in 1867 you dumb vlach goat fcker.

        • Aloof

          Bzzzz… wrong palinka peddler. 1867 was the Compromise of the Dual Monarchy. The Hungarians and Austrians were joined at the hip since 1527 where the Hungarians enjoyed autonomy within the Hapsburg empire until the 1848 Hungarian revolution and we all know how THAT ended. 1867 was the great chance that Hungary could get their act together and in the predictable Hungarian nature, they blew it and blew it big time. Next great chance was 1989 and the Hungarians are blowing it even worse.

          • szebbjovot

            Burger guzzler, the above Vlach said in 1854 Székelys died for autonomy protests from Austria-Hungary.

            Where was Austria-Hungary in 1854 ?

            No surprise you take the side of the Vlach, and belittle Austrian terror against Hungarians.

          • Aloof

            From 1527 (the creation of the monarchic personal union) to 1851, Kingdom of Hungary maintained own customs borders, which separated her from the other parts of the Habsburg-ruled territories.

            In 1848 the Magyars proclaimed the union of Transylvania with Hungary, promising the Romanians abolition of serfdom in return for their support against Austria. The Romanians rejected the offer and instead rose against the Magyar national state. In the fighting that followed (1849) between the Hungarians and the Austro-Russian forces (supported by the Romanians and most of the Saxons), the Hungarian republic of Louis Kossuth was suppressed. The ensuing period of Austrian military government (1849–60) was disastrous for the Magyars but greatly benefited the Romanian peasants, who were given land and otherwise favored by the Austrian authorities.

            1527,1848,1854… 2013 what does it matter? Arrogant and obnoxious Hungary is where it always finds itself, on the bottom and directly because of the incredibly poor choices it makes, like now. I find it absolutely amazing to this day that Hungarians feel that they are superior to anyone else in Europe. Their history is a testament to their arrogance and false pride and a clear record of their futility.

          • patriot

            I live among Bozgors and our kids are paying together but the Reformat priest and some Catholics ordered to segregates themselves just to keep unaltered ” the green Magyar” origin!

            How stupid is that?

            Going back an learning about the Bozgor land history you will learn that starting with Mohacs they are ” kiss Miska” of the Turks, Austrians, Romanians, Soviets.

            I guess they got a inferiority complex that pumps up their arrogance showing only stupidity and lack of wisdom!

            I can tell you right now, nobody here gives a shit on your arrogance and Autonomy!

            The Vienna Award will not exist anymore even if you sleep
            in front of any Embassy in the world!

            The Szekely have two chances

            1) Be happy on what you got!

            2) you are free to leave!

            .. but if you leave there is no way back!

      • David Isaac

        autonomy from Austria, for not just Szekely Hungarians, but all Hungarians, it was basically a continuation of Kossuth’s Hungarian Revolution in 1848-49. Austria only became Austro-Hungary in 1867 with the Austro-Hungarian Compromise. Are you trying to falsely assume that the Szekelys tried to rise up against the Hungarian government, which didn’t exist in 1854 because Hungary was ruled by Austria, to cause random animosity. Also, why don’t Szekelys get the amount of autonomy that Germans in Tyrol get. It’s as if Germany isn’t responsible for conflicts with Italy. If you insist on bringing up the past to deal with modern issues, then how do you not mention it was only through British and French interference with Eastern Europe that Romania received Transylvania. If Europe won the territory for you, you have all the more responsibility to act with compliance to Europe and the European Union advocates for autonomy for minorities and the Szekelys are one of the largest minorities in Europe, exceeding the populations of many nations in EU

    • szebbjovot

      So why were there no advances in autonomy during the 8 years of Socialist rule?

      • Vidra

        They were too busy worrying about screwing the economy to bother diverting the sheep with nationalist side-shows

  • AntiCommie

    Members and supporters of the Socialist party gathered once again in the “Papp László Budapest Sportaréna” to express their intense dislike of the Hungarian people and despise the autonomy demands of the indigenous Székely people of Romania.

    The special guest of the event was Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta that expressed his intense anti-Hungarian sentiments several times in the past.

    We can safely say that the Hungarian socialist party is the most repugnant political formation the country has ever had. Under the pretext of evaluating the state of the economy members and supporters of the party gather each year to perform the obscene ritual of betraying the country with equally wicked foreign guests and entertainers.

    • patriot

      you idiot, if you who are a minority and you don’t respect the Majority how in the clear mind you want the majority to accept you?

      This Jobbik propaganda is coming against the Szeleky Bozgors big time!

      …and using the nationalistic feelings as a flag won’t work with the Romanians!

      You have a very big luck that the Romanians are tolerant and don’t react to your revisionism!

      Get over it, Trianon did justice for ever!

      • Isten

        Hogy basznád teherbe a mocskos kurva oláh anyádat te mocskos kretén szőrőstalpú mocsadék.

        • patriot

          What other prove you need to see the arrogance of these Asian people, The above idiot is calling himself God!

          He don’t have arguments only spurs in that impossible language!

          So these retards want a piece from Transylvania, hummm?

          Isten veled draga piroskam!

          • Isten

            Idióta volt az mocskos retkes kurva anyád amikor erre a világra szart, te tetű.
            Retardált vagy te seggarc, annyi az osztályod mint a román vasútnak.
            Az a szemét amit Romániában tanítanak román történelem címen abból egy betű nem igaz.
            Olvass történelem könyvet amit nem Romániában nyomtattak,
            ha esetleg tudsz olvasni és nem vagy diszlexiás.
            Mocsok alja, gazember nép vagytok egytől egyig.
            A magyar nép már akkor ezen a területen élt amikor ti még a világon sem voltatok.
            Úgy csámborogtatok erre a vidékre, koldusokként és hitvány pásztorokként.
            A magyar befogadott mert megsajnált, de nagy tévedés volt,
            akkor kellett volna az összeset kiirtani helyben.
            És ha itt élsz te gyapjas agyú akkor tanulj meg magyarul!

          • patriot

            Te budos njelvu soros oru rodhat asiai vandorlo fereg.

            We are here in Transylvania before you B/c the Romanian language was formed after the Roman Empire conquer !
            The Romanian language has Latin origins so what other prove you need that to claim that the Romanians are the Romans children???

            The Romanians are Majority since the beginning!

            Look for your origins in Asia and let the European people alone!

            to end in a happy note:

            Istenke, nehez ijen huje leny?

            Roknam a faszomat aba bozgor anjad szajaba

            Szegelem magamat hogy ijen huje nepnek tartozok! em ameik ojan buszke vagyo hogy magyar vagyok!

          • Isten

            Tanulj meg helyesen írni te retardált mert nem értem mit makogsz itt összevissza.
            Te vagy az ázsiai vándorló féreg, te mocskos anyabaszó szőrőstalpú oláh.
            Hogy nyalnád ki az alvadt gecit abból a mocskos kurva rohadt anyád picsájából ahova beleverted.
            Ne nevettesd ki magad te seggfej, mocskos buzi cigányok vagytok mind,
            még, hogy római leszármazottak a románok, ekkora hülyeséget.
            Mocskos tolvaj hazug népség vagytok, semmi közötök a rómaiakhoz.
            Te vagy a hazátlan te semmiházi szarfaszú genyó.
            Baszd meg te azt az ordaskurva fehérfolyásos anyád picsáját
            és még azt a buzi apádat, hogy közben nézzen titeket.
            És kérdezd meg a kurva anyádat aki az előbb szopott le téged,
            hogy miért feküdt le egy majommal és nemzett téged.

          • patriot

            The above is a sample of a high educated mother fucker from Bozgoria!

            it is hard to translate b/c a lot of words have Asian origins so they can’t be translated..

            I will answer to his greeting by:
            Te utoso szemet, piszkos budos gilista. Nem szegjeled magadat how megszulettel?

            Tudod hogy hany honapot tartotta anyad a szart a haszaba?
            9 honapot, te utolso szar!
            Raknam a faszomat a nemzetedbe te vandorlo , haztalan, szemtelen, ganej.

            remelem hogy nem fogsz valasolny, mer fell akasztotad magadat
            te budos vandorlo senkihazi.

            Szep jovott!

          • Isten

            Mondtam már neked te szarevő ganyé, hogy annyi az osztályod mint a román vasútnak.
            És úgy látom, hogy olvasni sem tudsz seggarc.
            Azért vagytok ilyen korcsok mert mind az anyátokat basszátok ti mocskos gecik.
            Ne a Google Fordítót használd te mocskos faszszopó, hanem tanulj meg helyesen írni és olvasni magyarul.
            A csoda az, hogy megszülettél te mocsok szőrős talpú büdös oláh.
            Olyan ronda vagy, hogy kiskorodban bottal piszkáltak,
            mert nem tudták, hogy mi vagy. Szar-e vagy ember.
            Rászarok a melledre és szétbaszom biciklilánccal.
            Téged is az orvosok basztak el a nyakad helyett a köldökzsinórodat vágták el.
            Olyan sötét vagy, hogy a néger fasza hozzád képest neoncső.
            Ha beleszarnék az anyád picsájába akkor is jobb dolog születne mint te.
            Te csak rakd szép a faszodat ahol a helye, abba a szétkúrt büdös anyád picsájába.
            Én foglak hamarosan felakasztani csak találjalak meg te buzeráns.
            Ha egy kicsi eszed lenne rájönnél, hogy nem tudsz legyőzni.
            Ez egy magyar oldal és mindenki rajtad röhög te fartúró.
            Menj és a buzi oláh oldalakon jártasd a mocskos pofád.
            Eszed nincs mivel még kiskorodban valaki beleszart a fejedbe.

          • patriot

            Kihusztam beloled amit tuttam !!!

            Remelem hogy mindenki latja mien muvelt vagy.

            Szep jovot! Ha, ha , Ha

          • Isten

            Közel sem, sok minden van még a tarsolyomban.
            Neked egy jó vastag kötelet a nyakadba!

          • Isten

            Közel sem, még sok minden van a tarsolyomban.
            Neked pedig egy jó vastag kötelet a nyakadba.

    • Aloof

      LMAO! You call yourself “anti-commie” when Fidesz is still LOADED with COMMIE apparatchiks? How fucking hypocritical can you get? Fidesz can’t even purge communists much less “post-commies.” Fidesz/Jobbik are BY FAR is the most repugnant fascist racist authoritarian political formation Hungary has seen since 1989 pal. Country is swirling the drain bud, wake the fuck up before YOU’RE part of Orbanarus.

      • Ricsi

        Yet another stupid arrogant comment from USofIsrahell.

        • Aloof

          Well I’m in the US of Germany today, tomorrow Italy, then on to Turkey and Jordan. Where you off to hayseed, Kaposulak?

  • Freedom above all

    We will have an autonomy it is only a matter of time. We have every right for it.

    • Aloof

      Really? Good luck with that…

  • observer

    Why so much hate from romanians?

    • patriot

      Learn what the Bozgor occupiers did to the Romanians and you will understand.

      there will be never ever a reconciliation between the Bozgors and Romanians until the Bozgor will not recognize the atrocities done to the Romanians before Trianon and during the WWII occupation!

      Only an imbecile nation like the bozgors can do that!

      They came to Europe from the Asian plains with these barbar instincts mirrowed now by Jobbik and Fidesz sympathizer

  • Maudlin

    Aloof, Patriot & others,

    Firstly, the Szeklers now have credible international support – just yesterday visits to the region from leaders of strong autonomy movements in Europe (Basque & S. Tyrol) demonstrated this. Szeklers are the largest confined distinct ethnic minority in Europe without any form of autonomy. I am well connected to that region – and can tell you if you ever lived there, spent time there, got to know the people – you would identify with this movement: it is strongly rooted in history. Learn to understand this and you would not be as cynical and angry as you are.

    Patriot: Your comments betray a certain fatuousness. You fail to understand what it means to be a minority: it is not to appease the majority but the other way around (by definition). It is not a question of what the majority wants for them or their vision of a unified Romania; it is about what is deserved for Szeklers. This is a fundamental principle of international law: the right to self-determination of peoples. To recognize this distinct cultural enclave, Patriot, would make your country better off in a cultural sense and in the eyes of the rest of the world. I believe most of your sensible countrymen & women would agree with this. In fact I know they do. Autonomy for Szeklers wouldn’t weaken Romania but strengthen it.

    Aloof: Say what you will about Fidesz. However the issuing of passports to Hungarian minorities is fair politics. It is commonplace in most countries of Europe (look no further than Romania, Germany, Italy and several others). Not only is it fair politics – it is a rightful and just exercise. The opposition MSzP could have done the same thing but are also so tainted by their ideological disdain for Hungary that they did the opposite and antagonized their own minorities (Nepszavazas 2004). They have recently apologized for this now…seeing their own mistake – but it is too little too late.

    Both of you: Your comments are almost always the same – your underlying assumption and bent-out-of-shape obscene ideological purpose informs everything you have ever posted. What’s worse even worse is that it is so often boring.

    You all typify the pyjamas-at-noon crowd.

    • patriot

      Mauldin I understand your point of view but I consider that they get much more

      than they deserve !!

      What i mean? Read carefully the followings:

      December 9, 2012 the Hungarians have 28 members in the Romanian
      Parliament. Starting in 1990, the Hungarians where constantly
      represented as well in the Romanian Government. Starting in 2004, every
      department of the Romanian Government had dozens of Hungarians hired due
      to the presence of the Hungarian political party present in the
      government of Romania. The Hungarians in Romania even had a vice
      prime-minister in the person of an ethnic Hungarian, Marko Bela. Ethnic
      Hungarians are involved even at this moment in every major decision
      making in Romania, from the central government to the local level, in
      Covasna and Harghita counties, where they control everything: city
      halls, county halls, local public institutions and public funding plus
      Hungarians in Romania have access to public schools in their mother
      tongue; they have access to positions in public institutions,
      newspapers, TV shows, churches, all in Hungarian and all funded by
      public funds. Basically they have all the rights that any Romanian has.

      So what we get from them?

      1) If you go to Cov and Har. they won’t sale you a bread if you don’t speak Bozgor.

      2) they refuse to learn the basic Romanian. I how stupid is that?

      3) they segregate them self from the Romanians

      4)they don’t recognize Romanian symbols only bozgors ones

      5) in many places the reformat priest mostly suggest a segregation between the Bozgors and Romanian children.

      6) Are against of mix marriage to preserve the Bozgor line.

      7)Kids from mix marriage are forced to learn only Bozgors

      and many.more

      So the problem is not with the Romanians but with these mother fuckers uneducated jerks , stupids like my booth, and arrogant to the sky losers.

      Fuck them until they leave for ever from our lands!

      • patriot

        to be continued: what we get??

        the mother fuckers not even want to learn the Basic Romanian.

        they levitate on a kind of state of euphoria fed by an incommensurable arrogance.

        the problem is not with the Romanians, the problem is with these little losers all the way

        • noropatriot

          how you can call peoples “motherfuckers” …I see your hate in your worlds….albanezule de cacat!

  • Neutral

    Bahaha, I laughed the whole way through this thread. The Hungarian insults thrown at Patriot and others reads like poetry. I swear, I’ve never heard more creative insults in my life. I think they won this round.

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