March 22nd, 2013

Kumin threatens legal action over German cartoon that criticizes Hungary

International communications undersecretary Ferenc Kumin has dismissed as “tasteless” an animated film recently shown on children’s programming on German state-run television networks ARD and ZDF.

The cartoon, entitled “Red Card for Hungary”, explains to children that Hungary has violated EU regulations too many times and could therefore be punished by being deprived of EU subsidies.

Kumin said the content is full of lies and could stir up anti-Hungarian sentiment.

The cabinet may protest in the firmest way, even by taking legal action, he warned.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the government had repeatedly denied claims that the fourth amendment reduces the powers of the Constitutional Court.

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  1. Aloof says:

    Better than ANYTHING on TV… LMAO
    Go ahead and piss off the Germans even more Fidesz.

  2. ViktorOrban says:

    We should sue the bastards for billions so 1) the Germans shut the f#ck up and 2) our budget issues are solved.
    Bence told me this is just another case we cannot lose.

  3. Paul says:

    The fact that Hungary has violated EU regulations too many times is indeed extremely tasteless.

    It does stir up anti-Fidez sentiment.

    He might as well right away threaten Verhofstat ( I intend to call on the European Parliament to initiate the Article 7 procedure. And in particular I urge the European
    People’s Party (EPP) to support such a procedure.) with legal action too.

    I would love it, it is not exactly in Fidesz advantage to escalate, to put it mildly. But they do it like never before.

    And Kumin right away proofs the point. Freedom of speech? Fidesz doesn’t have the slightest idea what it means.

    • Freedom says:

      I dislike Fidesz, but I think Germany and other nosy bodies have chimed in Hungary and complained about Hungary, so why can’t Hungary complain about Germany?

      • Paul says:

        “so why can’t Hungary complain about Germany?”.

        They can complain whatever, of course, but Kumin threatens legal action, which is very different…I hope he will….because of course he will loose, big time. He will make himself immortally ridiculous.

        And, hey….there will be a German judge, right? Well….they have an independent judiciary over there, unlike Hungary.

        • Democrat says:

          …and unlike here, the case will be heard relatively soon, will not be constantly be kicked into touch and the judges cannot be bought. Really Ferenc, you would do well to react in a more mature way to this. Instead of trying to shoot the messenger, try to fix the underlying problem which is of course that Hungary has breached EU rules and norms many times.

  4. Leto مؤدّب says:

    It’s absolutely disgusting that these German state-run television networks try to brain-wash small children with anti-Hungarian propaganda lies. European values, eh?

    • Bowen says:

      Leto, have you been brainwashed? You sound like you’ve spent several months in a government mind-programming institute.
      Anyway, the cartoon is bashing Fidesz, not Hungary (do you understand the difference?)
      And also, I’m sure Fidesz would love nothing better than to brainwash the Hungarian public (including children), distort events, and generally lie and mislead on a constant basis. In fact, they do.

      • Leto مؤدّب says:

        The propaganda cartoon is bashing Hungary, not Fidesz, you absolutely rotten postcommie bastard. (Do you understand the difference?)
        I don’t expect you would speak German but here is that Eurojugend shit:

        • Pete H. says:

          Nonsense. I speak german and the cartoon clearly talks about the Hungarian politicians not Hungary in general. They cite several Fidesz laws that have been criticized. So by politicians they mean Fidesz.

        • Bowen says:

          Wow, Leto, they did a really great job on your neuro-programming.

        • MagyarViking says:

          This cartoon is *explicitly* mentioning the Hungarian Government, that was elected by the voters in a democratic way, but after the elections, the Government started to do things that arose criticism from the other EU member states

          WHAT *exactly* is wrong with this?
          Exactly WHICH statement is wrong?

          As usual you are not paid to discuss, just put out a bundle of insults, showing your intelligence level

    • Aloof says:

      That’s right asshole and everybody in the EU, that Hungary is a member of, is trying to tell you that Hungary doesn’t have them. Don’t like it then fucking leave for 10 Millionth and 21st time.

      So keep pissing off all the folks that are the only people keeping Hungary afloat; Germany, USA, the foreign investors that account for 45% of the economy and the EU.
      I always knew that Fidesz arrogance and unsophistication would always be their eventual downfall.
      Like who in the fuck do you assholes think YOU are? Pretty stupid is playing out nicely…

      • Leto مؤدّب says:

        As nearly always, you disgusting cockroach, the information content and the relevance of your post was nil, nada, null, zilch, zero, zippo.

        • just saying says:

          Ah, and your post is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black. One of my favorite English idioms!

          Would you like me to give you a count of all your content-free posts in a long comment thread? I will gladly do that if you try to deny that you are worse than even Aloof in this respect.

          • Leto مؤدّب says:

            Go on. And remember to include my posts addressed to Curious George.

          • just saying says:

            Ah, so you admit it! I’ll do it anyway, just for fun.

          • Leto مؤدّب says:

            What do I admit? My estimate is that about 60 percents of my posts are relevant and they add information.

          • just saying says:

            Wow, you admit to 40% irrelevant BS, and are proud of it! You really are a Fidesz sycophant, through and through!

          • Leto مؤدّب says:

            You’re bullshiting more, moron.

          • Procastinator says:

            actually 7,out of the 11 posts on this thread that were yours were not very relevant and mostly insults which would make that 64% meaning that only 34% of your posts were “relevant” and on topic , the other 64 % were just you insulting people . We actually know that you can argue properly when you want , I guess it is the only reason people try to debate you , but lately it seams that arguments on this site have turned to one sentence name callings , I wonder if peoples intelligence is slipping to that of an average politician , maybe it is something in the water.. ..

          • Procastinator says:

            haha hung over math lol 36% 🙂

  5. stanlee98 says:

    Finally we live in a perfect world, except for those pesky Hungarians.
    Now that we ended all wars and human rights abuses, world hunger is a thing of the past, no one is forced into debt slavery, happiness and prosperity everywhere, there comes Hungary to spoil the fun. Donnerwetter!

    • MagyarViking says:

      No, there are no pesky Hungarians, just pesky “nationalists” and sadly they come in all colours and kinds, like those born in the US, playing to be “Hungarians”

  6. Vidra says:

    And when Fidesz thought things couldn’t get worse – 60 kilos of Hungarian horsemeat turns up in the UK, labelled as beef. You going to sue the BBC about that, Leto?

    • szebbjovot says:

      The label was misinterpreted and misunderstood (lost in translation), the meat was actually labeled horsemeat.

      • Vidra says:

        The BBC doesn’t report that part and neither explanation makes it legal. If it wasn’t labelled “horsemeat” in English then it can’t be sold in the UK and whoever was responsible will get a big fine. Hungary’s biggest enemy is incompetent Hungarians.

      • MagyarViking says:

        Sure, especially that it were only Hungarians involved:

        “One hundred kilograms of horsemeat imported from Hungary and labelled as beef has been discovered in Lancashire, the Food Standards Agency has said.
        Some 40kg has already been sold to the public through Hungarian Food Ltd’s market stall in Preston and the Taste of Hungary shop in Liverpool”

        In Hungary it is not normal to sell horse-meat. It is normal in Austria and in Romania, though, so why two Hungarian-named shops in the UK, would sport the rather unknown product in Hungary – horse-meat – is a good question…

        • Vidra says:

          There was a interview on BBC News with the (Hungarian) owner of the shop last night. Szebbjovot’s explanation is a pack of lies (are you now stealing Leto’s modus operandi, Jobbo? I thought better of you) and she, the owner, was as much conned as the customers.

          • szebbjovot says:

            “are you now stealing Leto’s modus operandi,”
            Perhaps you are not clever enough to see that it was a joke, nevermind.

  7. oneill says:

    Can the remit of the Media Council not be extended to Germany?
    Any comment about Hungary anywhere in the world needs to be registered first in Hungary.

    • MagyarViking says:

      Well, the 1st version of the Fidesz Media Law gave their Council the right to fine also foreign broadcasters, but they removed that line after international criticism, but that was their original intent…

      • olga says:

        Thanks for that tip on another thread.

        I do count myself lucky that you are “back” and once again share your pearls of wisdom 🙂 Rumour has it that Leto plans to spend the weekend celebrating your return

        Back to this topic: I don’t think children can understand the concept of the EU and its rules and regulation and I don’t think they should be taught to judge any country in the EU negatively; Whether the criticism is justified or not is totally irrelevant.

        When you pick on a country for reasons that kids cannot understand, it also opens up picking on kids in class from that particular nation – as if kids aren’t mean enough to each other as it is so I cannot fathom what these educators were thinking.

        If the School Board wanted to teach something positive , the educators should have picked out all the JOBBIK type parties in the EU and teach the kids about the evils of racism aka “bullying” and while I don’t know what’s being taught in European schools, in this neck of the woods, anti-bullying anti-racism programmes are part of the curriculum from a very early age.

        EU funding, EU rules “Red Card for Hungary ” ? – give me a break

        • MagyarViking says:

          “I don’t think children can understand the concept of the EU and its rules and regulation and I don’t think they should be taught to judge any country in the EU negatively”

          Well, US Presidential Loser Mitt Romney stated something similar about the “Big Bird” that, as I understand, is something similar, a programme that tries to explain current affairs for children, of course using symbols easily understandable for children

          One can discuss if anybody should explain current affairs for children (and that includes the Sunday Church also!) but I remember from my 70s and 80s in Sweden an European debate (= German?) that there were several studies showing children had sleeping problems due to the terror balance between the US and Soviet. Today I think North Korea and Iran have taken that position of fear for a possible nuclear war, keeping children awake wondering if they and their families will die of a nuclear blast tonight

          I found this English-speaking blog (I assume that your move to Canada has destroyed all your genetic understanding for beutiful European languages), which describes a bit about the KIKA (the Children Channel) News programme”logo!”

          Here you can find that this news program discusses a range of different topics
          But feel free to bash “The Big Beard”…but maybe you could use KIKA to start to get your German back?

          Trying to explain that another countries Government is critized can hardly be seen as a discriminatory act initself. Even if the Red Card symbolic would be used as argument in a heated KinderGarten-debate I find it hard to see that we should not discuss current affairs with children, including our point of view

          I hardly think there is one child in Europe who has not heard about the horsemeat scandal, should we then not speak about it with them, trying to explain how and why it happens?

          Or should we not speak with them about it, then we risk alienating children from countries pointed out as horsemeat suppliers, like Romania, where some of the children may actually be ethnical Hungarians?

          It is an acceptabel thing to eat horsemeat in Romania and they do have a big horesemeat market, unlike many other European countries, who also kill a lot of horses every year, without any official checking where the meat from those dead horses disappears

          I assume you do not discuss with your children what Canada do with the meat from their thousands of horses slaughtered every year?

          Maybe KIKA should expose Canada as one of the main suppliers of horse-meat to the world market, meat that you never can find on the menue, just in the stats over imports, or that would be too discriminatory and Canadian children would risk being the target of harassments in KinderGartens?

          • Paul says:

            Very precise and good observation, Thanks.

            Ferenc Kumin (showing his true feathers): “Political pederasty of the worst kind”.


            Pederasty or paederasty is a (usually erotic) homosexual
            relationship between an adult male and an adolescent male outside his immediate family.

            Pederast: A man who has sexual relations, especially anal intercourse, with a boy.

            Eh…for the rest. No comment. (Have to throw up)

          • olga says:

            Thank the Lord that your introduced the subject of the
            Canadian horse meat scandal and while you did forget to mention the horrific slaughter of baby seals, I clearly see the
            relevance and your point when it comes to the German cartoon.

            About Big Bird –Sesame Workshop reminded both Romney
            and Obama that it is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and did not want its characters to be used for political purposes.

            I think it’s perfectly normal for Der Spiegel to present Hungary’s government in a negative light because people reading the comments can judge the gov’t for themselves, but these German
            kids haven’t got a clue why Hungary’s “Administration” is bad , they just have a negative impression about the country (I understood only a few words from the cartoon since all I have is 5 years of high-school German and learning how to conjugate verbs were not all that helpful in the long run)

            I wonder if the cartoon gave “red cards” to the PIGS countries for their financial impact on Germany and I hate to see what’s in store for Cyprus.

          • MagyarViking says:

            A brush up on your genetical implanted German is obviously needed. The cartoon just *refers to that some people do not like the Hungarian Government*

            The cartoon does not claim that the Hungarian Government is bad
            It is an unbiased report, telling a bit about the current situation for Hungary in the EU, where “Hungary” is now becoming a bad word

            I was in Sweden over the weekend and met a bunch of people and
            when the talks came into the area Hungary, for the obvious reason I am living there, it was rather obvious people had a negative attitude
            Most of the people were over 60, so they had no reason to check any children programmes, but got their info from the normal news in Sweden, where Hungary is presented as a country with extreme right wing on the upswing and making problems with the EU
            Most of these people are highly religious and prefer to get their information from pro-Christian sources

            So, bash the German equivelant to the Big Bird, but most of the children that check news made especially for children, would anyway have undertood that something is strange with that place that makes you Hungry

  8. Pibroch says:

    Kumin always struck me as a fairly intelligent human being. Now, his attitude toward free speech makes it is clear he is a neo-communist, just like his paymasters. What a disappointment.
    Fidesz’s constitution makes it clear that everyone has a right to express opinions. However, these communards can’t tolerate it. They have now amended it to outlaw “insulting the Hungarian nation.”
    Apparently, this “Kuminist” thinks he can apply this mentality in Germany. He will be in for a surprise. Just because Orban loves Horthy, and Horthy loved Germany doesn’t mean the Germans will be friendly to you in the 21st century.

    • szebbjovot says:

      Orbán does not love Horthy.

      Horthy did not love Germany.

      • just saying says:

        I hate to agree with you, mister Jobbik wanna-be, but I’m convinced that Horthy did not in any way love the Germans. He was guilty of many things, but loving Hitler and company was not one of them.

        • szebbjovot says:

          If anything, Horthy was an Anglophile.

          • just saying says:

            Hmm, I never heard anything about that, but it does make sense. He was an admiral, after all, and a believer in the monarchy.

        • Leto مؤدّب says:

          Horthy was not Hitler’s collaborator. This aristocratic soldier despised “that vulgar house painter.” Horthy was an anglophile, the highest ranking soldier in the Austro-Hungarian empire, a conservative (and not very smart, but very patriotic) soldier. Horthy ruled for almost 25
          years, but did not add to his personal holdings a single penny. BELA
          LIPTAK Stamford, Conn., Dec. 13, 1993

          • just saying says:

            I do respect a politician who doesn’t get rich, and there is much else that he did that I respect. In the end, though, he is not worthy of having anything else named after him, especially main squares. Nowadays, when someone renames something after Horthy, it is obviously a political statement of support for extreme right-wing parties. Sad, then, that he was not extreme right-wing at all, especially for his time, and so would probably not appreciate the sentiment. He consistently appointed left-of-center prime ministers, though he allowed the Germans to pressure him into appointing one too many right-wingers.

          • szebbjovot says:

            The ones supporting Horthy statues, like Jobbik and some Fidesz mayors are not extreme right.

          • MagyarViking says:

            No, just plain stupid, as their beloved leader:
            “Leto مؤدّب just saying • 11 hours ago:
            Horthy was an anglophile, the highest ranking soldier in the Austro-Hungarian empire, a conservative (and not very smart, but very patriotic) soldier. Horthy ruled for almost 25 years”

            Says a lot of the Hungarians, does it not?

          • Leto مؤدّب says:

            He certainly does deserve squares to be named after… and more.

            No, Admiral Horthy wasn’t “extreme right-wing at all” indeed. He had Szálasi imprisoned (however this actually proved to be counterproductive because it boosted support for the Arrow Cross) and he had similar opinion about them as about the Communists (and he was a staunch anti-Communist indeed)

          • MagyarViking says:

            Normally you would celebrate leaders that did something GOOD for the country, but hey this is Hungary, so why should it follow the normal rules?

            Another Hungaricum – to raise statues and name public places over somebody, by His supporters described as:
            “Leto مؤدّب just saying • 11 hours ago:
            Horthy was an anglophile, the highest ranking soldier in the Austro-Hungarian empire, a conservative (and not very smart, but very patriotic) soldier. Horthy ruled for almost 25 years”

            Yes, let us all celebrate that Hungary was ruled by a “not very smart, but very patriotic” Viktator!

          • szebbjovot says:

            “He consistently appointed left-of-center prime ministers”
            Like who?

          • MagyarViking says:

            “not very smart, but very patriotic”

            Yes, those two things normally go hand in hand…
            Was he speaking about ‘leto’?

  9. ViktorOrban says:

    The liberal press is now abusing horses for the sake of ridiculing Hungary. How low can you go?!

    “Hungary’s population hopes for the government to wake up soon and see
    the current disastrous economic situation the country has to face. The
    sooner the government will realize this and start taking measures the
    sooner Hungary will evade from a bleak future. Right now, however, it
    seems like the PM is not willing to get off his high horse

    “A taste of Hungary: Horsemeat labelled as beef

  10. Paul says:

    Egypt’s Grand Mufti issued a fatwa stating that the show Man
    sa yarbah al malyoon (“Who will Win the Million?”), modelled on the British show Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, was un-Islamic.

    Hungarian’s ayatollah Ferenc Kumin issued a fatwa stating that the the cartoon, entitled “Red Card for Hungary”, was “anti Hungarian”.

    (The new laws created a Media Council and gave it significant powers to oversee broadcast media, including the right to fine media for “unbalanced coverage,” an unsettlingly vague term.)

    Love the reaction of a spokeswoman for ZDF in Germany, which together with fellow public broadcaster ARD owns Kika, she said the report “speaks for itself” and had no further comment to make.

    Ferenc Kumin just made himself immortally ridiculous.


    • ViktorOrban says:

      It’s a glorious achievement of the Hungarian government that we were able to stop ZDF/ARD from commenting about Hungarian issues. Great effort, Ferenc!

      We’re long enough on this planet to know that these communist broadcasters are protecting the interests of “energy company” RWE – abbreviation for Red War Establishment, an organization of German Bolsheviks using billions of gas money stolen from poor Magyars to brainwash German kids as a propaganda strategy to undercut the Hungarian Fairytale.

    • Pibroch says:

      I have an idea: ZDF could do its penance by making a new cartoon in which Orban is a superhero. He flies around Hungary in a cape and mask, saving people from snowstorms and cutting their electricity bills.
      Kind of like the old black and white propaganda movies where Stalin would show up and fix the farmers’ broken tractors.

  11. MagyarViking says:

    ARD answered on the criticism with this article

    The ending is:

    “Massive Einflussversuche
    In Ungarn wurden bereits 550 politisch unliebsame Redakteure beim öffentlichen-rechtlichen Rundfunk entlassen. Nachweislich wurden Fernsehberichte gefälscht; so wurden Proteste gegen die neue Verfassung nicht gezeigt. Aber die Regierung
    Orban möchte nicht nur die eigenen Journalisten kontrollieren, auch das Image im Ausland ist ihr wichtig. Die Regierung versucht aktiv Einfluss auch auf die Arbeit von ausländischen Journalisten zu nehmen.

    Im “Fall Ki.Ka” beschwerte sich das Außenministerium beim deutschen Botschafter in Budapest. Korrespondenten deutscher und österreichischer Medien berichten von E-Mail-Kampagnen, ungarische Botschafter schreiten ein bei unliebsamer Berichterstattung, ungarische Lobby-Verbände in Deutschland machen Druck auf Rundfunkgremien. Der ORF-Korrespondent in Budapest wurde sogar mit privaten E-Mails konfrontiert, die ungarische Behörden offenbar gezielt abgefangen hatten.”

    A short summary in English is that foreign correspondents in Hungary is getting it harder, gets more pressure, even against their person, to report more pro-Fidesz
    As we could see already in June 2010 in Stockholm, when Hungarian State TV was part of a Fidesz-organised disturbance of a public meeting by the International PEN-club, unseen in Sweden before, it was as I predicted then, just the beginning of organised harassment of anyone not toeing the Party LIne

  12. Flyover099 says:

    Good. The Germans will quickly capitulate as the jewish promoters will scatter into the shadows as the light of justice focuses on the issue.

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