April 29th, 2013

Head of Hungary’s Raoul Wallenberg Association injured in anti-Semitic attack in Budapest

The head of the Raoul Wallenberg Association was assaulted at a football match on Sunday.

Ferenc Orosz told MTI at a conference on hate speech on Monday that first he was verbally assaulted and then his nose was broken after a match at Budapest’s Puskas stadium which he attended with his family. Orosz said supporters near him were chanting for Mussolini and “sieg heil”. When he asked them to stop he was threatened and called a “Jewish communist”.

At the end of the match, as he was leaving the stadium, two men blocked his way. One said “it is sieg heil, even so” the other one hit Orosz, who was hospitalised with a broken nose. Police have pressed charges against the assailant.

Orosz said he discharged himself from the hospital on Monday in order to speak at a conference on hate speech organised by the ombudsman.

He told MTI he thought what had happened to him constituted a hate crime and that organisers or police should have removed the Nazi chanters from the arena.

Peter Feldmajer, head of the federation of Hungarian Jewish communities Mazsihisz, said that the incident was “a manifestation of intolerance in society”. Feldmajer told MTI that he found it “especially serious” that the leader of “an organisation with such an undoubtedly positive message” should be assaulted. He said he trusted the attackers would soon be detained.

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  • MagyarViking

    While this was happening inside the Stadium, it would be possible to sue the organisers and in such a way force the organisers to take responsibility

    The organisers were obviously not doing anything to stop repeated crimes in progress, like racist chanting

    • Daniel

      Yea, I’ll sue you! And you! and fucking everybody! Ill sue my mother if I have to!
      gimme dem gold coins!
      -the torah

  • Good!

    • Aloof

      I fully agree that the Police have pressed charges against the assailant.is very good thing Zsolty.

    • MagyarViking

      Zsolty, something is wrong with your facebook-page:

      • Pete H

        What? The fact that he has an illustration of a man breaking away from his chains bearing an arrow cross decorated shield in his photo album. Or the fact that he is a photographer who may not really be interested in business from Jewish clients or anyone else offended by his comment or his pro-fascist photos posted on his FB page. I could of course be coming to a false conclusion.

        • Daniel

          oh noes, im losing clients!

          Man if I actually did not think that money is the most important thing in the world, I wouldn’t care!

          oh wait.

    • MokusMan

      Interesting that you display a number of anti-EU and anti-US slogans on your facebook page, but also have Barney Stinson and Bane as profile pictures. I don’t think even you understand what you believe. Poor, sad man.

  • Freedom

    The Jewish supremacist need to come up with something more original.

    The racist Jew hurt himself or wasn’t even hurt and checked himself into the hospital, this reminds me of a case I read about in Greece. A local Jewish supremacist supporter over there and member of a political party had gone to a football match and then claimed to have been attacked by “Golden Dawn thugs”, he checked himself into the hospital, but it was found out that the attack didn’t exactly happen, it was just a shouting match between him and his alleged attackers, and he had started it.

    • Aloof

      Then why was the perpetrator arrested for it you lying POS?
      You’re another broken record POS Jobbo nobody.

      • Freedom

        Aloof you crazy old senile man. They’ll arrest anyone to protect Jewish supremacist honor. Jewish racist fanatics can attack people (which is most likely what happened) and the other person simply defended himself from the media attention whore who is trying to gain attention from Jewish supremacist worshipers like yourself.

  • Freedom

    Most likely this Jewish supremacist support beat himself up.

    In fact, what I think happened is he chanted for the wrong team at the wrong side of the stadium, and then started calling everyone “antisemite” and “extremist” as they started booing him, but this wasn’t enough, he thought in his head “why let an opportunity go to waste” and decided to turn this into a case where he would become a victim and get media attention, so instead of calming down he kept running his mouth at young fans and they simply defended themselves as he became drunk with hate, rage, and violence.

    He can not sue no one, he is a liar, a violent football hooligan. Any hooligan knows that if you run your mouth at a match your going to get hit, and that is most likely what he did. He needs to take his beating like a man and not run to the media for publicity to garner attention to his pathetic cause and bring in donations for his clownish hate organization.

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