April 30th, 2013

Hungarian Parliament passes resolution condemning comments of EC commissioner Reding

Hungary’s Parliament on Monday approved a resolution, condemning the statements EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding had made concerning Irishman Ciaran Tobin, who was sentenced in absentia by a Hungarian court for killing two children in a car accident.

The resolution was approved with 277 votes for, 53 against and seven abstentions. Lawmakers of the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats as well as the opposition Jobbik voted for the motion while the opposition Socialists rejected it.

The resolution was triggered by a March interview in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in which Reding, speaking in connection with Ireland’s decision not to extradite Tobin, suggested that a number of Hungarian measures had raised questions about the independence of its judiciary.

In the meantime, Tobin indicated his readiness to start his sentence in Hungary but added that he would request to continue his term in Ireland. Justice Minister Tibor Navracsics said he would personally guarantee that Tobin’s request is granted.

In its Monday resolution, Parliament called upon Reding to make every possible effort so as to promote judicial cooperation and the mutual recognition of court verdicts within the European Union.

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  • Bowen

    “The Armenian people are not going to forgive this,” stated the Armenian
    president when Fidesz sent back the Azeri axe murderer.

    Is Orban going to write a book one day? “How to lose friends and alienate people?”

    • Vidra

      No, but he’ll copy Toby Young’s book of the same name and try to pass it off as his own

      • wolfi

        Not too much OT:
        Does anyone know what those judges are doing that were sacked because they were over 62 ?
        Have they come back to do their “service” ?

        • MagyarViking

          A handfull have come back in similar, ikf not the same positions
          This has been stalled by Fidesz and every day that pases, is a clear violation of the European Court of Justice’s verdict and is one of the major points for an infringement procedure against Fidesz (which will hurt the Hungarians in common more)

  • szebbjovot

    “while the opposition Socialists rejected it.”
    Why does that not surprise me?

    • Vidra

      Why were Jobbik so quick to join Fidesz’ political posturing on Reding? Events have proved she was wrong, so why couldn’t someone ask her nicely to admit she was out of line on this?

      • Peter

        Oh the naivité, a EUrocrat admitting mistakes…lol, pigs are flying too. Don’t you want her to apologize as well maybe hahaha

        • wolfi

          So did Orbán (or whoever was responsible …) apologize for letting that Azeri axe murderer return home as a hero ?

          • Peter

            So Orban is not for the EU you think?

          • wolfi

            Orbán only cares for himself – don’t you remember he was called a Liberal once, then he was a Calvinist and now he seems to be a Catholic ?
            It really doesn’t matter – he only wants POWER …

          • Freeman

            I don’t know who called him a liberal or a catholic, that’s incorrect, he is pro-EU that is a fact.

          • Peter

            “Orbán only cares for himself”
            Oh so his not even Fidesz now?!

  • Aloof

    Well I condemn Viktor Orban and Fidesz for releasing a convicted Azeri axe murderer who was welcomed back in Azerbaijan as a hero, resulted in broken relations with 1000 year old Christian state friend Armenia and risked setting off tensions in a very sensitive area of the world not to mention bringing moral shame to the country. I also condemn that Viktor Orban and Fidesz knowingly harbors a convicted NAZI war criminal.

    Those are deplorable ACTIONS by the Fidesz scum.

    And what did Reding do?

    “In a March 9 article in the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Reding said Ireland’s reluctance to extradite an Irish national to Hungary over a fatal car crash was “understandable”.
    “I was not surprised – after all, this was precisely during the time when many decisions were taken in Hungary which raised serious questions about the independence of the Hungarian justice system,” Reding said.”
    What Reding is/was talking about are EU issues with Hungary that are still unresolved with Fidesz. Truth baby…
    Who gives a flying fuck if the Fidesz “parliament” condemns what she has to say? She certainly won’t lose any sleep over it.
    Fuck Fidesz, their supporters and especially that rag it calls a “constitution.”
    What reding is talking

    • wolfi

      If the Hungarian parliament had only invested 10 % of the time spent on this in the case of the cold blooded Azeri Murderer sent back as a hero …
      Was this case discussed at all ? And were there any ideas on it ?

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