May 6th, 2013

Hungarian bouncers who lock up guests face kidnap charges, court rules

Nightclubs that stop punters from leaving until extortionate bills are paid are guilty of kidnapping, Hungary’s Kuria (Supreme Court) has ruled.

The Kuria on Monday upheld a lower court ruling involving two incidents at the Caligula strip club in Budapest on consecutive days in July 2007.

On the first night, two Dutch tourists received a bill for 179,000 forints (EUR 600). Unable to pay, one was held captive in the nightclub while bouncers escorted to a nearby cash machine to withdraw cash. When they raised objections, one tourist was punched in the stomach and kicked. While he suffered only minor injuries, the court said the harassment could have easily resulted in graver harm.

On the next day, two Mexican and a US citizen received a bill for 377,000 forints after drinking three beers. Even though they paid 300 euros, two of them were not allowed to leave until the third one returned with more cash. According to news website Index, they were eventually forced to pay more than 500,000 forints.

Last September, the Budapest appeals court sentenced club manager Maria Anna T to 3 years and a half years imprisonment. A bouncer received a suspended sentence for kidnapping. They both appealed against the ruling, stating that their actions could not be interpreted as kidnapping.

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  • Leto مؤدّب

    It’s such a shame these bastards get sentenced only after 6 years!

    “suspended sentence for kidnapping” ?

    That’s another shame! These criminals should get much more severe punishments than this for committing such crimes…

    The case proves well the Hungarian judiciary system is fishy.

    • MagyarViking

      Nut brain, this was the Supreme Court ruling – why should a Supreme Court ruling come after 3-6 months after the crime was committed?

      “Last September, the Budapest appeals court sentenced”

      So there was an appeal in 2012 September, but I do not remember when the initial lower Court trial happened, but it was probably a few years before that and that is the valid trial, the rest is just legal discussions and manouvering

      The only reason why the Supreme Court took up this case was the conceptual nature of it – what are the prerequsites when you can say that holding a person is “kidnapping” and not just “citizen’s arrest”?

      But that is all too complicated for Fidesz-morons like yourself, with your maximum two braincells you can only scream “guilty” in all trials, except your own

      If the price was stated in an approved manner, according to all rules, this type of verdict makes it impossible for any catering owner to stop any cheaters from running away

      In my own place I know some years ago there was a situation where a couple of drunk Brits wanted to run away, but we had an ex-cop as Security, so he went after them, roughed them up a bit and then called his old collegues. The official Police arrived and the Brits could chose to go to their hotell and get more money, or be arrested. They chose only to go to the hotel if teh Police followed, then they were too afraid of our Security guy

      So should this now had been a case of “kidnapping”, to stop them fleing and hold them on the street (or in the case judged keep them in the premises)?

      If this was not a robbery, how could it then be a “kidnapping”?
      Robbery followed by kidnapping is OK
      Kidnapping, while trying to get the Customer to pay for rendered services, is not OK

      Then you have to ask yourself, what kind of foreigners visits strip-clubs?
      The same idiots that try to eat and drink for free?

      • Leto مؤدّب

        There was a very big and obvious difference here, Swedish moron. I won’t assume even about you that you charged 125000 HUF for a beer and that’s why the drunken Brits wanted to flee your place.

        • MagyarViking

          If it is stated on the menue that it costs “125000 HUF”, then they have to pay that
          That is the law

          That these idiots did not check the meneu is their problem

          When I was in the Navy, end of the 70s, we visited Lübeck and of course we simple sailors ended up in the Red Light district

          There we were 3 sailors, in full uniform, drinking beer and inviting the ladies for whatever

          7 o’clock they wanted the money, while we had resisted for the last 10 hours to follow any of the Ladies up to the upper floor

          Of course we did not have enough money, it was of course fantasy prices, which we had noticed the few Germans had a problem with, so we were told off, but not really roughed up, just thrown out, then we had our uniforms on (still) and they knew they would get in problem with the Police

          As we were late we got some ridicolous punishment that we could not leave our quarters when not on duty for a week, but how far can you walk on a destroyer at sea

          So, ridicolous prices in strip joints exists everywhere in the world, I personally know from Germany and I have seen similar stories from Sweden

          It is like taking a loan in a foreign currency, if you do not know what you are doing and have insurance/security backing you, do not!
          Or pay the price…

          • Gypsy Skinner

            Ewe are a Magyarfool.

          • MagyarViking

            …did I miss something?

  • Aloof

    Well… ignorance is no excuse I say. If you’re a foreign traveler and don’t do your homework then you get what you deserve. I remember over 4000 American GIs used their government issued credit cards for “services rendered” at the old Captain Jacks not to mention “MWR Hotels” in BP and Balaton that were glorified brothels. Here’s an old list of places to avoid in BP as an example:

    Aphrodite Akropolis Club (address: Kecskemeti utca 17, Budapest) – shocking stories of abuse of Aphrodite Night Club
    Black and White Club, The (address: Galamb utca, Budapest)
    Caligula Bar (address: Szilagyi Erzsebet fasor 37-39. Budapest)
    Captain Jack’s Club, Budapest
    City Center Club and restaurant (address: Vaci utca, Budapest)
    Club Mephisto (address: Vaci utca, Budapest)
    Club Fair Play on (address: Ulloi ut 66/a, Budapest)
    Crazy Horse (address: Kiss Jozsef utca 4., Budapest)
    Diamond Club (address: Bimbo ut 3, Budapest)
    Dolce Vita, La (address: Oktober 6 utca 8., Budapest)
    Ecstacy Club (with ‘c’), Budapest
    Eden club (address: Andrassy ut. 54.) Most reviews mention: ‘overpriced’ ‘intimidated’ ‘not so nice’ ‘avoid’
    Flashdance (address: Vaci utca, Budapest)
    Fontana Cabaret (address: Vaci utca, Budapest)
    Fortuna Club (address: Fortuna utca 4., Budapest).
    Galaxia Restaurant, Bar (address: Becsi utca 3., Budapest)
    Grand Boulevard Club (address: Budapest)
    La Dolce Vita (address: Oktober 6 utca 8., Budapest)
    Lola (the same as Nirvana) (address: Szent Istvan korut, Budapest)
    Mambo Club (address: Hegyalja ut 2., Budapest)
    Mercy Club and Lounge (address: Dohany utca 88., Budapest)
    Milady Bar (address: Szent Istvan korut. 15, Budapest)
    Muskatli Espresso (address: Regos utca 8., Budapest)
    Nirvana Club (address: Szent Istvan korut, Budapest)
    Pigalle Night Club (address: Kiss Jozsef utca 1-3., Budapest)
    Piccolo bar (address: Vaci utca, Budapest)
    Regi posta – Fortuna Band (address: Regi Posta utca 5-7., Budapest – only with outside elevator)
    Showgirls Nightclub
    Sweet Milk (address: Hold utca 13., Budapest)
    Table Dance
    The Black and White Club (address: Galamb utca, Budapest)
    Tiamo Nightclub (address: Ferenc korut 19-21., Budapest
    Torony Eatery
    Tropical Bar is the same as The Black and White Club (address: Galamb utca, Budapest)
    Varoskozpont (address: Vaci utca 16., Budapest)
    Zug-Love (address: Bonyhadi ut 141., Budapest)

    Definitely DO NOT DO: Further Budapest warnings:

    Do not have valuables with you. Learn from general Budapest warnings.
    Do not travel unprepared. Save the Budapest crime emergency phone numbers to learn how to contact the Hungarian Police just in case.
    Do not stay near the Parliament and the Heroes’ Square on Hungarian national holidays
    Do not take marijuana, drugs in Budapest. What about alcohol?
    Do not hail down a taxi in Budapest.
    Do not buy HUF / Forint from a street vendor in Budapest.
    Do not board Budapest public transport vehicles without a ticket.
    Do not cross the road without checking the traffic in Budapest.
    Do not expect some cultural conveniences in Budapest
    Do not take valuables with you to Baths in Budapest – or preferably in the city.
    Do not go to Budapest Airport unprepared
    Do not go to touristy restaurants in Budapest – to eat pricey food of lower quality.

    • Leto مؤدّب

      No, if you’re a foreign traveller and you don’t do your homework then you still don’t deserve to be robbed blind like in the cases described in the article.

      • Aloof

        Which is why you’re a local yokel Magyar nobody hunkered down in some hovel in a shit hole rat town somewhere outside of Budapest.

        Go ahead and travel to Africa, Mexico, SA, the USA or the Middle East without doing your “homework” asshole.

        Prevention is worth a pound of cure you insidious dipshit.

        • Leto مؤدّب

          FYI, disgusting cockroach, the town I live in is on the Buda side and it’s just fine. 🙂

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