May 6th, 2013

Hungarian defense minister calls for upgrading of nation’s arsenal

Hungary will have to invest in rearmament as its military technology, save the Gripen jet fighters, will become totally obsolete in ten years, the defence minister told business daily Vilaggazdasag on Monday.

Apart from the Gripen programme, Hungary’s armed forces have not procured military technology since the change in regime over two decades ago, Csaba Hende said.

“Most of what we are using today was manufactured during the term of the Warsaw Treaty, 30 to 40 years ago,” he said.

Over the past few years the country’s military capabilities have been developed from a smaller budget, the minister said, adding that merely the United States and Hungary would be able to fulfil all the 45 capabilities targets identified in NATO’s ten-year planning process.

Hende noted that the government had made a commitment in early 2012 that it would maintain the nominal value of the defence budget during 2013-2015, and increase it by 0.1 percent of GDP in the following years until 2023.

The minister said that Hungary’s defence budget increased by 7 billion forints (EUR 23.7m), or 3 percent, this year.

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  • patriot

    Those two tanks and a machine gun???

  • MagyarViking

    “Over the past few years the country’s military capabilities have been developed from a smaller budget, the minister said, adding that merely the United States and Hungary would be able to fulfil all the 45 capabilities targets identified in NATO’s ten-year planning process”

    Did I read this correct?
    Hungary is, besides the US, the only NATO-member who can fullfill all tasks?

    • Vidra

      Especially those relating to seaborne operations.

      • MagyarViking

        Correct – time to build the aircraft carrier for Lake Balaton!

        Of course you need a Naval Air Force, then Gripen was never planned to land on a ship, but hey that just makes it more funnier

        Maybe the old famous ‘Balaton Car maker’ can be revieved and build airplanes instead
        Just look at this photo, it looks like it is flying already (even if it can be hard to see what is front or back)…

        “The Balaton was a Hungarian microcar made by Székesfehérvári Motorjavitó Vállalat based in Székesfehérvár. which began production in 1956.

        It was powered by a 250 cc 8 bhp (6 kW) Pannonia motorcycle engine. The rubber suspension was developed from an idea of Ernő Rubik Sr., father of Ernő Rubik who later became famous for his cube. The roof and doors were in one piece and hinged to give access to the interior”

        • Vidra

          Brilliant! I’ll get a lawyer to work out how we can acquire the rights and then we can sell them to Orbán as a “Company of National Importance” for gazillions of forint. just like what happened to Raba.
          Hang on, I think I saw some shady figure in the garden, with a low sloping forehead and knuckles dragging along the ground – Leto’s come to steal the cunning plan!

        • ahorvath

          Keep making jokes. With an annual population drop of over 20,000 per year, in 500 years there will be no Hungary.

        • ahorvath

          More nonsense. Hungary needs an air force of at least 180 modern combat planes. It currently has 12. It needs an armed force of about 75,000-100,000 men armed with at least 400 modern tanks (i.e. Leopards). Currently they have about 29,000 men and there is no real reserve force. They have about 15 T-72’s (30+ years old) in service with another 180 in storage. They have no modern attack helicopters or artillery. Most of their heavy equipment and small arms are old Warsaw Pact crap. This is a tiny third world military.

    • ahorvath

      Nonsense. The Hungarian military cannot even fulfill its most basic task of defending the Country. Low manpower, out of date equipment, lack of armor (modern tanks), attack helicopters and a tiny air force (14 modern combat planes), poor leadership and a lack of confidence and support by the Hungarian people make this nothing more than a NATO police force to be used in places like Sinai, Cyprus, Bosnia, etc. This army would not last 72 hours in a real war.

  • surov

    Good decision. The reconquest of the Carpathian Basin can not be done with sticks and slingshots. One needs tanks, armored cars, etc. ..and people-infantry.
    Maybe the Gypsies can be pressed into service to provide the needed manpower.

    • patriot

      Considering the suicidal rate in Bozgoria, you may need to hire Romanians to reconquest The Carpathian Basin! Hi Hi HI

      B/c you are so stupid you will not get even the autonomy for which
      you struggle.!

      You are second hand citizens in Romania forever!

  • stanlee98

    What Hungary really needs is a similar defense force as the Swiss has.
    And get the hell out of NATO.

    • MagyarViking

      Yeahh, give every Hungarian citizen an AR15, so they can start killing each other…
      Smart move…

      • ahorvath

        You are talking nonsense. Just about every country surrounding Hungary has a significantly higher gun ownership rate than Hungary. Yet the suicide rate among Hungarians is much higher and one of the highest in the world. Furthermore, Hungarians refuse to spend money on their defense and rely on foreign alliances (Hapsburgs, Nazis, Soviets) which usually end in disaster. This is partially due to the fact that Hungarians have no confidence in their armed forces because of 1848, 1918, 1920, 1945, 1956. Of the 25 European countries, Hungary is number 20 in the quality of its armed forces followed only by Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc. Even countries that are half the size of Hungary (Croatia for example) have better and stronger armed forces. Given an annual population loss of about 20,000 per year due to a low birth rate and emigration, combined with their refusal to defend themselves, Hungary will disappear in 500 years.

    • Curious George

      Says Stan the “soldier” who admits hiding in the library for the entire time he served his military service.

  • Firebird

    Finally. The Defense Forces have ridiculously outdated equipment. If only the country would purchase a few Leopard tanks…But that’s just my hope.

  • Kaganovich

    Now that the Israeli terrorist Mogilevich has control of the hungarian weapons manufacturers, it is time for the hungarian taxpayor to finance some more kickbacks and corruption for the israeli monster Mogilevich.

    The boss of bosses, israeli Mogilivich, is on the US most wanted list. The US israeli Feinman says they just cant find him although he is routinely in the 12 kerulet sipping palinka whilst conveying the best hungarian christian girls to Israelis whorehouses. Israeli is the global leader in prostitution and sex trafficking as it is effectively legal there. In fact there are synagogues that service the sex trade.

    Enjoy your israeli slavemasters Hungary.

    Commence bootlicking and sing: ” edes lapat it vagyok!”
    Pushing a broom and shining shoes will be the occupation left for the hungarian.

  • ahorvath

    The Hungarian armed forces are in pathetic shape. Manpower is about half the size of NYC police department. The ground forces lack modern armor, artillery, missiles, attack helicopters and just about everything else. Most of their equipment is 30-40 years old and dates back to the Warsaw Pact, completely not compatible with other NATO forces. The air force has about 14 modern combat planes, 2 of which are trainers. The top leadership dates back to the Warsaw Pact and is of questionable loyalty. The Hungarian people have no confidence in the military because of defeats in 1956, 1945, 1921, 1918, 1848 etc. Unlike all of their neighbors, they have refused to upgrade their military. They refuse to adequately fund the military, preferring alliances like NATO, the Warsaw Pact and Nazi Germany to provide protection. These alliances always end in disaster for the Country. Hungary should have an armed force of about 100,000 men with modern armor and other equipment. The Air force should have about 180 modern combat planes. The current armed forces are incapable of defending the Country and are used as a NATO police force in world hotspots. This army would not last 72 hours in a real war.

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