May 9th, 2013

Magyar Hírlap fined for Orbán ally’s opinion piece calling Roma “animals”

Hungary’s media watchdog has fined Magyar Hirlap daily for publishing a notorious anti-Roma article by right-wing journalist Zsolt Bayer.

The Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) launched an investigation, the first of its kind, against Magyar Hirlap for publishing in its print and online version the Jan. 5 article entitled “Who shouldn’t be?”, which caused a storm at home and abroad for such statements as: “Gypsies are animals and act as animals”.

Afterwards, Bayer said he had been misunderstood and he did not “wish to liquidate the Roma”.

The media authority acted after a complaint was lodged by the Legal Defence Bureau for National and Ethnic Minorities, ruling the paper broke the media law’s ban on inciting hatred and discrimination.

The authority fined the paper 250,000 forints (EUR 850) for the “gravity” of the violation, as well as failing to promptly remove the article from the paper’s website. It also ordered Magyar Hirlap to publish the verdict word-for-word both in print and online for seven consecutive days.

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  • MagyarViking

    “The authority fined the paper 250,000 forints (EUR 850) for the “gravity” of the violation”

    A ridicolous sum, why not 10 Million HUF?
    Was not the maximum 200 Million HUF the Fidesz Media Council could claim?

  • oneill

    Bloomberg fined 10 million forints for publishing an erroneous headline, genuine error. Fidesz propaganda sheet fined 250,000 for publishing an incitement to hatred from a putrid racist. Welcome to the moral sewer that is Orbanistan.

    • Ricsi

      You forget that Bayer is half jew,hence no serious punishment 🙂

      • Vidra

        So they could have fined the slimy little bigot half the maximum. A couple of extra adverts published by Fidesz in the paper will make up for the 250e fine; 100 mill would demonstrate that the government actually stands by Orbán’s fine words at the WJC and seriously piss off the Jobbik party he claims to oppose.

      • Aloof

        Who told you that Bayer is half jew? Tamas Deutsch is the token Fidesz jew. Would you like to see some of his tweets?

        • Aloof

          Hmmm… wonder what happened there?

    • Leto مؤدّب

      No, it wasn’t incitement and Mr. Bayer isn’t a “putrid racist”. (Though you’re a rotten postcommie bastard for sure.)
      The article simply expressed the author’s outrage, in accordance with the outrage of a whole country, over a series of bestial murders committed by Gypsy beasts.

      • Aloof

        Oh STFU you insufferable Fidesz asslicking POS.
        Bayer is a racist bloated grunting beached whale worthless POS of a man. No mystery to me why this delusional jerk off is the #5 corrupt criminal in Fidesz. He’s the fucking voice of Fidesz for christsakes.
        Don’t apologize or try to justify this disgusting POS “journalist.”
        Do I really need to post all the fucking drivel that’s come out of this racist POS?
        Just go suck his fucking dick, at least that will shut one you assholes up.

        • Leto مؤدّب

          Oh, did you chirp again, cockroach? 🙂

      • wolfi

        “subhuman Gypsy beasts” is this now the Fidesz “Newspeak” ?

        What about those subhumans who killed a Gypsy family ?
        Leto is really getting better at narrowing the gap between Fidesz and Jobbik …

        • Leto مؤدّب

          “What about those subhumans who killed a Gypsy family ?”

          The ones who had links to the secret service of the Gyurcsány regime which withheld information to conceal their involvement in the murders?

          • Aloof

            LMFAO… so take him to court and convict him if that is true.
            Why hasn’t Fidesz done that yet asshole?

          • wolfi

            Because loonie liar leto just throws some idiocy around – as usual …

            As I’ve written b efore – in a way it’s nice that this creature is showing its Nazi face more directly nowadays!

            Keep up the “good” work, Orbán’s rabid bitch!

          • Leto مؤدّب

            BTW, this ex-SZDSZ MEP, who apparently considers herself only a Gypsy and not a Hungarian, also said this in the CBS interview in question:

            “Hungary is very close to civil war. But it’s sure our people will be the losing side because we don’t have money and we don’t have weapons.”

          • MagyarViking

            And ethnic Hungarians in Romania are not Romanians?

            Why should Roma in Hungary not calling themselves “our people”, like ethnic Hungarians in Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Serbia do?

            You are crying again…

          • MagyarViking

            The TV-interview is here in English:

            Her interview starts at 14:25 and her claim starts at 15:55 that the Gyurcsány Government made evidence secret for 80 years

            Regardless if we believe this or not, given that we now have an extremely anti-Gyurcsány Government, why cannot the current Fidesz Government remove this secret classification and make everything public?

            This report continues with an “expert”, without name, making a statement that can be interpreted in any way, and looks like it has been edited out of concept

            But, it is up to everyone to believe this Canadian TV-report and Mohácsi Viktória’s claims, but nobody has ever presented any proof whatsoever

            And why should an MEP, an European Parliamentarian know things that are secret, if the national Parliamentarians do not know about it?

  • Bowen

    There’s a mistake in this article. It says Zsolt Bayer is a “journalist”.

  • Leto مؤدّب

    “You’re going to die, Hungarians!”

    A violent Gypsy mob was sentenced:

    • Vidra

      More empty threats from those who got what was coming. Reminds me of Orbán, really…

    • just saying

      You keep bringing up this horrible case of murder, as if it is significant. So you agree with Bayer, then, that if there is one example of a deranged, murderous Roma, then they are all animals who should be killed. If I find one example of a deranged, murderous non-Roma Hungarian, all Hungarians should be killed?

      By the way, a “journalist” knows enough about writing to not make “mistakes” that amount to incitement to genocide. It’s crystal clear that Bayer only changed his story once he got in trouble, and that you and he both actually feel that way about an entire ethnic group, based on a few uncharacteristic examples.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        “this horrible case of murder”

        Which one do you mean, moron? There have been so many bestial murders by Gypsies…

        Actually they didn’t kill anybody in this particular case.

    • MagyarViking

      “”You’re going to die, Hungarians!”
      A violent Gypsy mob was sentenced”

      And this is a VERY good show case of how Roma are treated harsher by the Hungarian Court system

      These 9 Roma got 40 (forty) years in total for smashing up a car with three Magyar Garda provocateurs inside

      The cost of the damages to the car – 100.000 forints, which is nothing. That is what a normal bumper-bender costs nowadays

      No one of the people inside the car was really physically hurt
      But the 9 Roma got 40 years together

      Now try to find any case where anybody smashing up a car with Roma inside, where the assilents get such severe punishments?

      The reason why this article is now, then this happened in 2009, this case is up for appeal, then the punishments are really hard

      This is an account from a Roma’s perspective with English caption:

      And this is how reported on these riots:

      Here is an interview how the situation has improved after Hungarian Human Rights Organisation has set up office locally and the Police harassment of local Roma gone down:

  • Enough’s Enough

    Leto, I do applaud your consistency in defending Hungary. At this point, Hungary defintely needs defending by someone. What I can’t figure out is how you seem to be very intelligent yet defend Fidesz no matter what, regardless of how ridiculous their words and actions are. If Fidesz decided to pass a law tomorrow saying the sky was purple, I get the impression you’d defend them until your fingers bled from all the typing. Some of my closest friends are staunch Fidesz loyalists and party members yet even they don’t believe this nonsense and think the party is out of control. So how much are they paying you?

    • Leto مؤدّب

      “Hungary defintely needs defending by someone”

      Luckily I’m not alone with that. 🙂

      “you seem to be very intelligent”

      Oh, please… you’re really supposed to agree with Aloof, wolfi, Bowen, etc who keep telling me how stupid I am. 🙂

      “So how much are they paying you?”

      Oh, it’s a well paid job, I get about sixteen thousand HUF for each word on average, and the best thing is that personally Mr. Orbán sends me my paycheck . 🙂 (Stupid answer for a stupid question)

      • Johann Weismuller

        May I ask why you deem it important to use those Arabic letters as a defender of the Hungaran case?

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