May 16th, 2013

Former president Schmitt formally surrenders title of doctor tainted by plagiarism

Former president Pál Schmitt announced on Wednesday that he had officially relinquished his title of doctor, in the wake of the plagiarism scandal that forced him to resign as head of state.

A Legal Remedy Commission requested by the rector of his university established that Schmitt’s doctoral thesis in 1992 did not meet the relevant requirements and regulations, either in terms of its form or content.

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  • MagyarViking

    Finally RubberStamp #1 gave up his futile attempts to clear his reputation, as he claimed he would do, when he resigned

    • wolfi

      In a way it’s funny …
      Anyone remember how our rabid Fidesz kutya aka loonie lying leto tried to pin some plagiarism charges on Gyurcsany and others as a kind of retaliation ?
      Wonder what came out of this.
      BTW: is Schmitt Plag paying back any money or did they cut his pension ?
      These crooks are unbelievable – the Mafia is child’s play compared to Fidesz!

  • Aloof

    Dummy should of stayed out of politics. Oh well… to the Commie boneyard with him. Does he get stripped of all the presidential perks he’s not entitled to?

  • Democrat

    “The Senate of Semmelweis University revoked Schmitt’s academic title on 29 March 2012.” And only just now has he announced that he has given up the title!! One must really question the judgement of the person who nominated this lying cheat for the position of President.

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