May 16th, 2013

Heads of Hungarian, Romanian high courts join in call for action against government power grabs

The constitutional courts of Hungary and Romania must do more to guarantee constitutionality in the face of ruling parties with two-thirds parliamentary majorities, the court’s presidents said.

Hungarian top-court head Peter Paczolay and his Romanian counterpart Augustin Zagrean visited the courthouse in Eger in eastern Hungary.

Afterwards, Paczolay said with a two-thirds majority in parliament “much more resolute actions are needed in order to enforce constitutionality and make sure that politicians respect the decisions of the top court.”

Zagrean, who led a Romanian constitutional court delegation to Hungary, said that while the ruling party has a two-thirds majority, “the constitutional court must play an especially important role to resolutely and proactively keep different political aspirations under control.”

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  • MagyarViking


    We are all counting down the time until these two heads of constitutional courts hand in their resignation, as part of the likes of ‘leto’ campaign against them as being obvious Communists Judges ripe of being retired

  • The accursed Constitution Court (Commie Court) was all that stood in the way of making Communist war criminals and criminals against humanity standing trial.

  • Firebird

    Why is a statement made by a Romanian judge about the Hungarian CC so important? The CC is doing its job like its counterparts everywhere in Europe.

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