May 21st, 2013

Foreign Ministry says German press misinterpreted Orbán’s Nazi comments

A report by Germany’s Spiegel Online, according to which Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel of using Nazi methods, was incorrect, a senior Foreign Ministry official told MTI on Monday evening.

Deputy state secretary Gergely Prohle noted that Peer Steinbrueck, the Social Democrats’ candidate in the autumn elections, raised the possibility of excluding Hungary from the European Union in a televised debate with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday. In response, Merkel defended Hungary and, referring to an earlier statement by Steinbrueck about Switzerland, she said it was “not necessary to send in the cavalry right away,” Prohle added.

In response to the cavalry comment, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a Friday radio interview that “the Germans have in the past sent the cavalry against Hungary, in the form of tanks, and we ask them now not to send them again. It was not a good idea, it did not work.”

“Orban actually commented on Steinbrueck’s words and not Merkel’s,” Prohle said.

Contrary to Spiegel Online, “nobody would interpret this as a realistic possibility,” he said.

Earlier on Monday, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle criticised Orban’s remark in Belgrade, calling it a “deplorable derailment which we clearly reject”.

European Parliament President Martin Schulz told Spiegel Online that he was sure that Orban “understood very well that the chancellor sent a rather ironic reprimand to Hungary”.

Orban’s statement was also criticised by CDU lawmaker Ruprecht Polenz, deputy group leader of the opposition Social Democrats Alex Schaefer, and parliamentary group leader of the Greens Juergen Trittin.

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  • Aloof

    “Orban actually commented on Steinbrueck’s words and not Merkel’s,” Prohle said.

    That’s an outright fucking lie as the audio recording of OV’s remarks clearly demonstrate. Just the fact that they had to issue this lying drivel validates it.

    If it was a “misinterpretation” then why did MTV pull any references to it to include the recording?

    Fidesz “misinterpreted” crap holds no water any longer. Be a fucking man Orban and own up to it. But you’re not a man, you’re a lying thieving and corrupt POS unsophisticated egomaniac.

  • Paul

    Tomorrows headlines…..

    THE Hungarian prime minister has drawn outrage in Germany after drawing parallels with comments made by Angela Merkel about sending “cavalry” to Hungary and the Nazi occupation of his country.

    “Orban actually commented on Steinbrueck’s
    words and not Merkel’s,” Prohle said”.

    And on top of all…. his servant lied about it.
    Fantastic damage control….for Merkel…thanks.

  • MagyarViking

    ““Orban actually commented on Steinbrueck’s words and not Merkel’s,” Prohle said”

    yes, of course

    Especially as Merkel was the *only* one in that German debate, using the word “cavalry”, so Whorban using it, means Whorban meant another person…

    Steinbrueck use the word “cavalry” in 2009, in reference to the Swizz Tax Haven

    History shows that the Swizz have had to adopt to German demands, as articulated by Steinbrueck and Steinbrueck may very well end up in the German Government in the Autumn, so Whorban has a lot of poodles to perform this Summer…

  • Paul

    Quote Wolfi: “Now the shit is hitting the fan!”….You
    were right. The Shit fortunately suffered only some minor
    injuries….but still had to ask Deputy state secretary Gergely Prohle to answer in his name.

    Vereint gegen Orbán!

  • judas

    VO forgot that HUNGARY was a willing ally of nazi germany. Actually german
    troops nearly found nor resistant in Budapest? So ,did germany sent the cavalery
    or did Hungary invite them for goulash and girls?

    • Firebird

      Hungary being a “willing ally” of Germany isn’t accurate in my opinion. They were conned/threatened into the uneasy alliance.

      • MagyarViking

        The Hungarian Army chose to not defend Hungary against the occupation and instead continue to cooperation with Hitler in fighting Stalin, as they have done since 1941

        Who forced Hungary to attack Soviet and Yugoslavia in 1941?

        • Firebird

          “Who forced Hungary to attack Soviet and Yugoslavia in 1941?”

          Germany did. The Hungarian Royal 2nd Army served alongside the German panzer divisions, not through legitimate choice. It was either Hungary attacks the Soviet Union (helping Germany), or Germany virtually annihilates Hungary in 1941.

          • wolfi

            And Germany also forced Hungary to invade Yugoslavia and Slovakia before that ?
            Or maybe it was because they desperately wanted back something they had lost ?

          • Firebird

            No doubt the disaster of Trianon hindered their judgement, but if one’s to say that Hungary was a “willful ally” of Germany, then the entire shebang of how Trianon dismembered the country and the hearts of millions of Hungarians should also be mentioned.

          • wolfi

            “hindered their judgement”
            That’s a very nice euphemism …

          • Firebird

            So…Hungary should’ve gave the middle finger to both the Germans and the Russians. Yes, I’m sure the streets of Budapest and the Hungarian Jewish population would’ve stayed safe from 1939 to March 19, 1944 that way. Please, share your thoughts on how the country could’ve avoided an invasion and saved its Jews if not by making the concessions Horthy did.

          • wolfi

            Btw, regarding the “invasion” of Hungary in 1944, code namned “Operation Margarethe” – wiki says:

            “Hitler invited Horthy to the palace of Klessheim, outside of Salzburg, Austria on March 15. While they conducted their negotiations, German forces quietly moved into Hungary. The meeting was merely a ruse to keep Horthy
            out of the country and leave the army without orders. Negotiations between Horthy and Hitler lasted until the 18th, when Horthy boarded a train to return home.
            When he arrived in Budapest, it was German soldiers who greeted him.

            The occupation was a complete surprise and resulted in it being quick and bloodless.”

            Somuch for the resistance of the Hungarians to that “invasion” – they probably stood there applauding the Nazis …

          • Firebird

            I never said there was resistance. But you can’t seriously be so naive to think that Hungarians were happy and glad to have the Germans in the country. This wasn’t part of a dramatic movie in which women fell into the arms of the savior German soldiers. Obviously, there was no real choice but to take it.

          • MagyarViking

            Like the Norwegians you mean?

          • MagyarViking

            How many Jews were saved by Horthy’s action to join Hitler?

          • Firebird

            Well, let’s see. From 1939 until early 1944, Jews from all over Eastern Europe fled TO Hungary, a fact that cannot be denied. Horthy tried to remain as passive in the war as possible. While all of Poland and most of Czechoslovakia were being firebombed and their Jewish population being annihilated, Budapest was not a battlefront (nor any part of Hungary).

            For all of the skeptics of Horthy’s actions, please enlighten the world: what should he have done? Poland openly sided with Great Britain, one of the Allied powers. Look what happened to Poland; 99.3% of its Jewish population was killed off. If Hungary went Poland’s way and immediately sided against the Germans, it too would’ve been destroyed and plundered long before March 19, 1944. This was the only option, and it bought Hungary four years before the war finally came to it.

            Horthy’s action saved hundreds of thousands of Jews, to answer your question. The atrocities of the Arrow Cross are a different story, since Horthy was forced out of the government (and out of the country) by the Germans. He can’t, however, be discredited of the fact that the Jews living in the Budapest ghetto, while uneasy, remained physically safe while the rest of the nearby countries couldn’t even remotely say that.

          • MagyarViking

            Yes, and Germany forced Austria to join the party also and we should not forget Romania. All victims of Nazism

          • Firebird

            That is correct.

    • Hungarian Patriot

      Hitler liked Horthy because he was predictable, and he preferred them to Arrow Cross who were, in effect, too violent and thuggishly anti-semitic for the Nazis.

      Horthy may have been a moderate for his time and place, but that’s damning with faint praise. The Hungarian people did not stand up to defend their own Jewish citizens.

      Germany has done a lot to own up to its history. Hungary has not.

  • judas

    Now the firebrigade at the FM is at work trying to explain why VO has not been
    able to align the colours of the rubik cube in his head.
    The cube is spinning him out of control. Erno help him.

  • Democrat

    Another OV/FIDESZ distraction. They are again successful in getting Europe to debate a sound bite instead of the fact that the new constitution was forced through without proper consultation. Lets not forget the pension fund scandal and the corruption. Each week FIDESZ manage to set up a similar distraction and the opposition always rise to the bait instead of focusing on the core issues.

  • Enough’s Enough

    Same story every freakin’ day: Hungarian politician misunderstood by the foreign press. It would be comical except that there are millions of Hungarians suffering because of these idiots. Maybe if incompetence and stupidity weren’t requirements to be in Fidesz, this wouldn’t be a recurring problem.

  • The quote in Spiegel was totally wrong and the headline bombastic. This is not quality journalism, but boulevard trash.

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