May 23rd, 2013

Fidesz sees new left-wing plot to colonize Hungary in Amnesty Int’l report

Amnesty International’s 2012 human rights report chapter on Hungary presents a clearly distorted and biased image of Hungary, the ruling Fidesz party said on Thursday.

AI said Hungary’s basic law is discriminative, the Roma are intimidated by far right groups and the media beholden to political influence, among other concerns.

Fidesz rejected the report “in the name of the Hungarian people”.

“We have once again awoken to find that baseless and false statements made in an attempt to put pressure on Hungary; following the communist Tavares report now there’s this report by Amnesty International,” Fidesz spokesman Peter Hoppal told a press conference.

Amnesty already backed the “Bajnai Guard” when it encouraged young people to “smash and destroy” the Fidesz headquarters, Hoppal said, referring to former prime minister Gordon Bajnai, who leads the opposition E-14-PM alliance, and an incident earlier in the year which Bajnai said was unconnected with his organisation.

The AI report “plays the left-wing’s tune” when it says the Roma in Hungary are persecuted in the form of violent acts, the spokesman said. These acts actually took place in 2008 and 2009, during the governments of (former prime minister) Ferenc Gyurcsany and Gordon Bajnai and the perpetrators are now standing trial, he added.

The report “forgets” to mention that the Hungarian government initiated a European Roma strategy and the Hungarian parliament was the first in Europe to pass a national Roma strategy.

Commenting on the media law, Hoppal said time has proved Hungary right and all disputes have been settled, which means “we have a media law with the stamp of the European Union on it.”

He declined to comment on criticism in the report about the new Hungarian constitution which defines the notion of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Hoppal said there was nothing new in “Hungary being subjected to baseless accusations”. Various reports are being used to “discredit the Hungarian people”, he added.

Socialist leader Attila Mesterhazy is also trying to exert pressure on Hungary from beyond the borders and Bajnai is getting financial support from abroad, he said.

He said, however, that the Hungarian people are getting fed up with the left wing using foreigners to pressurise Hungary.

“We won’t let ourselves be colonised … We won’t let them deny the Hungarian people’s achievements,” he said.

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  • MagyarViking
    • Pibroch

      OK, I’m through the first four minutes of the video, and the reporter has already thoroughly discredited himself with historical and factual inaccuracies. This is pitiful.

      • MagyarViking

        care to share those with us?

        • Pibroch

          Traveling, don’t have time right now, but will.

    • Pibroch

      If you are going to do a report on Hungary, the very least you can do is learn how to pronounce “Miskolc” and “Gyórgy.”

      • just saying

        “the very least you can do is learn how to pronounce “Miskolc” and “Gyórgy.”

        The very least you can do is learn how to spell “György”, no disrespect.

        • Pibroch

          Fixed, you douchewad.

  • Firebird

    It’s okay. Every Western European EU member has a Roma MEP. Oh wait…

    • MagyarViking

      Why should they?
      Before Fidesz got one, there was one from SZDSZ, does that mean that SZDSZ was better than Fidesz?

      • Firebird

        No, that’s not what I meant at all. I assume everyone here knows that Fidesz and SZDSZ represent(ed) the same country in the EP. So, regardless of the party, Hungary was more “advanced” or “tolerant” (or whatever word they use now to force countries to enact affirmative action laws) than the others in this aspect. This has nothing to do with Fidesz-SZDSZ relations. It’s about Hungary and the EU.

        • MagyarViking

          So you are claiming that the two Roma MEPs (SZDSZ and Fidesz) came there due to the fact they were Roma and not enough qualified politicians?

          • Firebird

            Once again, not what I said. They came to there as politicians who are Roma people. However, the other states, many of which condemn Hungary on its treatment of the Roma, don’t possess that same roster. That simple.

          • MagyarViking

            But how many Roma are there in Hungary?

            Which other EU member state have a similar percentage of Roma?

          • Firebird

            10% is the highest of estimates. Census has it around 4%. Romania is also around that percentage, and Romania is also an EU state, I believe.

          • MagyarViking

            Yes, and the EU, especially the EPP, has a lot of problems with Romania also…or is it Romania which has problems with the EU?

            “One of the primary concerns expressed by the Commission in July was the stability of the Constitutional order.
            The role of the Constitutional Court is of particular importance here. The powers of the Constitutional Court to check the constitutionality of the decisions adopted by the Parliament have effectively been reinstated by means of the Constitutional Court’s judgments, and Emergency Ordinance 38 is therefore “de facto” inapplicable.

            The repeal of Emergency Ordinance 41 ensured respect for the Court’s rulings on the quorum for a referendum. The fact that the final Constitutional Court ruling on the validity of the 29 July referendum was respected was a key signal that Constitutional norms were no longer being put in question”

            So, you see, EU member states with the highest % of Roma population seems to have problems with how they implement Constitutionalism, regardless if they have a Roma MEP or not – what kind of conclusion can we draw from that?

          • Firebird

            You assume a relationship of causation between having a relatively large Roma population and implementing Constitutionalism? Not a very politically correct thought process.

    • wolfi

      What’s the percentage of Roma in Hungary ?
      And in relation to that the percentage of Roma members in parliament ?
      Now try to calculate the same numbers for other countries – or even other minorities in Hungary …

      • Firebird

        So then why doesn’t England have more Polish-born naturalized MPs, considering the recent influx of Poles in the country?

        • just saying

          How many of them became British citizens? Do you have any data to back that up?

          • Firebird

            I hope you understand that anyone who’s “naturalized” is a citizen.

          • just saying

            Yes, I understand that (although, based on your history, it would be reasonable for me to think that you don’t) – then I asked how many of the Poles in Britain became citizens. What is so difficult for you to understand?

          • just saying

            The reason I asked the question is that you made a claim, and I wanted to see if you had checked it out or not. That claim was, essentially, that Britain’s naturalized poles are not well-represented in their political sphere. Leaving aside the point that they only started immigrating there in large numbers a few years ago (unlike the Jews and Roma in Hungary), and that political power takes time to develop, I would like to know what the number of naturalized Poles is. I imagine it would be very small, since it takes a few years to be eligible for naturalization, and Poles, being EU citizens, don’t need to get UK citizenship in order to keep living there. Still, you made a point, and I want to give you a chance to back it up before I do the research for you and point out how stupid your assertion is.

            If you don’t like me pointing out your stupidity, stop saying things stupid things! Do some research! It’s so easy and quick!

  • Daniel

    irrelevant. All non-TV-watching-mcdonald’s-gobbling citizens of the west have completely woken up to their corrupt and unreliable government. The UK touches kids, France is stealing money from their citizens, and southern europe is being completely bankrupted, while germans poop in each other’s mouths as a side effect to their mental suppression.
    Hungarians? Moving on…
    The western banking pedoes can rant and rave, but they’ll never have the balls to invade, and thus their screams will flat to flat ears. All while their respective citizens look on with complete disdain.
    It feels good to be Magyar.

    • Pitbull

      Daniel is a Hebrew name. So you aren’t really Hungarian. Maybe we should have your family investigated. Or put your name on a list.

      • szgp

        Maybe if we throw you a bone you will shut up.

    • Voiceofreason

      You really are a complete dickhead.

  • Russ

    Is there anything that isn’t a “left-wing plot”, in the eyes of FIDESZ? Pathetic!

  • prghon

    The Fidesz tide of turd never ends. It will consume us all.

  • Tom

    Fidesz (and the rest too) are just as left-wing as mszp, the only difference is in the numbers.

  • Paul

    Aaaand another disgusting lie.

    “Commenting on the media law, Hoppal said time has proved Hungary right and all disputes have been settled, which means “we have a media law with the stamp of the European Union on it.”

    on the situation of fundamental rights: standards and practices in Hungary
    Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
    Rui Tavares


    On the media and pluralism:

    – to fulfil the commitment to further discuss cooperation activities at
    expert level on the more long-term perspective of the freedom of the media, building on the most important remaining recommendations of the 2012 legal expertise of the Council of Europe;

    – to ensure timely and close involvement of all relevant stakeholders,
    including media professionals, opposition parties and civil society, in any further review of this legislation, which regulates such a fundamental aspect of the functioning of a democratic society, and in the process of implementation;

    – to observe the positive obligation arising from European Court of Human
    Rights jurisprudence under Article 10 ECHR to protect freedom of expression as one of the preconditions for a functioning democracy;

    – to respect, guarantee, protect and promote the fundamental right to
    freedom of expression and information, as well as media freedom and pluralism, and to refrain from developing or supporting mechanisms that threaten media freedom and journalistic and editorial independence;

    – to make sure that legally binding procedures and mechanisms are in place
    for the selection and appointment of heads of public media, management boards, media councils and regulatory bodies, in line with the principles of independence, integrity, experience and professionalism, representation of the entire political and social spectrum, legal certainty and continuity;

    – to provide legal guarantees regarding full protection of the
    confidentiality of sources principle and to strictly apply European Court of Human Rights-related case-law;

    – to ensure that rules relating to political information throughout the
    audiovisual media sector guarantee fair access to different political competitors, opinions and viewpoints, in particular on the occasion of elections and referendums, allowing citizens to form their own opinions without undue influence from one dominant opinion-forming opinions without undue influence from one dominant opinion-forming power.

  • Voiceofreason

    I don’t understand why the Hungarian constitution gets criticised for not recognising gay marriage. Few countries do. France has only just adopted it. The UK govt is trying to pass it, but facing stiff opposition. No state should be forced to accept gay marriage.

    • Democrat

      The issue is not non-recognition. It is the definition of a family which impacts single parent families as much as it does gay couples. It is just a short step from such a strict definition to real descrimination perhaps in schools or in the tax (“family taxation”) system.

      “These acts actually took place in 2008 and 2009”..and I am sure AI do not say otherwise. This is practically evidence that they do not take political sides. Passing a Roma Strategy is very different from the effective implemention on anti-descriminatory measures.

      • Daniel

        That’s the issue as you perceive it. But what are you saying about single parent families? Do you honestly think that Orban will somehow discriminate against them? That’s more outlandish than me saying that major political players within the USA meet annual in forest at a private meeting where they discuss political issues, sacrifice an effigy of a man to a hebrew demon, and then promptly corn-hole each others anuses… although mine is actually true..
        No, the real issue is simply that the liberal elite is less then delighted that their work in Hungary to promote homosexuality is being reversed by this kind of legislation on the part of Fidesz. Homosexuality does not need to be promoted; you either are one, or you aren’t. End of story.

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