May 29th, 2013

Trial of four in 2008-2009 Roma killings reaches final phase

The trial of four men accused of murdering Roma people in 2008 and 2009 is drawing to the close at the Budapest Regional Court.

The suspects are charged with murder committed in nine brutal, armed attacks against Roma homes mostly on the outskirts of small, central and eastern Hungarian villages.

Altogether six people died in the attacks, including a five-year-old child, and five others were left with life-threatening wounds, including another child.

The four suspects identified as Arpad K, Istvan K, Zsolt P and Istvan Cs, were taken into custody after being arrested in August 2009 in a local bar in Debrecen, eastern Hungary.

The prosecutor last week asked the court to sentence the three chief suspects to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, and Istvan Cs to a prison term close to the upper limit of 15 years.

The defence attorneys of Arpad K, Istvan K and Zsolt P asked the court to acquit their defendants of the charge of murder for lack of evidence, and sentence them to fixed-period prison terms for less serious crimes, such as abuse of weapons and ammunition.

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  • szebbjovot

    Will we also hear about their ties to Gyurcsány?

    • MagyarViking

      Pls tell us, you who know…but do not forget their ties to you also, as they may well be on the same magnitude…

      • Olga

        I am sure Gyurcsany had no “ties” to the murder but his court appearances “supporting the family” was disgusting and totally inappropriate. I don’t believe murder trials including the cold blooded killing of a child ought to be photo ops and political opportunities. God forbid I was part of that family I would have taken an example from Aloof’s vocabulary and told him to …. off

    • Ricsi

      Will we also hear from Mohácsi Viktoria,ex-Szdsz,ex EuroMP now in Canada,who fears coming to Hungary due to her knowledge of the Gyurcsany connection ???
      Divide and Conquer-it always works.

      • MagyarViking

        “her knowledge of the Gyurcsany connection”

        If you base that statement on what she said on Canadian TV, you do not have so much

        She was refering to some unidentified “Secret Services”

        She has not presented any proof, but her claims is most likely to be evaluated when Canadian Authorities evaluate her right to political asylum in Canada

        If we assume that there is a connection to Gyurcsány here – would not THE safest place to be, would be in Hungary under the watchful eyes of Fidesz Protection Squad (with unlimited authorization to do what they find appropriate themselves, without any court-order)?

        If I personally had any proof on something bad under Gyurcsány, I would not feel more safe in Canada, among a bunch of refugeed pro-Gyurcsánists, than in today’s Fidesz-controlled Whorbanorszag
        So, as usual, your logic does not add up…

        • Ricsi

          If what you say is true,then she is just another attention seeking lying gypsy,but on the other hand ????? Who really knows. That admitted lying,cheating Gyurcsany certainly will cover his tracks just like ‘his’ thesis disappeared conveniently.

  • Firebird

    To be honest, I would be a firm supporter of reinstatement of the death penalty for serial killing.

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