June 4th, 2013

Police deport activist, break up Uighur-Magyar youth meeting

World Uighur Congress (WUC) vice-president Ümit Hamit was detained by Hungarian police on suspicion of terrorism and expelled from Hungary last Thursday.

In addition, police and disaster response authorities prevented the meeting of the WUC and young Hungarians from four countries, arranged by the World Federation of Hungarians (MVSZ).

Hamit, a German citizen, told Radio Free Asia on Monday that China could be behind the incident.

In a video posted on the internet, MVSZ president Miklós Patrubány said police checked the papers of all delegates at the Hotel Attila where the visiting Uighurs were staying. Shortly afterwards, disaster response authorities closed the hotel down, saying it did not comply with fire regulations.

The MVSZ then offered the use of its headquarters on Downtown Semmelweis utca for the meeting.

Police went to the MVSZ headquarters 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting of Hungarian and Uighur youth and closed it, saying there had been a bomb threat. Disaster authorities then turned up at the building and said it had to be closed immediately.

Hamit was detained and questioned by Hungarian police for nearly 12 hours before he was expelled to Germany, where the WUC headquarters is located. Hamit said he was expelled without being shown any evidence.

National Police said Monday afternoon that Hamit is banned from entering Hungary.

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  • Democrat

    Opening up to the eastern way of doing things. Time to leave, folks.

    • Leto مؤدّب

      Yes, please do go to hell asap. Thanks, rotten postcommie bastard.

  • MagyarViking

    The usage of “Disaster authorities” in this obvious political-bias ‘black ops’ is extremely worrying and should be investigated if there was any ‘abuse of office’ involved

    • Counterpoint

      “abuse of office”

      FIDESZ is a synonym for “abuse of office”.

  • Aloof

    Was wondering what they looked like. They look like real nice folks and kinda hungry too. Damn they couldn’t get in the Chinese restaurant either. Not very hospitable Hungary. Should have told China that you’re a sovereign Christian State dammit and anyone is welcome in Hungary that respects its laws and culture and if you don’t like it tough shit.

    But caving into the EU on EDP, Tarlos pussying out on the Tormay street thing and now spreading your ass wide for China what’s going on? Fidesz going PC?

    Thanks Jobbos!


    • szebbjovot

      What does Jobbik have to do with this?

      You have a sickly obession with Jobbik, blaming everything on “Jobbos”, even things that we no responsibility for.

      And the people in the picture are Chinese and not Uyghurs.

      • Aloof

        How would you know that if it wasn’t the Jobbos that posted the picture? What’s with the all the black in Jobbo vilag? You look like you’re marching to a Depeche Mode concert.

        • MagyarViking

          What surprises me, except the new look of HVIM (they really got some new sponsor there), is the old truck they have in a rather front position
          This was about Trianon 1920 and dragging around a typical 1956 memorbilia?
          Next year they will have a T34 also?

        • szebbjovot

          HVIM =/= Jobbik

          Glad I could clear that up for your simple mind.

          And secondly, black is a mournful colour, for a mournful occasion… what do you want them to wear, fcking rainbow stripes?

          • Aloof

            So what are you trying to say? That “We will not be a colony is not working?” Acting like wannabe paramilitaries, marching around like little Jobbo soldiers and protesting acting like little loser fools is going to reverse Trianon?
            I seriously doubt you know what absolute idiots you look like and how pathetic these kinds of displays look outside of Hungary.
            Racist, anti-Semite redneck losers dressed in “oh poor innocent me” black. Get off the cross, someone else needs to use it.

          • szebbjovot

            What is your problem this time yank, that we commemorate Trianon?

            And they are hardly paramilitaries, the uniforms are no different, than say the Red Cross or the scouts.

            And what exactly is racist and anti-semitic about these displays? Do you just carpet bomb blanket terms because of your prejudice and closedmindness?

          • Aloof

            And Jobbik acting like arrogant, ignorant and confrontational nationalistic racist fools protesting the embassies of their neighbors will NEVER reverse Trianon asshole.
            So what in the fuck are you accomplishing besides looking like assholes before the rest of Europe and the world?
            Self pity? It’s 2013 dipshit, not going to happen especially with every subsequent generation being more diluted and lack of “tiszta Magyar” population growth. Magyars are a drying up puddle bud and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

  • Leto مؤدّب

    “Didn’t comply with fire regulations… bomb threat… suspicion of terrorism… ”

    It’s so f***ing lame. 🙁

    • MagyarViking

      are we going to agree on this one…?

      • Leto مؤدّب

        I have to. 🙁

        • MagyarViking

          I will try to not make it into a habit…

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