June 16th, 2013

Hungarian MEP to Canada asylum seeker: A Roma’s long trek

Less than four years ago, Viktoria Mohácsi enjoyed the life of an international politician, eating at pricey restaurants in Brussels and winning awards as a human rights activist.

Today, the 38-year old mother of three sleeps on the floor of a one-room basement apartment in Toronto and faces deportation. As a political asylum seeker, she hopes to convince Canada that the life of a former member of the European Parliament could be in danger in a democratic country like Hungary.

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  • MagyarViking

    “A key element in Mohácsi’s argument that she would be in danger from authorities if she returns is her knowledge of a government report on the Bureau of National Security’s handling of the anti-Roma attacks in 2008-2009. The published report from Parliament’s National Security Committee concluded that the secret service had been following the attackers and had extensive information on them years before they went on to commit the serial killings. Part of the report was sealed.

    Mohácsi says she did not see the report in full but had conversations about it, including one with the head of the committee that commissioned the report, Jozsef Gulyas.

    Gulyas, then a liberal politician and one of the authors of the report, says he sees no reason for any parts of the report to be sealed or for Mohácsi to be afraid and flee the country. Speaking by telephone from Hungary, he said the report did indicate that the mistakes the secret service had made while investigating the Roma attacks were more than simple negligence. But he added: “I never told her authorities actively participated in the events.”

    “I agree that it’s not easy for a Roma living in Hungary, but that she claims that her life is at risk is a poetic exaggeration,” said Gulyas”

    This is then disputed by posters like ‘leto’ who means one must trust Mohácsi, then she was a Roma MEP and that Gyurcsány planned these serial killings of Roma to start a race war, which was basically “Jobbik’s” position on the serial killings

    • justasking

      Hey Viking, how’s it going?,

      I wonder what had come of this women.
      For the life of me, I can’t remember if I saw her story on Doc Zone, or some other ‘investigative’ Canadian show some months ago. Either way, at the end of the interview, she made the claim that her life was ‘in danger’, due to some report that she had been privy too/information that she possessed. The update at the end of the show, was that she was seeking asylum in Canada, and is now pregnant.

      I couldn’t help but wonder, as a woman myself…who gets pregnant, at a time when their life is in such turmoil? I mean, were not talking about some 16 year old driven by hormones here. Really?
      If I was so fearful for my life… why would I expose myself, to such a vulnerable position…which women are in when expecting/caring for newborns? What was she thinking? If not…what was her motive?
      I’m personally happy that it backfired on her. Ship her ass back! Sad thing is…she just pissed away a fantastic career…and for what? D’oh!

      • MagyarViking

        OK, thanks

        Sitting in Balaton since two months enyoing the weather (the latter part only since Friday though)

        Personally I have no problem understanding that Mohácsi can feel threathened if returning to Hungary, beside the institutinal racism she and all other Roma’s are met with, but that does not mean that her high-profile accusation on an Hungarian Secret Service plot to kill her and other Hungarian Roma are believable

        Also in the current political situation in Hungary, I would believe that if there really was such a plot, Fidesz would do its outmost to expose it, then Fidesz would win a whole bunch of plus-points in the International Community, especially the EU for doing this
        Meaning Mohácsi would probably in this scenario be greated as the Azeri AXE-murderer in Azerbadjan

        This said I would think she needs some kind of personal protection when she will be returned to Hungary, due to her (earlier) outspoken style, which I think will be the result of any decision in Canada

        • kj

          “the institutinal racismthe institutinal racism she and all other Roma’s are met with she and all other Roma’s are met with”

          Perhap there is “institutional racism” in your country but there isn’t in Hungary. Disgusting liar, you must be some fucking “left-liberal” rat.

        • justasking

          If she needs personal protection (and I do believe she may require some after the accusations that she made)…let her pay/be responsible for them. She made them, unfounded and for whatever personal/manipulative reasons.
          Maybe next time, she’ll recognize a good opportunity, too know when to shut up. I have no sympathy for her.
          As I said before, she was in a perfect situation via her career, to make a difference within her community, someone for youngsters (desperately needed, I might add) to look up too, emulate…and she pissed it away.

          • tibi

            You come accross as such a selfish bitch justasking! You have so much to say and make judgement with no knowledge. Blows me away

          • justasking

            Below every post, there are these tiny little arrows…the one pointing up, means you agree with the comment, the one pointing down, means you disagree…I suggest you use it next time.
            As for your colourful comments..I suggest, you direct them towards a female member of your family in future.

          • Hungarian

            She is way too knowledgable for you.
            And try to be a gentleman please!

  • Hungarian

    What a stupid bull shit story. She is no Martin Luther King. Just another unskilled economic refugee. First they migrate from India, now to richer nations.

  • DavidShellenberger

    Migration is a natural right. All countries should have open borders, pending the end of borders.

    • justasking

      Yes, migration is a natural right, and is not this issue…the financial burden, that some migrants pose via false claims, is the issue.

      • DavidShellenberger

        That is a purported issue of the welfare state. Welfare should be abolished regardless of the need to open the borders.

        • justasking

          I disagree…keep a solid support system in place, and severely punish that small percentage of people, who are inclined to manipulate, exploit and abuse it.

          • DavidShellenberger

            So you support plunder. Nice.

          • justasking

            Yes, yes I do…usually, during those grey areas in life.

    • Hungarian

      I would take 1 million Japanese migrants in a heartbeat.
      If you like Roma migrants please open your borders for them now.

      • DavidShellenberger

        I don’t have borders, and I favor the US and all countries opening their borders to anyone. Your comment demonstrates the bigotry behind the neofascism in Hungary and the opposition to free immigration throughout the world.

        • Hungarian

          Did you say I demonstrate neo-fascism in Europe?
          I am not even in Europe but in Japan.
          Maybe you demonstrate neo-liberalism in the US.
          For you guys anyone who has different opinion or a strong sense of patriotism is a fascist nazi.

          Your comment reveals lack of knowledge of the world you live in.
          I bet you never lived among Romas in Hungary did you?

          • DavidShellenberger

            Hey, “Hungarian.” If you lack the courage to use disclose your identity, don’t waste the time of adults. Wherever you live, whoever you are, you’re a bigot and an ignoramus.

          • Hungarian

            What a childish come back from a Boston based blogger.
            What is your business in the Hungarian Roma issue?
            Have you ever been beaten up by a gang of Roma on the streets of Hungary for a wrist watch?
            Go fuck yourself and do the growing up process that way.

          • Hunagrian

            Here you go asshole. Before you call people nazis learn!

  • Hungarian

    Why not seek refuge in India where her kind came from to be a burden on the Hungarian society? Could it be that india is not as rich as Canada?
    Or that she would be one out of a billion other Indians? A virtual no one?
    She thinks of herself way over rated.
    Go back to India and it is not a racist comment, but a comment of a Hungarian who has the basic human right to be proud of being Hungarian.
    Stop sucking the Hungarian blood, please.

  • Hungarian

    Roma refugees exposed by Canadian TV http://youtu.be/N99joQfFV2I

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