June 24th, 2013

Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International urge Council of Europe to monitor Hungary ahead of vote

But perhaps most disturbing has been the Hungarian authorities’ persistent disregard of concerns and recommendations by key institutions and actors whose sole objective is to assist states in upholding their international human rights obligations.

Hungary’s downward slide on protecting the rule of law and human rights must be stopped, and a strong message sent that deflecting legitimate concerns as factually wrong or politically motivated will not be tolerated. The Assembly has a crucial role to play in this regard, by adding its voice to those speaking out in defence of rule of law and human rights in Hungary and by using the tools available to help ensure the Hungarian government takes the steps needed to bring its laws into line with Council of Europe standards.

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  • ViktorOrban

    These people are no good Catholics. If they would read the Holy Bible, Philippians 2:3 they would know that God teaches us not to judge others: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.”

    • Bowen

      This is very true, Mr Orban. Wise words.Thank you.

      However, it also says (in the same book) that it is very OK to judge, when it comes to the EU and Vivien Reding, in cases where the Hungarian government wants to introduce new taxes.


      I don’t know the exact part of the bible where it says this, but I’m sure it will be announced in Magyar Nemzet very soon.

      • Hungarian

        You are much mistaken my friend. Imposing new taxes is a domestic issue and not a European one, the last time I’ve checked.
        According to you, Hungary would not even have the right to kill a mosquito without eu permission.

        • MagyarViking

          “Imposing new taxes is a domestic issue and not a European one”

          Eeehh, check again, right?
          How was it – did we not a couple a weeks ago have a row about Hungary wanted to have differentiated tax on alcohol? The technical stuff, which is sold very cheap, should have a higher tax-tariff than the more expensive stuff – you remember?

          Or it was to many of those small 5cl bottles you still can by on the local ABC, before they give all alcohol over 20% only to their Fidesz-shops (to be announced after the elections 2014)?

          So, the European Commission is taking Fidesz to the cleaners for this new differentiated alcohol-tax
          Plus we have the special sector taxes that are up for review, with a risk that they will be declared illegal and Fidesz will have to paz them back…

          Still only a National issue?

  • Miska

    Hungary now joins proud nation like the Belarus and North Korea. Way to go!

    • Hungarian

      Yep, time to move on to your true home, Israel buddy.

  • Hungarian

    I must laugh at this organization. Their opinion can be bought for a couple of Shekkel.

  • szebbjovot

    Turkey and Russia are going to vote against this anti-Hungarian motion.

    It is times like this that show which countries can be considered hostile, and which ones non-hostile.


    • MagyarViking

      I cannot understand why…It must be totally out of pro-Magyar reasons…

  • Paul

    But perhaps most disturbing has been the Hungarian authorities’ persistent
    disregard of concerns and recommendations by key institutions and
    actors whose sole objective is to assist states in upholding their
    international human rights obligations.

    Yes….so Fidesz keeps ignoring the writing on the wall.

    From an international point of view….Orban is a dead birdy. Like his
    corrupt friend Berlusconi-


  • Paul

    Place Hungary under the Assembly’s monitoring procedure.
    ( electronic house arrest )

    The Human Rights Watch link on top does not work.
    This is the link of the joint letter:

    “To: Members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe”

    Ahead of next week’s Assembly debate on the request to open a monitoring procedure in respect of Hungary, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch urge you to support the Monitoring Committee’s recommendation to place Hungary under the Assembly’s monitoring procedure.

    The Monitoring Committee’s assessment is well-grounded and authoritative. It is consistent with our own findings (see Human Rights Watch’s May 2013 report, “Wrong Direction on Rights” and Amnesty International’s March 2013 briefing, “Amnesty International’s Concerns about the Fourth Amendment to Hungary’s Fundamental Law”). It is also consistent with numerous other expert bodies and observers who have repeatedly raised the alarm about developments in Hungary and urged the Hungarian authorities to remedy concerns identified. These include, but are not limited to, the Venice Commission, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Special Rapporteurs on the Right to Adequate Housing and Poverty and Human Rights, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, and the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE).

    Backing the Monitoring Committee’s recommendation to place Hungary under its monitoring procedure is an essential part of these efforts.

  • Thomas Buterbaugh

    Human rights watch is funded by George Soros.With some folk,whatever center right Hungary does will always be a no no.While I am a liberal myself,I do not agree with the overt hostility that Hungary has to endure at the hands of EU technocrats feeding at the Brussels trough and its’ left leaning hegemonic sidekicks like the George Soros foundation.Authoritarianism.One side is as bad as the next but I live in Hungary and I resent this constant outside interference and bullying by those that do not agree with Hungarian INTERNAL policies.Hungarys internal affairs should be just that!Internal and not the business of external authoritarian busy bodies.Smoke weed and everyone mind their own business.How cool would that be?

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