June 24th, 2013

Hungary, Serbia presidents to jointly commemorate WWII victims

Hungary’s President Janos Ader will pay an official visit to Serbia on Tuesday, and attend a commemoration of Hungarian and Serb victims of the second world war together with his Serbian counterpart Tomislav Nikolic on Wednesday.

Before the commemoration in Curug, Vojvodina, the two presidents will hold talks in Belgrade, where Ader will also meet Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic.

After the talks, Ader will address Serbia’s national assembly.

In 1942, Hungarian troops killed over 3,000 civilians, mostly Serbs in Novi Sad (Ujvidek) and nearby villages. Two years later Yugoslav partisans killed tens of thousands of ethnic Germans and Hungarians in the area.

Last Friday, the Serbian parliament adopted a resolution condemning the massacre of Hungarian residents.

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  • patriot

    You fuckers the Serbs step on their pride just to join EU.

    Don’t think they fall in love with you!

    • seinean

      What pride would that be that I wonder ? The “pride” of not acknowledging wrongdoings and atrocities of the past ? That’s the wrong kind of pride IMO…

      • patriot

        their “atrocities” was a payback for the invaders aka Bozgors atrocities which was 3 time bigger

        the serb were the only nation, Hitler and the little miska like Hungary did not conquered!

        • Thomas Buterbaugh

          If I know my history dude,Germany never intended to occupy Serbia.The ‘invasion’ of Serbia was a necessary evil in order for German troop movements to Greece to counter Italys’ failed attack on Greece.
          Pro German supporters in the various Balkan states took advantage of the German ‘invasion’ to settle old scores(a nice Balkanoid pastime).Vojvodina Germans and Hungarians had no part to really speak of in the usual petty squabbles of the Slavs.They did however pay a heavy price though as the war escalated and sides had to be taken.Petty partisan politics where as usual,the humble peasant pays the ultimate price.If only folk would hit the bong,chill and think a while.The world would be a much more cool place to live.

      • Thomas Buterbaugh

        No!What patriot is saying is that the Serbs will eat shit in order to get into the EU and the EU is making the Serbs jump through hoops in order to humiliate the nationalist sentiment of Serbia.Serbia ergo has lost its’ nationalist ‘pride’.Smoke pot!Chill not kill!

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