July 9th, 2013

Police launch investigation into attack at Budapest Pride

A police investigation into a racist attack that followed last weekend’s Budapest Pride has been launched against unidentified suspects who, as a group, committed violence against members of a community, police said on its website on Tuesday.

Three people were attacked in Budapest’s fifth district at 6.20pm on Saturday. They were interviewed by police on Monday when they presented documents showing that they needed medical care after the incident.

Police are asking members of the public who witnessed to attack, made video recordings, took photos of it or have further information to call the emergency helplines 112 or 107.

The SZEMA Liberal Party told MTI in a statement on Saturday evening that three of its members had been attacked by a group of some 30 “uniformed neo-Nazis” near Budapest’s Nyugati railway station after the march.

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  • Leto مرب

    Well it was Fidesz’ and the police’s fault in the first place.

  • Pibroch

    Since when is “gay” a race?

    • HuFreedom

      Soon, Fidesz supporters will be classified as a race, Socialist practically already are. They both got special privileges and get away with crimes. I still don’t see any members of the former regime being charged for their racist attacks against protesters in the 2006 revolts.

      • Juditka

        They are a minority group dipshit!

        • HuFreedom

          A minority of what?

          They aren’t a race, they aren’t a religion. There is nothing to distinguish them as unique beside the fact they prefer taking it up the butt.

          Their not a minority group, stop with the special class crap for homosexuals.

          • Juditka

            If you were intelligent you would realize that gay people are born that way!

          • HuFreedom

            Born what way?

            With a dick up the butt?

            No, they weren’t. They were born straight by straight moms and dads. They were not “born that way”. They are not a race.

        • Pibroch

          I agree that they are a minority group, but the MTI article says the attack was “racist.” It wasn’t. It was anti-gay.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        They will be called the “lost race” or the “lost generation.” Or in simpler terms the “degenerates.”

      • Pibroch

        I got attacked by cops during the 2006 riots. Does that make me a race?

        • HuFreedom

          I don’t know, does preferring mint ice cream make you a race?

          Apparently, preferring something classifies you as a race.

          I am going to ask the government if I can have a pumpernickle bread pride parade since I like to eat toasted pumpernickel with roasted tomatoes on them, maybe I can get a special race status.

      • Janos

        I propose the “neanderthal” category for Fidesz and Jobbik supporters. All agreed? Done!

  • HuFreedom

    Racist attack?

    So, now gays are a race?

    Is this really news?
    No it is not, we already knew they were going to investigate “racist attack” against gays even before the gay parade commenced. Every year the same false attacks happen, usually provoked by homosexual gangs who drink heavily and then start molesting straight people.

    • Juditka

      You are such a fucking liar! You really believe this shit? Fucking moron!

      • olga

        No problem with the spirit of your message but it was a “hate crime” and not a “racist attack” as described in the article.

        I am not a lawyer but when charges are inappropriately worded, they maybe dismissed and then the culrprits claim to have been “found innocent” – gotta be careful with wording 🙂

        • Hungarian too!

          You are right as always Olga. May the Canadian gods and godesses continue to bless you my daughter.

      • HuFreedom

        Why you so offensive, man?

        Only a person insecure with your sexuality would respond like you have responded to my comment with insults. I assume your a homosexual?
        What have I said that makes me a liar?
        Do things not happen like this every year?
        It is piratically routine now for these people to use this event to promote their sexual victimhood.

        • Juditka

          I am not a man! I am not gay! I have friends who are gay. I am familiar with gay communities around the world and NEVER have even remotely heard of Homosexual gangs that go around molesting straight people. Also, I have never heard of the gay community faking attacks against them to get attention. The attacks against them are legit. You are a fear mongering idiot! So I guess false attacks only happen in Hungary then? The gay gangs must only exist there also? I am offensive because assholes like you deserve it, if I was there I would definately have you attacked by a group of gays while I stood back and laughed at your sorry ass!

          • HuFreedom

            “I am not a man! I am not gay!

            Keep telling yourself that.

            Again, these fake attacks happen or get blown out of proportion every time this event is held, and the “gay” people and political elite use these incidents to further their own agendas.

            The vast majority of Hungarian homosexuals avoid this freak show, because unlike the imported homosexuals from the West who make up the majority of this event, they don’t look for provocation. The homosexual gangs come to these events on buses and trains, during their stay they flagrantly provoke confrontation with their displays and disrespect of others.

        • Hungarian too!

          Speak proper English buddy!

          • Curious George

            He can’t. Please don’t ask the impossible from him.

    • HuFreedom?? WTF?

      Dude, you’re a fucking douchebag. I just don’t know any other words to describe a person that would spew this kind of total, utter bullshit. Is Fidesz paying you, too, to post this nonsense? I truly hope you’re just a dipshit and not an actual representation of Hungarians. Otherwise, this nation is fucked.

      • HuFreedom

        What am I spewing? My own opinion, is that wrong?

        I must not have a mind of my own and just accept blatantly wrong things?

        • Juditka

          yep, total idiot, you could be told a lot of stupid shit and you would believe it and repeat it. I could have a lot of fun with you!

  • HuFreedom

    The absences of a real family and meaning in life has made the homosexual a predator, they look for ways to become victims.

    The whole LGBT community, as it is called, is a sexually exploitative cult where the focus of their entire existence is their sexual associations, while attacking normal life and families. They don’t want equal rights, they want special rights.

    • Koermendi

      I like this “having a preference” phrasing. HuFreedom takes pansexuality as a given; everyone can and gladly will shag anyone, with convenience (and perhaps lighting?) being the only items that direct a particular moment’s choice of bed-partner. No / Woman, no cry, says HuFreedom — just / Reach for the guy. But, HuFreedom — when your faute-de-mieux embraces of same-sex partners become general knowledge, mightn’t you welcome a bit of special consideration… as a part-time minority, a part-time race? Just asking. We’d all hate to see that option removed from among your preferences.

      • HuFreedom

        Who are all these new names commenting on this site?

        Ever since the homosexual articles appeared on here these weird people I never seen before started commenting, and then you have the crazy person stealing other peoples names. What is with all this weirdness of late?

        • Leto مؤدّب

          You article certainly qualifies as a homosexual article. What are you hiding?

          • HuFreedom

            Stop masquerading around as someone else.

            Honestly, your not worth responding to anymore.

      • HuFreedom

        “I like this “having a preference” phrasing. HuFreedom takes pansexuality as a given”

        To answer your thoughts, I don’t view “pansexuality as a given”. I view homosexuality as a preference some people with an illness have.

        • Hungarian too!

          You are the same man professing your love for gay love on another thread. Make up your mind!

          • HuFreedom


          • Sándor Rózsa

            I saw your entries. You just changed your icon. You are confusing people. Perhaps you feel differently about the topic during different times of the day.

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