July 31st, 2013

Minorities face difficulties in exercising language rights, says ombudsman

In the absence of necessary conditions, ethnic minorities in Hungary cannot properly exercise their language rights, the ombudsman of fundamental rights said on Wednesday.

The ombudsman is therefore calling on the government to amend the situation, his office said in a statement.

Most ethnic minority local governments use Hungarian in their everyday operations despite the constitution and several legal provisions guaranteeing ethnic minorities the right to use their mother tongue when using public services.

In addition to a shortage of language skills, most state bodies, courts and local councils do not have official forms printed in the languages of ethnic minorities, a review carried out by the ombudsman has revealed.

Starting in 2014, several local councils will be obliged to make public announcements in ethnic minority languages as well Hungarian, depending on census data about the local population, it said.

Also, demand for the use of language rights is likely to increase when the law on ethnic minorities is expanded to apply to foreign citizens. Since public administration authorities and local councils lack the financing to prepare for the needed changes, government measures will be required, the ombudsman’s report said.

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  • Hungarian

    Why it just move back to India or north Africa?
    If you don’t speak the local language, you possibly won’t even find a job, and just be a tax burden for the Hungarian nation!

    • wolfi

      And all Hungarians in the neighbouring countries move to Hungary asap!

      If you don’t speak the local language, you possibly won’t even find a job, and just be a tax burden for the Romanian, Slovakian, … nation!
      There are far too many Hungarians working in Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc who don’t speak the local lanhuage either (at least not so good …) so shouldn’t they be sent home too ?

      • Hungarian

        Do you see those Hungarians in Germany or Austria complain about language rights?
        Besides there are far less Hungarians working there than Jews!
        Are way too many Jews working there as well?

        Not to mention if there was no Austria and Germany, there would have been no first or second world war, and now Austrians would be working in a three time bigger Hungary as waiters!

        As to the Hungarians in surrounding countries you are talking about, they are home where their great grandparents were born!

        The Slovaks or Romanians need to Lear Hungarian in their cities!

        • Corrigator

          Dude you are so confused and can’t even write proper English.
          You certainly deserve language rights 🙂 I’m sure you speak the language of your planet (Mars).

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