August 23rd, 2013

Helsinki Committee calls on Fidesz to apologize for labelling NGOs “fake civil society organizations”

The co-chairman of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Andras Kristof Kadar, has called on Fidesz spokesman Peter Hoppal to publicly apologise for statements he made at a press conference on Aug. 17.

Hoppal called the Helsinki Committee and other NGOs “fake civil society organisations” funded by international financial speculators, whose only task was to attack the Hungarian government, Fidesz and the prime minister.

Kadar said in an open letter on Friday that the Helsinki Committee had criticised successive governments for two decades. During this time it had received funding from financier George Soros. The organisation had criticised the situation of human rights in Hungary between 2002 and 2010 in UN and Council of Europe forums, just as it had done over the past three years, Kadar added.

The government could have avoided international criticism had it listened to legal advice from experts, he said.

Kadar said that the Helsinki Committee had provided legal assistance to many people who are also citizens of Hungary: to civil servants fired without explanation, law enforcement workers deprived of their pensions and demonstrators whose rights to assembly were curtailed.

“To see the representation of these people’s interests as an attack against the country depicts a very strange idea of the nation,” he said.

Kadar said unless Hoppal publicly apologises within eight days for falsely claiming that the Committee had been working to smear Hungary on the orders of financial speculators, it would launch a civil suit against him.

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  • Counterpoint

    Looks like even our dear leader is forbidden to speak the truth.

  • Leto مؤدّب

    Suffice it to say about the Hungarian Helsinki Committee that it’s headed by an infamous szadeszcretin, Ferenc Kőszeg who was an MP and leader of the (now fortunately defunct) extremist “liberal” party SZDSZ.

    • Alföldi

      The committee won’t be around too long if Orban can help it. He already consulted Uncle Putin about how to deal with NGOs and other democratic parasites. He wants a pristine dictatorship. He’ll get it in the Hague where he’ll be held next year.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        “The committee won’t be around too long”

        That would be smashing.

        • Alföldi

          Orban won’t either. He’ll get his “fake civil organization” at the Hague with a 6’4″ female Dutch warden.
          Warden: “Question Orban?”
          Orban: “No madam, respectfully no.”

  • MagyarViking

    “Kadar said unless Hoppal publicly apologises within eight days for falsely claiming that the Committee had been working to smear Hungary on the orders of financial speculators, it would launch a civil suit against him”

    As I said when Hoppal uttered his Putin-inspired shit – this will be expensive for him and Fidesz, then Fidesz will never be able to prove those things Fidesz is claiming = libel

  • Hungarian

    Just what we need.
    Another Kadar!

    • MagyarViking

      I have to agree that, that guy ( co-chairman of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Andras Kristof Kadar) has his name against him…

      • Hungarian

        Well it would only get worse by being led buy a guy called Rakosi.
        This groups if they are political, need to think of their marketability.

      • Ceausescu

        In my view, he has more than that going against him. He has the financial ties to Mr. Szaros (Soros), who is well-known for his use of NGO’s as a political tool in various countries. Another thing he has going against him is a credibility gap. If for instance, they would be busy in Romania defending members of the ethnic Hungarian minority there from constant legal mischief on behalf of that country’s institutions, which is a daily occurence, perhaps he would have more credibility to claim impartiality. I’m not saying that abuses in Hungary should not be criticized. I am saying however that these criticisms tend to apear when convenient for certain interests. In other words, if you are a Romanian citizen of Hungarian ethnicity and you are facing far worse abuses than anything Hungary’s government does to anyone, well just suck it up. There most certainly wont be any Tavares reports, or Helsinky commitee interventions. Viviane Redding is not interested in the miscariage of justice either, unless it has to do with something the current Hungarian government did.

  • Varro

    Isn’t Fidesz fake? Fiatal Demokraták?

    Instead of youngsters we have postcommie fossils like Orban.

    • Hungarian

      They were young before they got old fighting all these Ferengi madness….

      • Varro

        Are you saying that they are an antisemitic party? What is Fernegi?

        • Hungarian

          Now why would they be an antisemitic party?
          We are not living in the 1930s in nazi Germany.

          Why would they even have to be antisemitic?
          Are we in some war with Semites of which I did not even heared of?

          Or are you saying they are antisemite because they have just paied out billions for American Ferengis?

          Make sense bro!

  • truthslayer

    what a bunch of crap. Helsinki committee can stuff it up…

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