September 6th, 2013

Outrage as parents of Roma children not told of new school opening

The parents of Roma (Gypsy) children in a village in Hungary’s Northern Great Plain region were not informed of the opening of a new local public school, effectively shutting them out, online portal Index reported earlier this week.

While the national government runs the new Szászbereki Kolping Catholic Elementary School in Jászladány and attendance is free, only non-Roma parents were said to have been notified of the school’s opening.

The school’s exclusion of Roma students comes as officials of ruling party Fidesz are celebrating the transfer of schools from local institutions to the central government’s hands.

The Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county village has a history of school segregation. In recent years, non-Roma students attended a local foundation school, while Roma children attended a state-run institution. In 2011, Hungary’s highest court ruled that education practices in Jászladány constitute segregation and must change.

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  • MagyarViking

    Well, obviously it does not matter if it is the local Fidesz running the schools or the national Fidesz, just the same racism

    No wonder Hungarian MEP Fidesz Livia Jaroka, rapporteur for the EU Strategy on Roma Inclusion and the only MEP of Roma origin in the European Parliament complaints that:
    “although positive measures have been introduced by member states in each of the framework strategy’s priority areas, barely has there been a positive impact on the members of Roma communities in their daily lives”

    Sadly Hungarian MEP Fidesz Livia Jaroka is the fig-leaf Fidesz uses in their external communication and she is discovering it

    • Guru

      Oh my God, how many drugs must you resort to on a daily basis!!! Are you seriously so lost in the real world that you think Fidesz drives racism? Jesus Christ, you wrote lots of stupid shit before, but this one beats them all. No hope for you.

      • Juditka

        Are you fucking kidding me? You have to be the most stupid person on the face of the planet you fucking racist loser! Go fuck a goat as Hungarian would say!

      • julia

        News alert!
        – 76% of Fidesz members are not aware that Hungary is an EU member state.
        – 85 % of them didn’t know that women can vote in Hungary
        – 90% of the above, after learning that women can vote, wanted to abolish those rights
        – almost 100% of the above wanted to take free education away from Roma kids.

        • Guru

          pfff hahahahaha you probably can’t even take yourself seriously, let alone the pathetic excuse of “statistics” you just spewed!

  • Democrat

    This report simply cannot be true. How many times have we been told by our leaders that there is no discrimination in Hungary? Or were they lying?

  • Hungarian

    Whats the outrage for?
    Roma children don’t go to school anyway…

    • Harry

      Is that what you were deprived as a Roma child? Talking from experience?

      • Hungarian

        Yo Norbert aka rosti, did you have a childhood?
        You keep changing handles like me underwear!

        • Harry

          Why would you have your underwear changed. Can you not make it to the toilet in time? Who is rosti? Or Norbert 🙂

          • Hungarian

            I am outraged that Roma children want to learn!
            What use would they have for a taxpayer founded knowledge in a prison?

  • Leto مؤدّب

    Some excerpts from the article:

    “Az új, katolikus iskolában a … az oktatás viszont színvonalasabbnak ígérkezik”

    That is
    “Education will be probably of higher quality in the new Catholic school-”

    “A CFCF munkatársai hétfőn annyi roma szülőt értesítettek, ahányat csak
    tudtak, egy nap alatt 21 cigány családot tudtak felkeresni, amelyek
    közül mindössze három család íratta át a hétfőn a gyerekét a katolikus
    iskolába, és a CFCF információi szerint kedden még hárman fogják őket

    That is
    “The “human rights activists” (CFCF) notified as many as Roma parents as they could, they could visit 21 Gypsy families and three of these send their children to the Catholic school and, according to info from CFCF, three more (families) will follow suit.”

    Conclusion: “anti-racists” should relax because there won’t be high quality education in the new Catholic school either. The SZDSZ-affiliated activists don’t need to worry either since their children won’t attend the new Catholic school.

    • Hungarian

      Go shag a goat Leto!

      • Hungarian

        why should she shag your wife norbi?

        • Bucsu

          Who the hack is Norbert ?

          • Hungarian

            It’s you man.
            Prepare for our meeting norbi:)

    • nimh

      >BTW, the new school notified only the parents of those children who visited the earlier “alapítványi iskola” (foundation backed, private tuition) school. They didn’t notify all the parents of the children who attend the state school… where the quality of education is very low

      Right – the article had already told us that previously, education in the locality was very segregated, with the non-Roma going to the foundation school and the Roma children to the state school. The thing is, it also noted that “In 2011, Hungary’s highest court ruled that education practices in Jászladány constitute segregation and must change.” By only informing the previous foundation school children’s parents and not the Roma ones, those managing the new school made sure that such change would NOT happen, and the old segregation would be replicated. Therewith violating the judge’s orders. Since the new school is run by the national government, that is all the more damning.

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