September 12th, 2013

Gov’t moves to amend homeless bill

The government amendment on homelessness is not designed to penalise living in the street, a government official said on Wednesday. It aims instead to make sure that rough sleepers “do not make life for the non-homeless more difficult.”

To that end the bill, if passed into law, will authorise local governments to ban homeless types of behaviour from certain parts of their territory “in the interest of security, public order and health, as well as the protection of cultural values”, Karoly Kontrat, state secretary at the interior ministry, said in a plenary debate.

“It is important that the proposal is not aimed at punishing people; just that everyone should observe legal regulations,” Kontrat said.

Kontrat added that Hungary would have sufficient heated shelters for all the country’s homeless in winter.

The electoral alliance E14-PM, however, said that the proposed amendment was a “declaration of war” on the poor and homeless.

Speaking on behalf of E14-PM, lawmaker David Dorosz told a press conference that the proposal ran against an earlier Constitutional Court ruling that homelessness could not be eliminated through law-enforcement means. The government is punishing society’s most vulnerable, Dorosz insisted. He pledged that his party, if it wins power, would introduce policies helping the needy and those willing to work.

The top court annulled a section of the law on public offences that classed living in public areas unlawful in November last year. It also scrapped provisions that authorised local councils to introduce regulations for fines against anti-social behaviour and confiscate personal belongings.

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  • Leto مؤدّب

    If we don’t take care of our homeless we are uncivilized.

    • Leto مؤدّب

      You are uncivilized anyway and it’d be just if you were homeless, you disgusting Jewish/Jew-licking libturd troll.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        For wanting to take care of our downtrodden?
        Now you are really confusing me. Aren’t Hungarian homeless Hungarian also and representing the glory of our nation?

        • Leto مؤدّب

          Yes. We don’t want them, even if they are Hungarian!

          • siene

            You are a monster!

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Yes. What’s wrong with that?

          • Rosti

            Racist pig!

          • wolfi

            You should always remember Fidesz’s motto:

            If you have nothing – you are nothing!

          • Leto مؤدّب

            You must have a lot of things – you’re still nothing!

          • wolfi

            No, rabid grandchild of Szalasi (or Mussolini – can’t be sure …) I just have a small pension, which is worth more in Hungary – and a beautiful Hungarian wife …
            That’s all I need!

      • procastinator

        dear leto
        Lower Cognitive Ability Predicts Greater Prejudice Through Right-Wing Ideology

        • Leto مؤدّب

          Dear libturd,

          Scientfic Papers Produced by Psychology Departments Predict Left-Liberal Prejudice of Authors

    • rosti

      This should be the “real” Leto. The other one is an uncivilized brute.

  • MagyarViking

    “as well as the protection of cultural values”

    Yes, those were the terrible days when Magyars were sleeping rough, close to their horses
    Must be forgotten immidiately…and the murdering and body-hacking Istvan Kiraly should be replaced as the protector “of cultural values”, then he at least slept under a real roof!

  • MagyarViking

    “Kontrat added that Hungary would have sufficient heated shelters for all the country’s homeless in winter”

    As usual Fidesz is missing that the problem is never that people do not have enough places to sleep inside, it is that they do not *want* to sleep inside, due to other problems than actual homelesness

  • steve bandit

    This morning I looked out of my apartment window and observed a man patiently going through the large dirt bins, without making a mess or disturbance, he was collecting drink cans so that he could take to the recycling units and make a pittance of income, in essence with these new laws about rummaging in dirtbins this is effectively making this person further unemployed, the government is ot helping us in an way by targeting these poor people

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