October 17th, 2013

Ex-Socialist speaker of parliament forms Community for Social Justice party

Hungary’s Social Union, headed by former (Socialist) speaker of parliament Katalin Szili, has formed an alliance with 11 other parties and civil groups under the name Community for Social Justice (KTI), Szili announced on Thursday.

KTI, now awaiting official recognition, seeks to “give a chance to those people who cannot chose from existing parties, including Hungary’s nearly 4 million poor whom nobody cares for,” Szili said.

Szili said there was a tremendous need for a “political alternative organised on a democratic and national basis”. All political forces are at war with each other, leaving the problems of the impoverished masses unresolved, Szili insisted. “A different style, new people, credibility, justice, and solidarity are needed,” she said.

KTI is planning to field 160 candidates for the 2014 elections, Szili said.

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  • Leto مؤدّب

    More MSZP fragments, please! 🙂

    • Guru

      You know, with that Gyurcsany accusation that came up today, I sometimes think that there is a group of socialists who have somehow realized their crimes against the Hungarian nation, and are trying to atone for them by making sure the Left is as split as possible next year (like Gyurcsany going against MSZP now). Like a tragic hero. Then I remember that socialists don’t have souls so that’s not even a viable option. xD

      • Leto مؤدّب

        Yes, that quip by Gyurcsány was just great! More of that, too, please! 😀

    • justanobservation

      You have no idea about democracy, so your opinion on the matter is invalid. You complain that there is no other options in Hungary other than Fidesz, yet before this party is out of the gates, you are lumping them in with the others. You must get paid for this shit.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        Come on, I’ve just voiced my opinion that there should be more options on the so-called “Left”… consisting of MSZP splinters as many as possible. 😀

  • justanobservation

    Might end up being a viable option, one which many Hungarians are praying for! Either way, more options for us to choose from and it may bring people who otherwise may not vote out.

  • nimh

    “All political forces are at war with each other,” so let’s throw yet another one into the mix. How many parties has the left-wing opposition fragmented into by now?

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