November 19th, 2013

Vona says Jobbik plans 2014 election victory

Radical nationalist Jobbik managed to win nearly one million supporting votes back in 2010 and will therefore plan no less than election victory in 2014, party leader Gabor Vona said on Monday.

Vona told the press in Gyor that there is reason for optimism because the party has the best programme, Jobbik candidates have been increasingly elected to head local councils and several recent surveys showed that Jobbik was the most popular party among voters aged under 35.

“We are starting the campaign with optimism, courage and a clean conscience,” Vona said.

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  • Guru

    Upcoming headlines: “Gabor Vona admits to using LSD on a daily basis”

    • Vidra

      Mind-expanding drugs? I think not.

      • olga

        I thought LSD was “out” since the 60’s but Vona does have a tendency to live in the past

        “Hallucinogens are drugs that cause hallucinations—profound distortions in a person’s perceptions of reality, including delusions and false notions” etc (psychology today)

        Just read the 2nd paragraph of this article about Vona’s statement – I vote for his being on LSD as opposed to the “drug of choice” for our infamous Mayor 🙂

        • Vidra

          I think it’s more likely to be Colombian marching powder or the bodybuilder’s favourite, steroids, but who knows what he gets up to in the privacy of his own cellar.

        • szebbjovot

          When old, senile individuals such as yourself die off, the left will get even weaker, and Jobbik stronger;

          • Interesting chart.
            So Fidesz has an evenly high support in all age groups, Jobbik has high support in the young age groups and diminishing support in the older ones, while the age distribution for MSZP is just the converse.
            Let’s note that it’s required that this situation stay for a long enough period of time in order your statement to be true.

      • Guru

        “It makes you see things, man….Like things, things other people can’t see…It gives me a seventh sense (the sixth is being able to simultaneously piss off every Hungarian MP).”

  • Skiltz1

    Increase the number of empty shoes along the Danube !

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