November 26th, 2013

Hungary, Serbia, China agree on upgrading Budapest-Belgrade railway

China, Hungary and Serbia have agreed to cooperate in modernising the Budapest-Belgrade railway line.

The related agreement was reached by prime ministers Viktor Orban of Hungary, Li Keqiang of China and Ivica Dacic of Serbia in Bucharest on Monday.

Orban held bilateral talks with both leaders on the sidelines of the CEE-China summit.

Addressing a joint press conference, Orban said it could be taken for granted that China would remain very strong and that Central Europe would be the engine of Europe’s economic growth.

To tap its economic potential, Central Europe needs major infrastructure projects which the euro zone is unable to finance in its current situation, he said.

Orban expressed thanks to China for its “uniquely large-scale” investments in Hungary, which help the European Union as a whole by increasing its competitiveness.

The prime minister called the agreement on the Budapest-Belgrade railway upgrade a “win-win-win-win” deal, providing benefits for Serbia, Hungary, China and the European Union on the whole.

China offered at last year’s CEE-China summit in Warsaw that it would set up a 10-billion-dollar fund to finance infrastructure projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

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  • Missing info: It’s going to be a double-track, electric railway with a maximum speed of 160 km/s.

    • szebbjovot

      160 km/s is an impressive speed indeed 😉

      • wolfi

        Sure it would be – but obviously leto has got it wrong (as usual …)

        In Germany and France the speed is 200 – 320 km/h btw ..
        Is that new line meant to bring more cheap plastic toys from China faster into Hungary ?

        • szebbjovot

          No, its the fastest way to ship scum like you out of Hungary.

          • rosti

            I bet you’d be afraid of such a beast. You probably think electricity is the devil’s instrument and still celebrate the pre-Trianon Hungary. I’m surprised Jobbik actually admits Neanderthals like you. They are surely sinking.

        • No, Leto has it right (as usual…), unwelcome alcoholic German moron in my country.

          • rosti

            Just talked to your soul-mate ddd. He is willing to buy you a one-way ticket to Novosibirsk. Check with him for details.

          • wolfi

            160 km/s would be around 576 000 km/h …

          • rosti

            You are right, 160km/s… We are talking about the devil at such speed, Stalin, Lukashenko, Orban, etc. Just those names make me hang garlic garlands everywhere.

          • Okay, you won … this time only. I’m sorry for the typo which I haven’t noticed so far. I certainly meant 160 km/h.

          • rosti

            It’s still wrong, you war-crime apologist. It’s 159km/hour.
            Check your numbers, apologize and get back to us again.
            And repent for horthy!

          • In fact it could be even 161 km/h on a downwards slope, you extremely disgusting Jewish piece of kosher shit.

          • rosti

            Wow, I accept your apology and your respectful tone asking for forgiveness about horthy’s crimes.
            I’m impressed Leto. I guess old dogs can learn new tricks.

            (As long as you don’t remove your apology and replace it with numbers of other extenuating circumstances. I know you are capable of doing it. Don’t!)

      • Yeah, that could mean a 3 hour trip to Nándorfehérvár! 🙂

        • szebbjovot

          Nándorfehérvár is not high up on my travel lists.

          Would much rather see high speed trains connecting Hungary to Transylvania and Poland.

          • I’m not going to dispute this…

          • rosti

            You apologized below and now you are supporting your fellow Jobbik boy. Why?

          • Because I agree that high speed trains connections to Erdély and Poland would be better than a high speed train to Nándorfehérvár. BTW, I’m supporting Fidesz and his Excellency Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, you extremely disgusting Jewish piece of kosher shit.


          • rosti

            You sound might defensive. What happened? Saving face in front of your Jobbik-comrade, szebbjovot?

            There is no such thing as Nándorfehérvár – please verify.

            You apologized below about horthy and orban. Why the retraction now?

            And why the comment about Jewish excrement? Is that a new research area?

          • There’s nothing “defensive” about agreeing with that high speed train connections to Erdély and Poland would be better than one to Nándorfehérvár, you extremely disgusting Jewish piece of kosher shit. Nándorfehérvár isn’t high up on my travel list either. The Serbs made it a very ugly city anyway.

          • rosti

            You keep forgetting to answer:
            “The question was, again, wouldn’t orban de turd be responsible if a half million Hungarians were sent to death camps? On his watch.”

            Nándorfehérvár doesn’t exist.

            You apologized for your racist behavior and defending horthy below. And then you edited it as usual. And now it shows something about train speeds. You whippersnapper, I shouldn’t have fallen for it. I thought you were willing to change.

          • I have answered that, you extremely disgusting Jewish piece of kosher shit.

            Nándorfehérvár does exist.
            You apologized for your racis

            I apologized for the typo I made, that is “km/s” instead of “km/h”, you extremely disgusting Jewish piece of kosher shit.

            Respect and honour to his Serene Higness Miklós Horthy, Regent of Hungary.

          • rosti

            Where is your answer prof. of scatology? Just send me the link.

          • Dr. Papcsák

            May God bless you little Fidesz man, Leto.

          • rosti

            There is no such thing as Nándorfehérvár unless you are Jobbik boy.

          • Dr. Papcsák

            Why would that be useful?

      • rosti

        Jump right on and leave Hungary. Pronto.
        It won’t take you to North Korea or Iran but you can walk or ask those brothers to drive you.

  • Dr. Papcsák

    What Hungary needs is a good railway system.

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