November 27th, 2013

Fidesz to boycott parliament hearing of ex-tax office official

A ruling Fidesz parliamentary group official has said the party’s lawmakers will not attend a hearing of former tax office official Andras Horvath by a parliamentary subcommittee on Wednesday.

Horvath has made criminal accusations and the case must be clarified in a criminal procedure which is the duty of prosecution, Gyorgy Balla said in a statement.

Horvath claims that several large companies have failed to pay taxes totalling around one thousand billion forints (EUR 3.3bn).

“Parliament is not the place where the prosecution can be found,” Balla said.

The control subcommittee of Parliament’s budget and audit committee said on parliament’s website on Tuesday that it has scheduled a hearing concerning alleged VAT fraud at the tax and customs office (NAV) for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Budapest Municipal Prosecutor has told police to continue looking into a complaint, daily Nepszabadsag said on Tuesday.

The police’s report should supplement an earlier one, both based on reports in early November by Horvath, who called on senior NAV officials to step down over what he says is their failure to crack down on large companies’ tax evasion.

The prosecutor ordered on Nov. 13 the anti-graft department of Budapest Police Headquarters to look into Horvath’s complaints again. Based on this new report, the prosecution will decide whether to order a full-scale investigation on the matter.

To Wednesday’s hearing senior officials of NAV, as well as Economy Minister Mihaly Varga and his predecessor, Gyorgy Matolcsy, who is now the governor of the central bank, have also been invited.

The E14-PM electoral alliance lawmaker Gabor Scheiring said in a statement on Tuesday that the Fidesz group’s decision to stay away from the hearing “is proof that the governing party does not want to see the matter clearly”.

The opposition Dialogue for Hungary (PM) party proposed inviting Horvath to appear before the parliamentary budget committee.

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  • MagyarViking

    So, “Parliament is not the place where the prosecution can be found”?
    Funny that Fidesz did not have that attitude when Fidesz was using the Parliament to investigate and accuse members of the former administration for crimes…which so far the Prosecution has hardly got any conviction successfully yet…

    • Vidra

      Don’t forget that in most other EU countries the majority of MPs are lawyers by profession and not priests, teachers or economists. So Fidesz is correct, in a way – its MPs are not competent to assess the truth of Horváth’s allegations or make recommendations on reforming NÁV. Whether they are any more competent in general is not for me to say.

  • Paul

    Unthinkable this could happen anywhere else within
    the EU. Public opinion and the press will be killing a party which
    covers up corruption.

    Why do they bother to have a parliament anyway?

    Is this an anti Hungarian comment?….me thinks not.
    Fidesz is intensely corrupt and for this reason anti-Hungarian as can

    The good news….the international press knows and
    see right through them.

    • Dr. Papcsák

      The parliament is a tool to channel money to party loyalists.
      To set decrees that favor party loyalists.
      And to protect aforementioned funds.

  • Dr. Papcsák

    There is nothing wrong with Fidesz and there is nothing wrong with Zuglo.

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