December 2nd, 2013

Court orders mayoral election repeat in Fot

A Budapest court on Sunday decided an interim mayoral election in Fot, near Budapest, must be held again because of a violation of campaign silence rules, a spokesperson for the Greater Budapest Court told MTI.

Opposition candidate Istvan Takacs was declared the winner of the election, held on November 24, but the Pest County Prosecutor ordered two investigations after complaints were filed.

A representative of the radical nationalist Jobbik party filed complaints against the alleged organised transport of voters, and a private individual said multiple votes had been cast by a single person.

The election was held because the city’s mayor, Erzsebet Cselotei, resigned from her post in September.

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  • Guru

    So if you’re an MSZP sympathizer, you’ve lost the privilege of complaining about Baja…

    • Counterpoint

      Stop spoofing me Guru.
      You are all over this forum.

      • Guru

        Rosti, you are a pathetic excuse for a human. I’ll leave you with that thought to nibble on.

        • Counterpoint

          Who is Rossi?
          Stop listening to Leto. His site denies the Holocaust. Don’t support him, you’ll end up in trouble.

  • MagyarViking

    The interesting part is that this is the 2nd local election that a Court orders a re-vote on, after the local election committe ruled out that action
    Seems like there will be many re-votes up ahead…

  • justanobservation

    We need the EU to oversee our elections!

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