December 7th, 2013

Adoptions up 15 percent

The number of adoptions in Hungary has increased by 15 percent since 2010 as a result of measures implemented by the government to ease the process, the human resources ministry’s state secretary told a press conference on Saturday.

These measures included simpler administration, clear-cut regulations for declaring the adoptability of a child and introducing a childcare benefit for couples adopting a child older than 3 years, Miklos Soltesz, who is in charge of social and family affairs, said.

He said significant improvements included setting up a central registration system and reducing the mandatory timeframe for placing a child with foster parents from 15 to 8 days.

Citing data, Soltesz said that at the end of 2012, as many as 1,600 couples and individuals stated a desire to adopt a child or children and 2,200 children were up for adoption.

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  • Leto مؤدّب

    I’m willing to “adopt” an MSZP-member and re-train her 😀

    • procrastinator

      The “member” should be 18 or younger.

      • procrastinator

        I am flattered you chose to take my nick , never knew I was that popular

      • Leto مؤدّب

        I have to agree, otherwise I’d get in trouble 😀

  • procrastinator

    Haha funny statistics , the sad thing is that all this means is that there is much more kids in the system at an adoptable age , since everyone wants babies , I guess cutting down on abortion is really working out .

  • MagyarViking

    Are we speaking about domestic adoptions, excluding international ones?

    Does this mean that it has been easier for the Hungarian State to seize the right of a child from the biological parents, or the ‘supply-market’ of unwanted babies is on the same level as before?

    How many Hungarian children are ‘exported’ for foreign adoption?

    • procastinator

      I just wrote a long detailed answer and it got deleted 🙁
      the number of baby’s sent abroad has increased a lot ,

      it is almost impossible for the government to seize children and put them up for adoption , to a point were domestic abuse can go on for really long and the child cannot be put up for adoption ,
      The children have literally no rights , while the biological parents do .
      and then Hungary has an amazing return policy were you can hand back the child at any time ( like when the 6 year old you adopted is now a teenager and is rebellious ) and that happens sadly very very often ,
      most adopted kids tend to stay in the system and just bounce around ,
      just like the ones in the news now , t
      this is unfortunately the ultra short answer

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