December 28th, 2013

Opposition MPs join protest in support of former tax official who alleges fraud

About 1,500 protestors marched in Budapest on Saturday in support of a former tax official who alleges the national tax office NAV turned a blind eye to fraud, the organisers said.

The organisers, who included the Student Network (Haha), the Society for Rights of Freedom (TASZ) and Levego (Air) Workgroup, pressed for political parties to allow the establishment of a parliamentary committee to investigate the matter and urged the State Audit Office ASZ to continue a procedure.

Andras Horvath, the tax official who alleged that VAT fraud on the scale of one thousand billion forints (EUR 3.3bn) a year was taking place, told the demonstrators that the roles of the government, the tax office and policy makers had become confused.

Several opposition politicians participated at the demonstration, including Democratic Coalition chief Laszlo Varju, LMP co-leader Andras Schiffer, LMP lawmaker Gabor Vago and E14-PM electoral alliance co-chief Peter Juhasz.

At the start of the march, words were exchanged between the demonstrators and two men who arrived with red- and white-striped flags associated with the far right, but the demonstration took place without any disturbance of the peace.

A spokesman for governing Fidesz said earlier in the day that the “NAV affair” was in the hands of the right people: the police and the prosecutor.

Robert Zsigo said if it turned out that “something stinky” had taken place, a political review would be in order. But he added that the left as well as radical nationalist Jobbik had “turned the matter into a drama”.

Zsigo reiterated Fidesz’s stand that tax frauds belong behind bars.

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  • Hungarian

    Meet the Hungarian taliban.
    Cheap Jewish shots trying to gain voter support by dirting the current government.

    Pfuj budos metszett farok:)

    • MagyarViking

      Yes, you are advising the Turkish PM Erdogan also?
      …always blame the Jews…

      • Hungarian

        This kind of cheap shots just shows to the general public that you guys have absolutely no original ideas of how to govern once in power.
        You are just dogs barking at the soda vendor’s hard working horse.
        All you get is horse poop on your head…

        • MagyarViking

          “cheap shots”?

          Yes, blaiming ‘ze Jews’ is of course a very expensive shot…that is why it is repeated ad nauseam by your ilk, you are just too poor to buy another idea…then thinking it up yourselves are of course totally out of the question…

          • Hungarian

            Why do I even need to blame shit on Jews in my own Hungarian country for Hungarians?
            Why the Japanese don’t have to deal with this antisemitism shit at all?
            What is it you guys love about Hungary that you have to hang around at all cost?

          • Paul


            The real question is of course, why is Fidesz/Hungary
            supporting racists and insane people like you!
            Because they do.

          • Hungarian

            I don’t receive nor need any support from anyone.
            I am free to speak and that is your greatest issue with the democracy in Hungary.

            Wopps, we don’t build walls here between Jewish occupied territories and Hungarian ones yet.
            Is that an issue?

          • Dezso

            Hungarian, did you forget me? We, you HH63 and I, made love last year at lake Balaton.
            You are delicious!

          • Hungarian

            I did not but I have goats to “tend to.” 😀 😀 😀

          • MagyarViking

            “What is it you guys love about Hungary that you have to hang around at all cost?”
            Asks the “Hungarian” who moved to Japan…hilarous…

          • Hungarian

            Go back to your kibbutz and shag goats. I will do the same!

    • Dezso

      I miss yours! When can I see you again?

  • MagyarViking

    Compare this Fidesz-controlled MTI-article with Euronews’ take on this:

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