December 31st, 2013

Govt to pay compensation to families of 2008/2009 Roma victims, injured

The government has decided to pay compensation from the central budget to those injured in 2008/2009 attacks against the Roma and the victims’ families, a decree published in the latest issue of the government’s official Hungarian Gazette said.

The government commissioned this autumn the human resources and the justice ministers to develop a scheme for defining the circle of those entitled to compensation and the actual amount.

The circle includes people who suffered bodily injuries, or lived in a common household with either the victim or with the person injured during the attacks, or was a close relative.

For the payment of the compensation, the ministry in charge of social integration will conclude an agreement with a civil organisation with extensive experience in victim support which will make a proposal on the sum of the compensation.

Six people, including a five-year-old boy, died in nine attacks carried out against Roma families between July 2008 and August 2009 in villages in central and eastern Hungary. Another five people suffered serious injuries.

A district court of Budapest in August this year handed down three life sentences in a non-binding ruling to three suspects, Arpad Kiss, Istvan Kiss and Zsolt Peto. The fourth suspect, Istvan Csontos, received a 13-year prison sentence.

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  1. szebbjovot says:

    When will victims of other crimes, such as gypsy crime, communist crime, libturd crime, be compensated?

  2. Ádám Ferenczy says:

    Gypsies kill Hungarian people in every week…. However the media doesn’t interested about Hungarian victims.

  3. Ádám Ferenczy says:

    Are romanian people white?
    Around 80% of the Romanian population have black hair (DO NOT count the dyed hair of women and the grey hair of older people)
    Romanian “white-power” nazi movement:

    • wolfi says:

      Around 80% of the so-called Hungarians on this site are total idiots and/or Nazis ?
      What does that tell us ?
      Where are the real Hungarians hiding ?

      • Ádám Ferenczy says:

        Is wolfi swarthy (black hair & eyes dark skin-tone) man?

        • wolfi says:

          I’ve told you already several times:
          I’m over six feet tall, blond and blue-eyed – one of my ancestors was a member of the “Potsdam Giants” …
          You’d be really envious probably.
          Now you should understand why a Hungarian woman fell in love with me at first sight.


          Please continue – you are a very big help in showing everybody how stupid the Hungarian right wingers are (even better than leto or the others here – and that says a lot …)!
          Keep up the good work!

          • Hungarian says:

            Nope you are not.
            You are 5f2″ tall, you have black hair, black eyes, small twisted nose and funny ears of a north African ape.

            Get used to it and be proud of at least of who you are…

          • wolfi says:

            Were you looking in the mirror while writing this? You must be really envious of us Schwabs.
            A psychologist might tell you:
            Sorry, I can’t help you!
            You don’t have an inferiority complex – you just are inferior …

        • szebbjovot says:

          Look how he uses imperial units, what kind of “german” would use imperial units?

      • szebbjovot says:

        You are a Hungarian hating piece of shit who called for deportation of Hungarians, and mocked and insulted Hungarian historical figures, such as Árpád.

        • wolfi says:

          You and your loonie friends Adam etc are an insult to Hungary …

          And for you the same point that I made to the creature:

          Please continue – you are a very big help in showing everybody how stupid the Hungarian right wingers are (even better than leto or the others here – and that says a lot …)!
          Keep up the good work!

          • szebbjovot says:

            Your statement would have more credibility if it wasnt for your history of insulting Hungarian historical figures; Hungarian history; Hungarian culture; Hungary and Hungarians in general.

          • wolfi says:

            Nazis can not be insulted – whether they are Hungarian, German or Slovak! And I don’t hate them – I just detest them …
            It’s interesting how you project your loonie fantasies about “genocide” onto others …

          • szebbjovot says:

            You are a pathological hater of Hungarians who uses every opportunity to mock Hungarians, our culture and history.

          • wolfi says:

            I detest stupidity and idiocy – I don’t hate it, it’s a way of life for the right wingers here. Shouldn’t you also be embarrassed by Adam’s craziness – or are you its alter ego ?

          • wolfi says:

            My stepson just told me that there’s something strange going on in Felcsut right now – the road is closed, even the locals can’t get in:
            “Lehet tudni, miért volt hajnali 1 órakor Felcsút egész falu a
            készenléti rendőrség által lezárva, hogy a helyi lakosokat sem engedték

          • szebbjovot says:

            You don’t mock or insult right wingers, you mock and insult every Hungarian, our culture and history.

          • wolfi says:

            You aren’t even a Hungarian …
            But you’re an almost funny creature!

          • szebbjovot says:

            Actually, I am indeed a Hungarian, while you are a disgusting son of a Nazi whore.

  4. root says:

    adam ferenczy is a mentally ill person. get him to a hospital, soon

  5. szebbjovot says:

    This idiotic thing, should be payed out of the MSzP wallet, than taxpayers money,

    • Guru says:

      The problem with that is that they wouldn’t be able to fund anymore private railroad construction projects in Indonesia anymore :'(

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