January 6th, 2014

Roma Holocaust documentation centre to open in Pecs

A Roma Holocaust documentation centre is planned to be opened in the southern Hungarian city of Pecs before the end of this year, daily Nepszabadsag said on Monday quoting Deputy Mayor Csaba Nagy of the ruling Fidesz party.

The centre is planned to be set up jointly by the local municipality of Pecs and the Roma minority, Nagy said. It will present the Roma Holocaust with the help of presentations, screenings, exhibitions and publications.

The centre will also provide training to Pecs University students about the tragedy of the Roma Holocaust.

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  • szebbjovot

    “tragedy of the Roma Holocaust.”
    Wasnt the death toll a few thousands max?

    • Vidra

      So more than were murdered by the communists over 40 years. Let’s ignore that as well, shall we?

      • Hungarian

        None of them should have been killed because of their race.
        However because of their anti social behaviour they should have been deported centuries ago.

        What are they doing in Hungary anyway?
        What is their business here?

        • Vidra

          Glad to read your first sentence. I’ve no idea when the Roma got here and when they first became demonised

          • Hungarian

            They don’t need to be demonized just to be encountered.

            As I have mentioned some month ago, a group of them surrounded me when I was 16, demanding to hand over the watch, I have just got for Christmas.

            This was the first time I got something from my family that was not a sock or pencil for Christmas.

            They beat me unconscious and stole my watch.
            I have spent weeks in the Vas utcai hospital.

            As far as I am concerned, they are criminal from very early ages, and are polished to be more cunning with age.

            I don’t see no use for them in a peace loving productive society.

          • Vidra

            “Four men and a woman have been found guilty of smuggling women into the UK from eastern Europe and setting them up in hotels as prostitutes.

            Mate Puskas, 25, Victoria Brown, 25, Zoltan Mohacsi, 36, Istvan Toth, 34, and brother Peter Toth, 28, had denied conspiracy to control prostitutes and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

            Hove Crown Court heard at least 53 women were recruited in Hungary.”

            They don’t look very Roma-like, either:


          • Hungarian

            Well, if a Hungarian sais that he has enough of the bad behaving Roma in his country that’s all he needs to say.
            We don’t need to prove anything to your multi culturism oriented protect the minority kind.

            No one protects the Hungarian minorities either.
            It’s every nation for themselves!

            So I don’t give a shit about your nation or the gypsies at all.

            That is my bottom line.

          • Vidra

            I understand your points, but if it’s every nation for themselves then Germany’s economic power will crush a small, export-dependent country like Hungary and Hungarians across the borders will continue to be discriminated against and sometimes beaten up by nationalist thugs, because it’s OK for Romania, Serbia and Slovakia not to give a shit about their minorities either.
            That’s why there have to be laws right across Europe (consistent and enforced) that protect the rights (economic, political and cultural) of all minorities BUT minorities also have the obligation to respect and observe the laws of that country.

  • Hungarian

    Use the god damn money to send them back to India!
    Why do we need them in Hungary?
    They don’t work, don’t study, just outbreed the local population while living off its donations.
    Isn’t preserving the local flora and fauna the basic principle of nature conservation?

    • Reality Check

      The post-Pleistocene fauna was well established long before the Hungarian tribes arrived in the carpathian basin. So, by your criteria the Maygars should also be sent back.

      Under this program they would study and it would led to work. So, this program should address your issues with the Roma. If the program works it will save taxpayers money by moving Roma from welfare to work. When women are economically empowered they have far fewer children.

      30 years ago I was mugged by a group of black teenagers in Boston. They held a knife to my throat while they tried to steal my girlfriends backpack. 30 years later I teach groups of students that include many hard working intelligent blacks. I recognize that not all backs are alike.

      It is a weak and lazy mind that judges an entire group of people based on a subset of them. There is a name for people who practice this – they are called “bigots”.

  • Fred Penner

    I think the other commentors have demonstrated why this centre is necessary, and why Magyars can’t be trusted to run the place alone.

    • Hungarian

      Good boy Freddy.
      Pay for that useless centre from your own pocket.
      Don’t use the hard earned money of Hungarians to keep complaining.

      I want you out from my country with your jobless 12 uneducated kids per Roma family as soon as you can pack your bags.

      • Ricsi

        Well said ! Nice of jew boy Nagy Csaba to show false friendship with the Roma whilst he controls the 115 million forints allocated to the 2014 Pécs ‘holocaust’ memorial.. He used to complain about Roma crime on the street where he lives in Pécs LOL

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