January 7th, 2014

Gábor Vágó to quit LMP, not run in election

Gabor Vago has decided to quit the opposition LMP party and will not run in the spring election, the lawmaker said in an interview on Tuesday.

Vago told news website vs.hu, however, that he would hold on to his mandate in the meantime.

He said he was fed up with “petty power struggles from which bad people emerge: first of all you manipulate then lie, and then turn against those with whom you struggled together.”

Vago complained that he had been left out of the top thirty on the party’s national list at the weekend party congress.

He added that his LMP — which stands for Politics Can Be Different — should try to live up to its name.

LMP’s leader, Andras Schiffer, told MTI that Vago had not fallen victim to an internal power struggle. He said the decision had more to do with the lawmaker “burning out”.

Schiffer added that everyone in LMP had been taken aback by Vago’s statement on the website, and there had been no prior sign of any intention to quit. He added that he regretted Vago’s decision. At the same time, Vago “often acted irresponsibly, Schiffer said without elaborating.

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  • Guru

    I don’t like Vago, but I have to admit the man has a glorious mustache

  • ““often acted irresponsibly, Schiffer said without elaborating.”

    In fact Schiffer did give one example: Vágó didn’t comply with the formal requirements to become an MP candidate and he didn’t submit the required documents by the deadline before the congress.

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