January 8th, 2014

Socialists to delegate PM candidate for opposition alliance

The Socialist party will give the prime minister candidate for the alliance with E-PM under an agreement sealed on Wednesday, Gordon Bajnai, leader of the electoral alliance E-PM, told a press conference.

The candidate is likely to be Socialist leader Attila Mesterhazy, who had been put forward as a candidate earlier, Bajnai said, adding that E-PM would accept Mesterhazy as a candidate.

A [Socialist party] congress is needed to confirm the candidacy, Mesterhazy told the joint press conference.

The main opposition Socialists and the E-PM electoral alliance agreed on Wednesday to put forward a joint list for the parliamentary election this spring, Mesterhazy said.

A proposal will be made to the Democratic Coalition (DK) to join the list, he added. Mesterhazy said he did not think it likely that they could not reach agreement with Ferenc Gyurcsany’s [DK] party.

Bajnai added that the proposal would be a fair one which DK has a fundamental responsibility to accept, given that they had long advocated the joint list and candidacy.

No details were revealed on the actual names on the list or how the renewed agreement would influence the distribution of constituencies, as this would depend on talks with DK, too. Notably, it is not yet decided how many of the 106 constituencies would go to a DK candidate and at which party’s expense. Mesterhazy only said that he was preparing for fast talks with the DK. He also declined to comment on whether Gyurcsany himself would be on the joint list.

Asked whether he would contact Gabor Fodor’s Liberal Party or the Social Democratic Party led by Andor Schmuck, Mesterhazy said he would move one step at a time, and after talking to the DK it should be considered whether “further efforts were needed to secure the success of this political formation”. However he added that among the parties mentioned only DK had “actual voter support”.

Bajnai said he had goals rather than ambitions and now he put his ambitions for premiership behind the goal of changing the government “to return Hungary to the camp of normal, prospering European countries”. He added that he had asked nothing in return for this decision. He denied speculations about a third prime minister candidate put forward by E-PM at talks. “There was no casting,” he said.

In late August, the Socialists and E-PM agreed to field joint candidates but separate party lists in the spring election. They said they would not have a joint prime minister candidate. This agreement had been sharply criticised by the DK ever since.

Mesterhazy said when talks were restarted earlier this week, at Bajnai’s initiative, it was agreed that a joint list was the best way to strengthen cooperation between the Socialists and the alliance.

Bajnai said that the highest chance for an electoral victory in the spring was if the vote became a “referendum on [Viktor] Orban’s government”. Today the opposition has no majority support among the populace, but this should change with the unification of the opposition forces, which could return faith in changing the government, he said.

Gyurcsany welcomed the agreement in a statement on Wednesday and said DK was ready to start three-way talks immediately. He said on hearing the news he made arrangements to return from a trip abroad.

Fidesz spokeswoman Gabriella Selmeczi called the left-wing party list “completely irrelevant” for the election, because “they are all the same old people, with no new face among them”.

“They are the same people who have already ruined Hungary once,” she said.

Selmeczi said before the Socialist-E-PM press conference that the left were for scrapping the current pro-family tax system and raising taxes, including advocating plans to hike the personal income tax from the current 16 percent to 40 percent. They want to put the money taken from Hungarian taxpayers’ pockets into foreign companies’ pockets, she said.

The radical nationalist Jobbik said the agreement between the Socialists and E-PM demonstrated the “rebirth of the coalition of lies.”

In the current situation, Hungarian voters can only choose between the politicians who destroyed Hungary in the past 24 years or Jobbik that will bring a change, spokeswoman Dora Duro said. When replacing Orban’s government, Jobbik will not bring Gyurcsany back to power, she added.

The opposition LMP party will not enter any electoral alliance with political forces that used to be in power, LMP co-leader Andras Schiffer said on Wednesday.

Should LMP come to power, it will get rid of both the left-wing and the right-wing political elite, he said.

Schiffer said that LMP insists on its original strategy and offers an alternative to those who wished the Gyurcsany-Bajnai governments “would go to hell” in 2010 and also to those who are now fed up with the “regime of national cynicism.”

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  • Voiceofreason

    Lets hope that a united opposition may be able to persuade a few more undecided voters…. perhaps a Fidesz victory is not as certain as it seemed. Hajra Magyarorszag!

    • Guru

      You cannot possibly say that and end it with “Hajra Magyarorszag”….

      • Voiceofreason

        I love Hungary, and would like it to move forward. Hungary is, and always has been a country full of diverse people of various ethnicities.

        I know that the current government tries to give out the message that people who vote for the opposition parties are in some way not real Hungarians – but that is simply cynical propaganda issued by a cunning man, and believed by around 30% of the population who are badly educated and stupid.

        • Hungarian

          Are you saying that 30% of Hungary is badly educated and stupid?
          Who the fuck are you asshole?
          If ppl don’t vote to your favorite party they must be stupid?
          Where the fuck have you been educated if you were educated at all?

          • Voiceofreason

            Yes, I do think 30% of Hungarians are stupid. I read your posts quite often, and its apparent that you are in that 30%.

            My educational background is exemplary!

          • Hungarian

            I am so stupid that I make you guys one after another reveal your real character and deep rooted hate for Hungary.

            Sore losers…

        • common sense 019

          “and believed by around 30% of the population who are badly educated and stupid”

          And what would be you education (please feel free to list all six grades you earned in night school) that enables you to say something astoundingly inane as this? 🙂

          • Voiceofreason

            Its my experience that there are a lot of stupid nationalist people in Hungary – the 30% is an estimate of those. I don’t believe all Fidesz voters fit into this category, and I certainly don’t think Orban is nationalist – he is too intelligent. But he realises that there are lots of nationalist idiots out there with a vote – so he panders to them. He makes up this fantasy world of Fidesz representing the sad, oppressed, real Hungarians (for example his recent letter inviting people to join “team Hungary” (i.e. Fidesz).

          • procastinator

            I can list mine 1st year med – 6th year , and to make it better 1st year vet to 5th year ,
            and if you think that 30% of a population is stupid is a to high figure then I can comfort you by telling you that the percentage is much bigger , if we consider the average IQ , and if we agree on the fact that average iQ is considered very stupid with people whose IQ is above it , then we can safely say that allot more then 30% are stupid ( this is of course not the scientific consensus ).
            And maybe you would like to convince me that the average person is very very smart , go ahead I am all ears , I work with the average person every single day , and usually not the same ones.
            and I would love to be proven wrong I really really would , it would make life more bearable , knowing that our human race is in fact not mostly made up of bumbling idiots stumbling about in the dark

          • common sense 019

            Good, now convince me that you are not in that 30% (or, in the ‘lot more’ as you suggest) . 🙂

            A hint: Just because people do not agree with you, does not mean they are stupid 🙂 It may be simply a question of looking into a better mirror 🙂

    • common sense 019

      United opposition? What a joke 🙂 Once the pressure of the upcoming election is off, they will kill each other!

  • szebbjovot

    ” but this should change with the unification of the opposition forces”
    Except that even if you combine all the libturd parties, their support is still significantly smaller than Fidesz.

    • Voiceofreason

      It is as the moment. But the idea is that there are quite a lot of people out there who did not want to vote for a disunited opposition, but are more likely to vote if they can see that the opposition has a chance of getting rid of the Orban mafia.

      • Hungarian

        Steeling votes by faking a united opposition?
        What a shameless bunch.
        Expect less votes after this.

        • Voiceofreason

          They are not stealing votes off anyone. People are free to vote for who they choose.

          If you want to talk about a shameless bunch, how about Fidesz, who tried to make it necessary for people to register to vote, and tried to make it as hard as possible for people to vote. Now that really was shameless.

          • Guru

            In the United States, you HAVE to register ahead if you want to vote. What’s the problem with that? MSZP worried about being caught with voter fraud? Sure, they have experience with that sort of crime….

          • Voiceofreason

            Sure, we have to register in the UK to vote too. But we don’t have registered addresses in the UK- so there is no existing database showing where all the voters live. And we don’t have to go to a notary to register to vote, as the Fidesz proposals had.

  • common sense 019

    This is getting to be really pathetic. 🙂

    Just a few weeks ago you had the MSZP and LMP-Egyutt still calling the DK and especially its leader, Gyurcsany, all kinds of names, and promising never to negotiate with them, especially not with Gyurcsany.

    These pronouncements and promises were made by senior members of the said parties, including future Prime Minister candidates. Now one would expect some principled and consistent political attitude from these kind of characters.
    But, of course, they cannot help themselves but to show how unprincipled they are, and that the “we lied day and night” just to remain in power is still their primary modus operandi.

    They turn 180 degrees, eat their own words and do exactly the opposite to what they promised the will do: They take Gyurcsany back. Why do they do this? Because they want power. In their insatiable hunger for power they forget all their promises, they sell out all their principles and they sell their souls just to get power. These are the people we supposed to trust and entrust with leading our country?

    • Guru

      “Now one would expect some principled and consistent political attitude from these kind of characters”

      Couldn’t keep a straight face after reading that one

    • Voiceofreason

      In a democracy, you do all you can to get elected.

      Sure there is some bad blood between MszP and DK, and between E14 and Dk (mainly because of the ex LMP members of E14)

      E14 and Mszp finally got the message that the opinion polls have been telling them – that they will not rid the country of Fidesz unless all opposition parties unite. So they are putting their differences behind them.

      • common sense 019

        You write: “In a democracy, you do all you can to get elected.”

        Maybe in an MSZP-style ‘democracy’ you do all you can to get elected, including lie day and night, and sell out your principles and integrity. But this has nothing to do with actual democracy.

        This so-called ‘unity’ that has been forged under opinion poll pressure is a charade. If this coalition would win the elections, the old and still existing differences and animosity would resurface and the government would be once again busy sorting out the inner power struggles and it would be unable to govern, just as it happened in their last four years in government.

  • szebbjovot
  • Standard

    No intelligent Hungarian patriot should vote for MSZP or FIDESZ. Both parties showed their true colors while in power, you cannot trust either of them.

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