January 8th, 2014

Time to declassify parts of ex-PM Gyurcsany “lies speech” report, says minister

It’s time to partially declassify a report by secret services in connection with the leaking of the speech of ex-premier Ferenc Gyurcsany, Interior Minister Sandor Pinter told commercial news channel HirTV on Tuesday evening.

Gyurcsany’s infamous speech to a closed event of the Socialist party in Balatonoszod, in which he admitted to lying about the state of the economy to win the election, was first broadcast on Hungarian Radio in September 2006. It included the remarks: “we did nothing for four years … we lied morning, night and evening. I don’t want to do it anymore.”

The speech then triggered prolonged anti-government riots and demonstrations.

The report cannot fully be declassified and released to the public as the privacy rights of those involved must be respected, said Pinter.

However, the report does contain sections that do not contain information that qualify as a state secret or data which could endanger anyone’s life or activities, the minister said. At the same time, there is a possible danger that releasing only sections of the report would be misleading, Pinter said.

In response, Gyurscany said the whole of his speech should be made public since there was a possibility of manipulation if parts were selected from it.

“Minister Pinter would only disclose some parts of the speech … Don’t select; there’s no reason to — only if you want to manipulate it,” Gyurcsany, who leads the Democratic Coalition, wrote on Facebook.

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  • Voiceofreason

    At last, the truth of Oszod may be revealed. One less weapon for those wankers in Fidesz!

  • Hungarian

    By now he can only hurt the left, not Hungary.

    • ViktorZoroban

      Hungary can’t be hurt, we’re invincible. Our Goverment members are like Supermen in a world without Kryptonite; nobody will hold us back.

  • MagyarViking

    Is there not an upcoming election soon…?

  • Good timing. 😀

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