January 14th, 2014

Opposition leaders agree on joint list for general election

Hungary’s left-wing opposition parties agreed to submit a joint list for the spring general election, party leaders announced on Tuesday.

The list will be headed by Socialist leader Attila Mesterhazy, who is the left alliance’s candidate for prime minister.

Mesterhazy is followed by E-PM leader Gordon Bajnai and Democratic Coalition (DK) leader Ferenc Gyurcsany as third on the list.

Liberal Party leader Gabor Fodor will be entered at fourth place and co-leader of the E-PM alliance and the Dialogue for Hungary (PM) Timea Szabo at fifth place on the joint list of the Socialists, E-PM, DK and Liberals.

The next ten places will be occupied by Socialist politicians. The E-PM will have the 16th and 36th places on the joint list and five additional places between the 40th and 60th.

DK can name five more politicians in addition to Gyurcsany among the first 60 on the list.

Under the agreement, the Socialists can field candidates in 71 individual constituencies, the E-PM 22 and DK altogether 13.

Mesterhazy said after the announcement that the talks had been “intense, fast and effective”, and had focused on drafting a programme to build a “new republic” by resolving Hungary’s social, economic and democratic deficiencies.

The Socialist leader said he believed the opposition agreement had brought about “a structure in which each participant can trust each other”. The deal did not mean that any party would be forced to give up its political identity, he said. Rather, it set the conditions for the parties to act together in the interest of shared goals, he added.

Bajnai said that forming an electoral alliance was crucial to changing the government. He argued that “all democrats” had been “forced to act together” due to Hungary’s new election rules.

Gyurcsany said: “We have come to a good agreement … the goals of which we can and should work to meet with all our strength.” He interpreted the agreement as one signed by the whole democratic opposition rather than by just three parties.

Gyurcsany said he believed Mesterhazy would be “an excellent leader” of the joint list and a good prime minister. He added that signatories to the agreement would “retain their political positions but subordinate their views to the goal of replacing the government”.

Responding to a question, Bajnai admitted that there had been disputes as to whether Gyurcsany should be included on the list, but he insisted that those disputes were not of a personal nature. “Changing the government is more important than any personnel issue,” Bajnai said.

Gyurcsany said he was aware that both the Socialists and E-PM had a different position concerning some issues such as dual citizenship or a police attack on anti-government protesters in 2006, and said that his party would not raise those issues during the election campaign.

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  • MagyarViking

    So Gyurcsány still plays a role on the National scene in Hungarian politics and forces the rest to follow his original idea…
    Hungarian politics is still a Tale of Two Men

    (NB! For those few who have not seen this video – It shows a young Whorban in 1989 declairing his love for Gyurcsány…)

    • Voiceofreason

      Gyurcsány is smarter than the lot of them. Which is probably why Fidesz hates him so much.

      • I don’t think Fidesz hates the Liar of Őszöd anymore so much. They can thank him the supermajority in 2010 and Gyurcsány has done an awfully lot for Fidesz since 2010 as well. 😀

  • TDS

    So after a hugely crushing election defeat in 2010, and a clear message that change and renewal is needed, the Left produces a list consisting of 1) Their Prime Ministerial candidate at the last election, 2) The last MSzP Prime Minister; 3) The one before that. Bravo, guys. You’ve really reinvented yourselves. No baggage there at all.

  • Dylan

    Why are these traitors even allowed to stay in the country?

  • Freedom

    This is a very bad, sad joke.
    Sorry guys, but come on now, when are you going to stop pretending to be different parties?

    E-PM, DK the Liberals all hatched from the same basket – the Socialist are you mother only fitting you return to them.

  • A few leftist reactions: 😀

    “What’s the best pill for sickness? ” (MP Péter Szilágyi , a member of Bajnai’s Együtt 2014-PM)

    Or a blog close to them:
    “Gyurcsány? Kuncze? Fodor? We hope they’ll distribute sickness bags for the remaining voters of the “government-changing opposition coalition” in order to vote”


    • Voiceofreason

      I used to respect LMP – but after they sold out to Bajnai, they actually proved that in Hungary at least Nem Lehet Mas Politika. So I don’t have a lot of respect for Mr Karácsony.

      • Nope, not the whole of LMP “sold out to Bajnai”. 😀 Bajnai managed only to split the LMP faction and the MPs he could buy (the two notable ones are Gergely Karácsony and Timea Szabó) called themselves Párbeszéd Magyarországért (Dialogue for Hungary), that is PM.

        On the other hand party leader Schiffer, and half of LMP, resisted the huge pressure.. so maybe have some respect for them.

        You should follow the news a bit better. :p

  • Rob

    Socialists sell out whatever country they rule to the Rothchilds. Socialists bankrupted Hungary yet dumb people still want to vote for them? Must be people who dont like to work & want free handouts. Lazy people always vote socialists. Poor tax payer foots the bill. Same here in Aus. Scum here receive AUD $1000 per month on social security. They should have no right to vote. Socialist target the poor since they know by corrupting & bankrupting a country more become poor, & the poor want social benefits so will vote for more socialism not realizing socialism killed their jobs. Fascism is similar to socialism but for the rich elite. The middle class suffer from these 2 thieving ideologies.

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