January 17th, 2014

Hungary’s Gripens to join control of Slovenian airspace

Hungary’s Gripen fighters will join air control operations in Slovenia in line with an agreement signed by Hungarian Defence Minister Csaba Hende and his Slovenian counterpart, Roman Jakic, at the air base of Kecskemet, C Hungary, on Friday.

Italy has been fulfilling this task alone, and once the agreement is ratified, Hungary’s air force will join in controlling airspace for Slovenia, which does not have fighters of its own, Hende told the press after the signing.

Hungary and Slovenia originally struck an agreement on cooperation in airspace control in 1996. Accordingly, unarmed military aircraft have been allowed to enter each other’s airspace if a permit is requested a week in advance and a notification about the actual flight is sent 24 hours in advance. These restrictions will be lifted once the ratification of the new agreement is completed.

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