January 18th, 2014

Jobbik to overthrow past 24 years, says Vona

The radical nationalist Jobbik party wants to overthrow the entire 24 year-period since the change of regime not only the current government at the spring general election, party leader Gabor Vona said on Saturday.

Vona told around 2,000 invited participants at the party’s “state of the nation” event in Budapest that Jobbik was ready to govern Hungary.

The party has prepared its election programme dubbed “We’ll say it, we’ll solve it,” which focuses on guaranteeing people a livelihood, safety and order. Additionally, Jobbik wants to “finally call people to account for their deeds, which has been neglected for the past 24 years,” he added.

According to Vona, those that vote for the ruling Fidesz and the main opposition Socialists are masochists. He said the message to uncertain voters is that “it is not Jobbik that’s radical but the situation.”

Vona said his party would next week initiate a referendum on protecting Hungarian land and on amending Hungary’s European Union accession treaty.

Vona proposed a debate of three prime ministerial candidates involving Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Socialist leader Attila Mesterhazy amd himself, to be held during the election campaign.

In connection with the Paks nuclear power plant, he said that Jobbik has consistently supported the expansion and they believe the one offered by Russia is the safest of all the possible options. He said it was regrettable though that this energy policy issue has become a campaign topic. He said it was a tactical error on behalf of Orban that he failed to consult parliament on the matter and timed the announcement to the beginning of the campaign.

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  • newsguy

    “Jobbik was ready to govern Hungary”, Vona said.
    Hmmm, OK, and I am ready to accept a gift of $10 million.
    I think the two possibilities have equal chance to become reality

    • szebbjovot

      Love them or hate them, they can’t possibly do a worse job than MSzP-SzDSz.

      • ra

        Why’s that? At least the first one’s have connections.

  • Hungarian

    Just for the sake of commenting.
    This is the first article here about jobbik in weeks….

    • Standard

      Of course Jobbik must be called “radical nationalist” every time.
      Why don’t they call MSZP and FIDESZ “corrupt thieving” or something similar. They have proven to qualify for some derogatory adjectives.
      Jewish influence is quite obvious in media bias.
      I would much prefer Jobbik over any of the big parties.
      Voters are manipulated into going with the familiar evil, and don’t take chances with trying something better.
      It’s another “shared value” with the US, where Ralph Nader wasn’t even allowed to participate in the debates. He’s an honest, stand up guy, with a lifetime record of fighting for the rights of people vs. big corporations. No wonder big money won over fairness, as usual.

      • Hungarian

        To me what is funny, that when I watch HirTV, the goose thief with his 3% support gets 20x more time limelight than Vona.
        In fact I haven’t seen Vona expressing his opinion on HirTV ever.
        That is while Jobbik supposed to have 5x more support than the goose thieves….

        • ra

          Maybe that’s because no businessman or intelligent human would allow a pro-nazi to rule the country? It didn’t bring anything good in other countries ever (even current, like Netherlands)

          • Hungarian

            I still like the ” we report, you decide” approach.
            It’s customary in democracies I guess…

          • Standard

            “intelligent human would allow a pro-nazi to rule the country”

            You must have the intelligence of garden vegetables.
            Obviously you are not familiar with Jobbik, only the biased opinions of the anti-Hungarian media.

      • szebbjovot

        “Of course Jobbik must be called “radical nationalist” every time”

        perhaps because it is how they describe themselves?

        • Standard

          The short name of the party is “Jobbik”. That’s how the media should refer to them.

  • Guru


    Apparently FKGP re-formed, but there isn’t anything on their website on a specific party list, just that their leader is now Hegedus Peter.

    Does anyone know who else is in the party?

    • szebbjovot

      At this rate I will end up voting for the Independence Party of `48

    • DoubleH63

      Go ask the name of any of these ppl in the picture below [besides Péter]. Or even better if you ask your orange “what list” Kubatov Gábor – he got all the lists [not Gyöngyösi]. As a matter of fact he is so fucking busy with his lists that he managed to make a peep only once in Parliament in the
      last 7 (!) years. [And all you Judeo-Bolshevik motherfuckers on this site wonder why the hell we need Jobbik in government to make ppl accountable?]

      • justasking

        Do these people not know, that the stripes on the Hungarian flag is horizontal, and not vertical?

        • Hungarian

          Well spotted 🙂

          • justasking

            Not only that, look at the colour they used…it’s supposed to be piros, fehér, zöld NOT vörös (a darker shade of red, more like a burgundy), fehér, zöld.

            It’s like someone using a fig leaf, and not a maple leaf on the Canadian flag. They’re idiots, who should be embarrassed.

      • Standard

        “Isten, haza, család”

        This party has its priorities seriously mixed up.
        Religion should be a private thing, if you still a believer, do it in your home or your church, not in politics.
        A party that places an imaginary deity as their slogan should seriously reconsider its policies.

        • szebbjovot

          you truly at a libertarian idiot.

          • Standard

            No, I’m not really a libertarian. They have some good ideas, but I don’t accept the whole package.
            Freedom from religion should be the law, don’t allow religious nuts to interfere with politics. If you’re a believer, then visit your imaginary friend in your local church.
            Live with your god delusion, and keep it to yourself.

          • szebbjovot

            It’s not about a God delusion, but simply about being a good Hungarian.

  • justasking

    ‘ Jobbik wants to “finally call people to account for their deeds, which has been neglected for the past 24 years,”

    I could care less who does it, I simply would like to see it done.

    • Standard

      “see it done”

      Then you must vote for Jobbik. MSZP and FIDESZ have too much evil deeds to hide, they are part of the problem, and not going to do anything.

      • justasking

        First off, I don’t live in Hungary, and completely disagree with granting voting rights to people who don’t physically live in a country at time of elections. Secondly, Jobbik, although I believe they bring up some very valid points, are a little too right-winged for me.

        If I did live in Hungary, and a right-winger, knowing what Fidesz is all about (believing that voting should be mandatory) …I’d go Fidesz.

        Unless of course, there is another right-winged party (who is not very extreme) out there you would recommend?

  • MagyarViking

    “finally call people to account for their deeds, which has been neglected for the past 24 years”

    The choice of years is interesting, then it shows that Nameshifter “Vona” and “Jobbik” believes that people were held to account under Kadar…
    So, why not go back to 1945?
    What could be wrong with that Armenian guy Szálasi…?
    Did he not hold everyone guilty “accountable”?

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